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Oct 30, 2015

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 17 Another Conversation with Onigiri

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Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 17 Another Conversation with Onigiri
Recently Onigiri has become cuter than ever. It is presumably because assiduously chanting Mantra of Love has raised his vibrations. I took his picture today. I post it here.
I hear that Pet Rock became a fad in the U.S. in the 1970s. The inventor sold 5 million Pet Rocks during half a year and earned approximately 674 million yen. According to Wikipedia, each rock was accompanied by training manual and numbered certificate of authenticity.
In Wikipedia, the word “mere rock” is used several times. However, reading this Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi, you will understand that Onigiri is never a mere rock.
Incidentally, I don’ think that any numbered certificate of authenticity is needed.

Masatoshi Takeshita
October 25, 2015

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 17

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: October 21, 2015>

The other day I started reading the part of conversation in an article “Heavenly Message 16 – Conversation with Onigiri.”
Immediately I felt a big stir in my head, which was the same experience I had with Kurikuri and Korokoro.
“Oh, how noisy it is! No way! Are you Onigiri?” Just as I though, it was Onigiri.
I’d like to let you know a conversation with him as follows.

O – Onigiri
N – Nakanishi

O: “How happy! (He repeated many times.)
Good morning! You finally called to me. I’m so happy.

N: I’m sorry that I could not call to you because I have been so busy.
Onigiri, I thought you got seated in the garden. You are in the house now, aren’t you?

O: I get seated in a little higher place than before.
Hekota and Parta often call to me. I’m so happy.
I don’t know why, but I was moved to a higher place than I stayed before. I feel like rising to greatness a bit.

I’m very happy now.
I was happy before, but I’m getting happier day by day.
I believe that I owe my happiness to Mantra of Love.
I’d like to chant the mantra more assiduously and send love to Hekota and Parta.
I’m going to send love to Seiko, too.

N: Wow, how happy! I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
I’m also going to send Mantra of Love to you. (I chanted Mantra of Love.)

O* How happy I am!
I feel warm all over.

Please don’t forget me. Sometimes remember me.

N: Of course.
See you, then.

O: (He stayed silent just as before.)
(He shook his head as if to say “No.”)
I want to talk to you more.”

Listening to him hesitantly saying so in a small voice, I thought how lovable he was. Honestly, I felt painful to say goodbye after having a small talk.

Although I thought him a mere stone when I knew nothing about him, I can no longer call him a mere stone now.
Like humans, he has the same feeling: he feels compassion toward others and has feeling of joy. He has life and he is our company. He made me recognize anew that he is our friend with unshaken consciousness as well as developed love and intelligence.

The above is a conversation with Onigiri.

Seiko Nakanishi

*Every day I see the sun emit golden light in the morning and I see trees, flowers and the sky shine by reflecting sunlight.
I hear birds chirp in a subtle and sweet tone I have never heard.

It appears that everybody can see Earth changing.

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