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Oct 28, 2015

Battle between Armed Forces and Messiah (Apostle Set) – Group of Messiah’s Army (Remnants who had served Egyptian Deities) All Exterminated –

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Battle between Armed Forces and Messiah (Apostle Set) – Group of Messiah’s Army (Remnants who had served Egyptian Deities) All Exterminated –
The part written in red is the point of the article. It sounds like a science fiction and many people do not feel a sense of reality. However, according to the article, this report was prepared by the Russian Armed Forces and it is not a mere science fiction.
Reading the tweets of Ms. Amase, you will see that this battle was actually waged. Although Ms. Amase considers the Armed Forces as Human=Army of Demons, it is not a fact.
As for how this battle subsequently turned out, I have given a brief explanation after her tweets.

October 23, 2015
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Trend of japan, World and Universe – October 23, 2015

Russia Issues Grave Warning: “Prepare to Defend Earth, Fallen Angels Have Returned”

An extraordinary report prepared by the Military Scientific Committee of the Armed Forces (MSC) on the just completed trials of the Almaz-Antey high energy laser directed energy weapon system project by the 27th Central Research Institute (27-CRI) states that their “immediate dispersement” to Federation allies India, China and Brazil is needed to defend our planet against “inter-dimensional entities” who could soon attempt to recapture Earth.
Important to note about this report are that the references to “inter-dimensional entities” contained in it date back to the Great Patriotic War (World War II) when then Soviet intelligence services confirmed the German Nazi regimes existing “communication link” with what can only be described as “fallen angels/demons, but which our planets oldest written records refer to as the “gods”.
These “fallen angels/demons”, this report explains, were once vanquished from our Earth about 5-6,000 years ago in what was then referred to by the ancients as “the great overturning” that nearly instantly froze millions of wooly mammoths of Siberia, destroyed the vast city-state known as Atlantis, and is recorded in the stories, religions and legends of all of our planets peoples as “the great flood”.
Most importantly, however, to have been destroyed in “the great overturning”, this report continues, was the main geographical area inhabited on the Earth by these “fallen angels/demons” located from the Indian subcontinent, through the Himalayan mountain range to what is present day Ukraine, and whose human offspring were known as the Aryan race.
The two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, this report explains, fully details the interactions of these “fallen angels/demons” with the Aryan race including the use of their Vimana air/space vehicle described as “an apparatus which can go by its own force, from one place to place or globe to globe”.
Verifying this incredible ancient claim of the power of the Vimana to not only transverse our own planet, but those of others too, this report says, can be found in the symbol of these “fallen angels/demons” called the Swastikabeings discovered all over Earth, including prior to World War II when the soldiers of the United States 45th Infantry Division proudly wore this symbol prior to rise of Nazi Germany.
In fact, this report notes, the earliest known object with Swastika-motifs is a bird from the tusk of a mammoth from the Paleolithic settlement of Mezine, Ukraine dated to 10,000 BC, and its ancient use has also been discovered in the Mississippian-era sites in the Ohio and Mississippi River valleys, the Hopi and Navajo Indians of North America and among the Celts, ancient Germans, Finns…and too many other worldwide cultures to mention in just one article.
To our human race reconnecting with these “fallen angels/demons, this report says, appears to have occurred in the 16th Century when a brilliant new star appeared on the sky in early November 1572, and which we now know to have been Tycho’s Supernova occurring in the constellation Cassiopeia and which was one of about eight supernovae visible to the naked eye in historical records.

More critical to note about the Tycho Supernova, MSC experts in this report state, is that it also appeared to cause an “inter-dimensional rift” allowing humans to once again communicate with the “fallen angels/demons” who had previously been expelled from our planet, the most important of whom was the personal astrologer-sorcerer to England’s Queen Elizabeth IJohn Dee.

English translation of an excerpt from Twitter – October 23, 2015 –

*Prophet Himika Amase Himika A.@nekomimimikon

From before dawn yesterday till an early morning today, energy of Nibiru Planet X which was approaching the earth and Human=Army of Demons which tried to prevent the earth from being affected in higher dimension waged a fierce battle.
Tweet on October 21

*Prophet Himika Amase Himika A.@nekomimimikon

My energy body joined the battle to side with Nibiru and was badly injured (experienced nosebleed and vomiting blood in terms of phenomenon). I have been on the verge of death since yesterday, but thanks to strong protection power of angel charm, I barely escaped from such critical situation.
Tweet on October 21

*Prophet Himika Amase Himika A.@nekomimimikon

Energy of Messiah (Apostle Set) who tries to invade Earth on board Plant X Nibiru was seriously wounded in the battle (many animals which resonated with Nibiru energy were possibly victimized by Human=Army of Demons). However, the energy succeeded in invading Earth by breaking through the resistance line of Human=Army of Demons.
Tweet on October 21

Exposition by Mr. Takeshita

A group of Messiah (Apostle Set) mentioned by Ms. Amase is the remnants who had served exterminated Egyptian deities. Therefore, the word Fallen Angels, which is used in the first article, is correct.
At present, Russia has made a significant contribution to the peace in the Middle East, and Federation allies of BRICS mainly led by Russia and China have become a rising star for Earth’s future. The allies and this so-called a group of Messiah waged a “fierce battle.” As a matter of fact, this group of Messiah’s Army was an evil group who tried to cause Armageddon on earth.
According to Ms. Amase’s tweet, the group “succeeded in invading Earth by breaking through the resistance line.” What happened after that? This group of Messiah’s Army was completely eliminated at 5 pm on 22 yesterday. They were only remnants of exterminated Egyptian deities after all and they were far from enemies of the “Galactic Federation.”
You can see that I’m not a liar immediately after examining their vibrations in a way that I have explained about a couple of times. Just try to examine the vibration of this “Messiah (Apostle Set).” Specify a time and date. Examine vibrational changes between before this battle and after 5 pm on 22, and you will find the difference. You will find the energy body (Mayavi-rupa) of allegedly Messiah has been destroyed. Focus your consciousness on the out-of-the-body chakra.
If you didn’t feel vibrations, you would easily be deceived by words and absorbed into the evil forces which induce you to cause Armageddon before you notice. Eventually, you would fall deeply into darkness together with them.

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