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Oct 14, 2015

“A massive tsunami might hit the East Coast of the U.S.” on November 5. / The source who previously predicted the attack on Malaysian airliner 370/17: “FEMA has just opened its first concentration camp”

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“A massive tsunami might hit the East Coast of the U.S.” on November 5. / The source who previously predicted the attack on Malaysian airliner 370/17: “FEMA has just opened its first concentration camp”

As I expected, any significant incident did not happen in September. It appears that they could not do anything because a significant number of people had kept watch on the red lunar eclipse on September 29.
According to this Fulfor Report, it is likely that a massive tsunami will hit the East Coast of the United States. You can’t remain vigilant too much because “they will be forced to stop such plan” if many people know about it in advance.
As for the Middle East information, the Pentagon is “providing the Russians with precise intelligence” about the activities of the ISIS. It appears that the Kazarian mafia has had their funding sources cut off and driven into a corner after six countries reached the nuclear agreement with Iran.
Therefore, it is highly likely that they will use extreme measures such as tsunami and nuclear terror. According to the article, “the source who previously predicted the attack on Malaysian airliner 370/17” stated that “FEMA has just opened its first concentration camp.” Although Mr. Fulford thinks that it is just a scare mongering bluff, I think that we had better remain vigilant because it is highly likely.
The article says that there may be some activity in japan. It is uncertain how this move is related to Yatagarasu about which I have given a series of explanation. Yatagarasu have two groups: positive one and negative one. Kibiuzumasa who Mr. Itagaki gets contact with belongs a positive group and it is unrelated to Yatagarasu I have written about on this blog.
Regrettably, I am too busy to make an analysis about it in detail. I think I will be able to explain about the negative group of Yatagarasu in more detail sometime soon.

October 8, 2015
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from a Japanese article: How Sad! – October 7, 2015 –

Benjamin Furford Reports (October 5, 2015 )


Senior cabalists in the West are threatening tsunamis, nuclear terror, death camps and other atrocities as their grip on world power continues to slip.

There are hints that November 5th could be a key date for the cabal, possibly involving a massive tsunami hitting the East Coast of the United States as well as many other nations facing the Atlantic Ocean.  

First of all, take a look at this cover of the January edition of the Rothschild controlled Economist magazine: 

Take note of German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the front with her hands making the masonic sign of a pyramid in the center of that picture.

In the bottom right hand corner of the Economist cover there are two arrows, one saying 11.5 and the other 11.3. There has been a lot of speculation that 11.3 refers to the 311 (March 11, 2011) nuclear and tsunami attack against Japan. Members of the Rothschild family made it clear to this writer at the time they were behind that mass murder incident. Now last week at his UN speech, Japanese Rothschild slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe referred to “November 5th, World Tsunami Day.” 

Furthermore, US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew also said publicly recently that the US government would run out of cash on November 5th. 

To top this off, multiple stories were planted in the media last week warning of a Mega Tsunami. 

We hope that by revealing these hints in advance, these criminals will be forced to stop this plan because otherwise they know they will be blamed and hunted down like animals if they carry it out. 

The Pentagon is providing the Russians, Iranians, Chinese etc. with precise intelligence about the activities of the cabalist ISIS proxy army, according to Russian government sources. 

US government spokesman Barack Obama was forced to say at the UN that “we’re not going to make Syria into a proxy war between the United States and Russia,” according to Pentagon sources. Attacks on Russia and Syria in his UN speech were “just bluster to appease neocons,” the sources say. After the Iran nuclear deal with the US, a US Russian coalition has begun going after weapons of mass destruction, drugs, arms, human organ trafficking, slavery and other Khazarian mafia criminal activities. 

The ISIS bases being hit in Syria are mostly drug, weapons and oil smuggling centers, the sources say. 

The flow of drug money to the cabal is also being systematically cut off in South America thanks in large part to intervention by Pope Francis. The thawing of US/Cuban relations engineered by the Pope has helped close off drug traffic and money laundering there, Whitehat-CIA sources say.

Along with the cut off of money to the Khazarians; the purge of their agents in the CIA, the Pentagon and other agencies continues to gather momentum.

Apart from the tsunami threat mentioned above, the source who previously predicted the attack on Malaysian airliner 370/17 sent an e-mail last week stating that “FEMA has just opened its first concentration camp in Wilcox, Arizona to eradicate (re-educate) the masses.” This is almost certainly just a scare mongering bluff because any real attempt to open a concentration camp in the US would lead to immediate, lethal, military action. However, these threats show the Khazarian mafia to be desperate and dangerous. 

There may also be some activity in Japan related to the Khazarian mob. Last week senior North Korean operatives contacted the White Dragon Society with an offer of help. This means that North Korean amphetamine money is no longer going to flow to the coffers of the Khazarian mob. 

In any case, the Pentagon, the Japanese military, the North Koreans and others are preparing some sort of big move against the Khazarians and their proxies in Japan. On this note we were told by other sources that “the Emperor does not like Prime Minister Abe.” 

The Jewish people are about to be liberated from their long, long ordeal of slavery at the hands of Satan worshipping so Hyksos gangsters. The world as a whole will be rid of by far its largest source of terror, organized crime, war, mayhem and other misery when these gangsters are removed from power. The white hats at the Pentagon and the agencies plus their allies in China, Russia and around the world are freeing our planet step by step.

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