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Sep 8, 2015

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 5 Continued report on Kankuraishi and Itanabeishi – About their background and how to hold correspondence with their friends –

image: Source (left: Kankuraishi & right: Itanabeishi)
Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 5 Continued report on Kankuraishi and Itanabeishi – About their background and how to hold correspondence with their friends –

I have received continued report on Kankuraishi and Itanabeishi. Since it is a long message, it takes time to read it at one stretch. Therefore, I’d like to introduce it in twice, today and tomorrow. Reading the message, you will understand that what you think is just a stone is not an ordinary stone. Although they have no eyes or ears, they can clearly see the landscape around them and probably can even hear.
Some human beings can see everything around them blindfolded or with the head covered with a bag. They can see it with their inner five senses because their inner body functions properly. Presumably the same is true of stones or rocks.
Kankuraishi says in the message: “I have been given the body now.” It means that Kankuraishi’s etheric double, which originally indwells, was able to leave the physical body as a stone. In other words, the body inside is the main body and the part of rock is his physical body.
It sounds like a fairy tale. However, this is the real world. We human beings live in the world of fantasy created by our wrong assumption or information from the mass media.

September 2, 2015
Masatoshi Takeshita

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 5

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: August 31, 2015>

Today, I am going to let you know about the information I heard from Kankuraishi and Itanabeishi.

According to them, Kankuraishi, Itanabeishi and Tomako, a fairy of cherry tomato, continue to chant Gayatri Mantra and Mantra of Love from 9 in the morning to 8 at night, sometimes taking a break in between.

Since I don’t want to disrupt their chanting mantras, I asked them in advance to talk about their personal histories and network with peers. I had a chance to hear the story from the two during lunch break on August 30, 2015.

First, Kankuraishi started talking.

“I was born about eight hundred million years ago. I was surrounded by the sea and I was at the bottom of the sea.
Several hundred million years after that, a great crustal deformation occurred and I found myself in the current place on the top of the mountain. I have not experienced so great crustal changes since then and I have quietly looked at the ground here.

The place commands a beautiful view of everything; I can see a flow of a river, roads, fields, surrounding mountains and even far-away towns.

Sometimes I can see paragliders flying near me. I felt happy as if I were flying myself.

Now I have been given the body and I’m very happy to enjoy chanting Mantra of Love and Gayatri Mantra together with all.

<How to hold correspondence with friends>

“You might be surprised when I say that we can send consciousness far away though we cannot move. The distance differs from body size, period of whey we were born and composition of the body.
My consciousness reaches as far as 500 km.
This is the reason why I have many friends.
Itanabeishi is my closest friend.
He is also sent to this place and chants the two mantras with me for 10 hours every day. We chant from 9 in the morning to 8 at night. Since we take some rest at lunch time, it is not hard work at all.
[Even so, it is a long-hours work, isn’t it? (Laughter)]
I enjoy myself and I feel happier than I was a stone for a long period of time.
I’m going to finish my story. It’s Itanabe’s turn.”

Next, Itanabe talked to me.

“I sat in the sea about three billion years ago. At that time I had unclear consciousness.
After a long period of time passed, I came here this place about 50 million years ago. The ocean floor moved and I found myself sit on the top of a mountain. Many friends of mine are in the soil of the mountain and I sometimes talk with them.

Recently I heard my close friend Kankuraishi chant Gayatri Mantra and Mantra of Love. Since then I have wanted to chant the mantras with him.

A deity told me to visit Kankurishi to talk with Seiko.
When I noticed, I have come here as a fairy of stone.
I feel terrific.

<About network with peers>
Given my body size and age, I can send consciousness as far as about 1,000 km.
As for our communication method, we transfer a lot of information we receive one after another across mountains, seas and countries so that all friends in the world can share every communication.
There is the biggest stone or rock in every land or area, which plays a central role as a leader.
When there is something we want to know about, we can get necessary information by communicating with the leader stone. [Information you put on backorder!? How amazing!]

For this reason, we, though staying in the same place, interconnect and we are not alone. We can live a happy life.

We are satisfied with the happiest life ever.

Tomako is a sweet and cute fairy. I hope that such a happy life will continue forever.”

(To be continued)

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