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Aug 3, 2015

The Passage of the DARK Act Shows the Arrogance of Our Politicns GMO Labeling Laws Ditched

The Passage of the DARK Act Shows the Arrogance of Our Politicns GMO Labeling Laws Ditched

Like in Japan, in the U.S. an overwhelming majority of the people was neglected and an act which helps big corporations (such as Monsanto compnay) make profits was passed in the House of Representative. If the act is finally passed by the Senate and is signed by Obama, the people would be practically forced to eat genetically modified food.
Agreement of TPP will put Japan into the same situation. They intend to force the people to eat genetically modified food while they eat organic food. This article clearly shows that it is the U.S. that has created chaos across the world not only in military but in terms of environment and health. The U.S. is the very Evil Empire and Obama the very Commander of Darkness.
However, it seems to channelers or light workers who misunderstand that the information given by Archon comes from the Galactic Federation that Obama is an angel of light. It seems to those fallen into Darkness that Light is Darkness and Darkness is Light. They believe that they bring about harmony to the world, but in reality their ego makes them become an accomplice of Darkness. Regrettably, it is too late for them to realize it.
You should know that to destroy all their intention, collapse of the current financial system is necessary.

Masatoshi Takeshita
July 29, 2015

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Overseas Articles Never Reported by Mass Media – July 29, 2015 –


The Passage of the DARK Act Shows the Arrogance of Our Politicians
GMO Labeling Laws Ditched

By Scott C. Tips
July 25, 2015

    On July 23, 2015, the United States House of Representatives voted upon and passed (by a 275-150 majority) H.R. 1599, the so-called “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015,” otherwise known as the DARK ActThe DARK Act is a more accurate description of the bill – which must now be taken up by the Senate – as the acronym “Deny Americans the Right to Know” more aptly tells us what Congress is doing here: Negating all existing and future GMO labeling laws at State and local levels so that consumers will not be able to make an informed choice as well as eliminating numerous non-Federal laws regulating genetically engineered crops.

In particular, the DARK Act – if passed by the Senate and signed into law by Obama – will:
  • Preempt State and local laws regarding the production and sale of GMO crops, not just the labeling of GMO foods;
  • Eliminate “GMO-Free” zones;
  • Unfairly burden traditional farmers and food producers to label their food as “GMO-free,” requiring certification from the pro-GMO USDA;
  • Further muddy the food definition of “Natural,” allowing companies to make “natural” claims on packaging even if the food contains GMOs; and
  • Allow dairy products from animals fed bioengineered foods and foods developed using bioengineered processing aids or enzymes to still be labeled as non-bioengineered.
Although touted as a means of ending a “confusing patchwork” of GMO labeling laws, the DARK Act is really nothing more than camouflage for the removal of Americans’ right to know what is in their food and drink. 

More than 90% of Americans have demanded mandatory GMO labeling, as shown by every substantial poll taken. Even Republican voters have expressed an 89% support for mandatory labeling.  Yet, Congress – including my long-time friend Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), who voted for the bill has ignored this overwhelming support for clear GMO labels. 

The U.S. Senate is the next battleground here. It is up to us to make this happen as you can be sure that the GMO industry (Monsanto) will not be idle in peddling its influence into the darkest corners of Capitol Hill.

Our very health is at stake. “The September 2015 issue of Chemosphere (pages 135:53-60) includes a study just in time for Monsanto-paid reviewers: ‘Roundup exposure promotes gills and liver impairments, DNA damage and inhibition of brain cholinergic activity in the Amazon teleost fish Colossoma macropomum’ [where] researchers found: ‘Our findings show that biomarkers in tambaqui are organ specific and dependent on (Roundup) concentration. Marine scientists concluded: ‘Thus, we can suggest that (Roundup) is potentially toxic to tambaqui and possibly to other tropical fish species.’ (emphasis added)

The NHF just returned from Geneva, Switzerland where we helped to defeat Codex Alimentarius’ adoption of a standard for a genetically modified bovine growth hormone. 
What poisons the World cannot help but poison us. Your active participation is vital for NHF’s continued work against the Food Giants. Please visit: http://www.thenhf.com/donations-historical/ to make your support known today.

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