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Aug 4, 2015

Mr. Yoshiaki Hatsumi Supports the White Dragon Society: It requires about 1,000 special forces troops at the most to arrest central bank criminals and bring back the financial system properly – You are advised to stockpile food in accordance with your inner sensation –

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Mr. Yoshiaki Hatsumi Supports the White Dragon Society: It requires about 1,000 special forces troops at the most to arrest central bank criminals and bring back the financial system properly – You are advised to stockpile food in accordance with your inner sensation –

According to the article, “it requires about 1,000 special forces troops at the most to bring back the financial system properly.” At the beginning of the report is shown a photograph of Mr. Fulford and Mr. Yoshiaki Hatsumi, who trains special-operations forces. I think that this photo helps serve as sufficiently effective threat to bankers.
According to Cobra information, since very dangerous quark bombs are placed everywhere, if even one explodes, it can have fatal results. It is impossible for Light forces to launch a concerted attack because the criminals are likely to explode themselves as well as the earth. However, my intuition tells that such dangerous bombs have already been all removed or nullified. Therefore, we can do what is needed to be done at any time.
In Cobra website, it is urged to stockpile two weeks’ food until financial organizations are restarted after shut down. This is good in the best-case scenario. However, it is highly likely that confusion far worse than the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers will take place, namely, big banks will get bankrupt one after another. So it is quite questionable that the financial system will be promptly restored in two weeks. I think that we must allow half a year at the soonest or three years to get through confusions. I advise you to stockpile food in accordance with your inner sensation.

Masatoshi Takeshita
July 30, 2015

Except from a Japanese article: How Sad! – July 30, 2015 –

Fulford Report (July 28)


Last week a Russian White Dragon Society representative came to Japan to cement an alliance with other factions of the WDS around the world. As a part of this, the WDS authorized the release of this photograph:

The person pictured with this writer (in his capacity as WDS spokesperson) is Masaaki Hatsumi. Hatsumi runs the Bujinkan martial arts training school, which has trained over 250,000 special operations troops and has a network of 50 training centers worldwide.

His name is a household word among people involved in actual fighting and real martial arts worldwide. He trains FBI, British, US, Russian, Iranian and other Special Forces. Chinese sources say he is the only Japanese citizen who has free access to the top levels of the Chinese government. At the meeting, Hatsumi expressed support for WDS goals.

The alliance of the world’s top fighting forces has spelled doom for the Khazarian mafia and their rapidly shrinking coterie of slave politicians. In particular, the Pentagon has begun coordinating with the Russians against the Khazarian mafia and multiple politicians who have been bribed by the Khazarian mob.

The Pentagon is helping dismantle the Nazi network in the Ukraine in exchange for Russian help in the Middle East and Iran.

Needless to say, States Department Nazi Victoria Nuland and here Khazarian bosses are in deep trouble and will be headed for jail as a result of their criminal actions in the Ukraine.

Also, increasing pressure is being put on house slave acting president Barack Obama to not only release hidden information about 911 and 311 but also to release information about Malaysian air flight 17. Release of information about the shooting down of flight 17 will implicate Israel, Jeb Bush and Obama himself, multiple agency sources concur.

There will be more revelations about missing children and other evil acts in the US coming out as multiple investigations close in on all sides against the Khazarians, according to Vatican P2 sources.

The moves against Khazarian control of the media will continue to intensify over the coming months, multiple sources said. The Rothschilds are also, for example, now trying to find a buyer for their flagship magazine “the Economist” also known as “the Imperialist.” Chinese and Japanese buyers are sniffing around. The other Khazarian press barons too, will soon be under strong pressure to either start publishing the unvarnished truth or get out of the media business, according to WDS sources.

The WDS believes that neither the Chinese communist government nor the Khazarian mafia should be in charge of the world’s financial system. Instead, all the criminal parts of the private banking system need to be shut down and nationalized. There also needs to be a return to the historical norm of government controlled currency, not Khazarian (or Chinese) gangster control.

Military types like to have a clear target when they take action. The answer is they need to take over the Federal Reserve Board, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan. This would only require about 1000 special forces troops, at the most, to accomplish.

Taking over these institutions can be done in a way that does not disrupt the real economy. Furthermore, confiscating assets illegally taken from the people by Khazarian gangsters will lead to an unprecedented boom. In Japan alone, the amount of money stolen by Khazarian gangsters over the past decade would be worth $100,000 for every man, woman and child in the country.

In the US the sum stolen by gangsters pretending to be central bankers would be even greater. In criminal law it is a given that stolen assets need to be returned to their rightful owners. These owners are the average tax-paying citizens of the planet. Police and military agencies around the world have a duty to enforce the law and arrest criminals. Top central bankers are proven criminals.

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