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Jun 2, 2015

Shinzo Abe, slave of Rockefeller, to be replaced with Ichiro Ozawa China Also Supports Ozawa

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Shinzo Abe, slave of Rockefeller, to be replaced with Ichiro Ozawa China Also Supports Ozawa

If this information from Fulford is correct, it would prove the information Mr. Eiken Itagaki has provided is correct. If so, it turns out that an Ozawa administration will come into being in the future. I think Mitsubishi is going to be knocked down unless it turns for direction.
According to the article before this one, Xi Jingpin tightened his control over the military. If this succeeds, struggle in South China Sea would be subdued.
Yesterday I let you know that SaLuSa and his comrades who had created such struggles in the world have been executed. Since the Bush/Obama camp and Rockefeller/Obama camp have completely lost spiritual guidance, they have fallen into a state of chaos.
They are so incompetent that all they can do is to carry out a plan as it is. Therefore I never think that they will make themselves silent and do nothing. However, I believe that the “Galactic Federation,” which has been newly reborn, will supposedly display its innate power.

Masatoshi Takeshita
May 27, 2015

Excerpt from a Japanese article: How Sad! – May 26, 2015 –


Fulford report (May 26, 2015)

The battle for the planet earth continues with regime changes, nuclear threats, imminent financial collapse etc.

Watching the old system implode is like watching stuff go down a drain hole, it circles around and around seemingly forever but suddenly, it is gone.

The Greek situation is a case in point, deadline after deadline comes and goes and yet the can keeps getting kicked down the road. The Ukraine fails to pay its gas bills and yet the housewives still cook on their gas stoves. These situations will eventually come to a climax but, probably, not before this autumn because the consequences (collapse of the Western financial system) will be so huge that anything and everything possible is being done to delay things.

At the same time, top secret meetings keep taking place to try to come to a long term solution to these and other festering problems. There were several such meetings last week. One was between representatives of the Red Dragon and the White Dragon societies. Another was between the WDS and a Rothschild family representative.

The Red Dragon representative came with concrete proposals for three new types of energy technology. The details of this technology cannot be mentioned publicly at this time because of non-disclosure agreements. What we can say is that one was thermal, one was solar and one was nuclear. They all could be game changers IF REAL.

The talks with the Rothschild representative were more detailed and concrete and concerned their proposal to replace Japan’s Rockefeller slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with Ichiro Ozawa. Ozawa is a veteran politician who had a falling out with the Rockefellers after the first Gulf war. A Japanese leftist independently contacted the WDS to say the Chinese also supported Ozawa. Both sources said that Prime Minister Abe personally endorsed Ozawa as his replacement.

The WDS said they would support an Ozawa government if it met the following conditions:

1) Nationalize the Bank of Japan and start issuing government currency.
2) Carry out a one-time write off of all Japanese debts, public and private
3) Return all Japanese financial assets illicitly obtained by the cabal
4) Remove all cancer and infertility causing substances from daily consumer products
5) Agree to set up an international economic planning agency and back it with Japan’s $7 trillion in private and public foreign currency holdings

The Ozawa government would also agree to continue and even strengthen Japan’s military alliance with the Pentagon and the US agencies provided the US side apologized for war crimes carried out against the Japanese and Germans during World War 2 (only the losers have apologized for their war crimes so far).

In any case, there are already many signs slave Prime Minister Abe has a new set of handlers. The biggest sign has been the sudden shift in Japan’s policy towards China. A delegation of 3000 Japanese dignitaries, including local and national politicians, industrialists etc. arrived in China last Friday in the biggest such visit in 15 years. They were greeted warmly by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Clearly something fundamental has changed between Japan and China despite Khazarian attempts to inflame regional historical and territorial sore points.

The US military is still aggressively posturing against Chinese attempts to become a regional bully and has support from most of China’s neighbours who all share an interest in keeping China polite. However, as long as the US fails to nationalize the Federal Reserve Board and issue treasury dollars to replace the no-longer American US dollar, the US military must realize it is impossible to seriously pick a fight with China at the same time as they are financed by China.

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