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Jun 19, 2015

Latest Reinforcement Edition “New Interpretation of Abe Dictionary” ! – The Monkey’s Dictionary –

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Latest Reinforcement Edition “New Interpretation of Abe Dictionary” ! – The Monkey’s Dictionary –

This is a well-made dictionary. Seeing the image, we may safely say that it is the “New Interpretation of the Devil’s Dictionary.” Simply put, we may safely say it is “the Dictionary of Monkey.”

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 12, 2015

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Blog to Peace Form the Past to theFuture! – June 12, 2015 –

Latest Reinforcement Edition “New Interpretation of Abe Dictionary” !

Educational Reform Definitive Edition!

(New interpretation dictionary I made by reality induction)

<Japanese Language Dictionary Edition>

Constitutionalism – To engage in state affairs based on the constitution which takes on many interpretations at the prime minister’s discretion.

Violation of the Constitution – If the prime minister says it is not against the Constitution, it is judged to be not unconstitutional. (Supplementary information: Even if 197 of 200 constitutional scholars claim that it is unconstitutional, it is determined to be constitutional when the three chosen by the government calim that it constitutional.)

War – There is no word of “war” in Japan. Use of weapons and killing by SDF is called to be “action for peaceful and safety.”

Ordinary country – It means a country that engages in war overseas.

Without making a fuss – It means to carry out work by force, neglecting the opposition of local people.

Democracy – It means the principle which allows a prime minister chosen in the unconstitutional election to set up a dictatorship under the name of self-styled “democracy” in spite of gaining only 17 per cent of votes in all eligible voters.

Illegal donation – It means collection of money which is not interpreted as illegal as long as a politician says “I didn’t know about it.”

Nation ruled by the law – It means a nation where politicians are found acquitted however wrong they may do as long as they does not violate a law, while ordinary people are punished.

Subsidies to political parties – It means 12 million yen of pocket money per year paid to a lawmaker through taxpayers’ money, with no accountability for expenditure.

Society where women shine – It means politico-bureaucratic world or maternity harassment society where women are allowed to commit adultery only if they apologize. Thanks to revision of Temporary Staffing Services Law, women start shining.

Abenomics – It means to carry out politics, prioritizing big corporations which contribute money. It means to cause mathematical bubble by maintaining or manipulating stock prices with people’ pension (assets).

Administrative reform, structural reform – It means a reform where the top priority is given to the interests of politicians and big business and such tax burden is placed on people regardless of the economy.

Security policy – It means a polity to participate in overseas wars for other countries with the U.S. at the top of the list.

Civilian control of the military – Defense Minister Nakaya does not know about it because he was not born. (On June 10,, 2015, this was abolished in the parliamentary resolution. Like takeover of NHK, this makes it possible to freely control the SDF if a friend of the prime minister is sent in to the leadership of the SDF.)

Civilian control – It means to control the SDF (Self Defense Army) by the authority of the prime minister (as he wishes).
It means to get back Japan; to have the people ignorant of the history return to the pre-war system of Japan.

International community – It means the U.S.

War bill – It means “peace and security act”, which is a law to carry out overseas wars based on the logic of war for peace.

Logistics support – There is only one word “logistics” in the world. This is a new word coined by the Japanese government. In the international community, everything including activities of supply corps is called “war.”

War against terrorism – It means to become an opportunistic nation that take sides with the strong in war.

Deterrent – It means the power with which you can do whatever you like behind the scenes or you can put a grand air with the U.S. as a shield.

Regional revitalization – It means to restore approval rate and win nationwide local elections by throwing money around to abandoned rural areas.

Revision of Part Time Employment Act – It means to build a system more convenient to the management mainly of big companies at the request of them.

Reform of tax system – It means to think about what in the name of and from where tax is collected. It means to take measures to make tax appear to be cheap at first and then achieve a significant tax-increase in due time.

Fairness in reporting – It means to have a major player for the prime minister take over a broadcast station (NHK) and exert silent pressure together with Yomiuri and Sankei on other media to manipulate the control of speech behind the scenes.

Post-war regime – It means the inferiority complex to the U.S. Prime Minister personally has.

This is the only path. – We thought it would mean “Abenomics” but he never mentioned it after the election. Unexpectedly it meant to make Japan a country where we can wage war by establishing War Act and revising the Constitution. Or it means to never accept other people’s opinions and only know the method to force self-righteousness on the people.

Active Pacifism – It means to abandon the peaceful nation lasting for 70 years after the war and become a country where war can be staged overseas by siding with the side with superiority in military power. The prime minister, who never takes responsibility, asserts that the “risk (of terrorist retaliation)” will never increase even if participating in U.S. war.

Countermeasures to the falling birthrate – It means to pay for the mistakes of successive LDP administrations, which have never carried out politics by looking toward the future in spite of available demographic data.

Revision – It means to realize the side effect (real intention) behind the pretense explained to the people by the prime minister.

Patriotism – It is not something nurtured by “politics to make a country loved by the people” but it means to have the people affirm “loyalty” to the country by revision of the Constitution and moral education.

Self Defense Force – In the mind of Prime Minister, it has already been the “Self Defense Army” and he has been the Commander of the army.
(e.g. In the Diet discussion on March 20, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called the SDF “Our Army.” And in the graduation ceremony of the National Defense Academy, the prime minister asked the graduates to throw caps in front of him. He’s like a child.)

Example of writing correct sentences in Abe Nation: I’ll never make drastic reform of the election system to reflect public opinion, because Japan is a democratic nation!

Editor in chief of Japanese language dictionary: Occult follower, Minister of Education Shimomura,

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