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May 16, 2015

Message from Sumiwataru-takakishoshino-himemiko 26 - Questions & Answers - Goddess who sent a false message and Deities from outer space who got involved in interruptions

Message from Sumiwataru-takakishoshino-himemiko 26 - Questions & Answers
Goddess who sent a false message and Deities from outer space who got involved in interruptions

Yesterday Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko sent the 26th message, which included a chart of dimensions. I asked the goddess several questions about whether the chart is right or wrong, based on the contents of the message and the chart of dimensions. I introduce my questions and her answers as shown below. I have found that the first responses were sent by a fake goddess. You will see right answers from the goddess and the whole story of what happened, after the first comment from Mrs. Nakanishi.
I show the contents of the fax I sent to Mrs. Nakanishi with quotation marks and I box off her reply. The part written in blue is my explanation concerning the contents of the message.
As usual, you don’t need to believe what such message says.  However, I think that deities would at least understand that I never intentionally tell a lie.

Masatoshi Takeshita
May 11, 2015

“Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko, I have something about this message I cannot understand. Would you tell me about it?

1.     I have a question about the chart of 12 block diagrams covering the entire range from 4th dimension to 2163rd dimension, which you sent to Mrs. Nakanishi. This is everything that this message shows. Am I right?

2.     Would you tell me the names of blanks A to N?

3.     Our universe is up to the block of Galaxy supercluster deities and Galaxy cluster deities covering the range from the 1st to 12th Systems and upper blocks are outer space. Am I right in thinking so?

4.     The last message to Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi says that I have become the source of light. I think it means that my body of Supreme Being exists in the 2163rd dimension. Am I right?

5.     I think that the body of Supreme Being of my 25 wives also exists in the same 2163rd dimension and they are always with me. Am I right?

6.     I think that only Utsushiki-hikarimi stays in the third dimension and other wives in the 123rd dimension in the 12th System. Am I right?

Please answer the above questions.

Masatoshi Takeshita”


Usually, those who are reincarnated have the physical body, Linga Sarira and causal body, while those who are not so have the spirit body and causal body. However, my 25 wives and I have exceptionally special body called the body of Supreme Being. This body is created by perfection of love. It is only we that have this body among the souls in up to the highest 2163rd dimension in the chart.

My physical body exists in the third dimension, while my Linga Sarira exists in the 123rd dimension and my causal body in the 183rd dimension. After receiving this message and examining where my body of Supreme Being exists, I confirmed it exists in the 2163rd dimension. So, I decided to get confirmation from the goddess.

May 10, 2015

Mr. Takeshita,

I have got an answer from Sumiwataru-takahihoshino-himemiko and I’m going to let you know it.

1.     This chart is not accurate.
The chart Mrs. Nakanishi sent to you the second time shows the right System of Heavenly World. Three more Systems above the Creator Deity of Love exist. Therefore, the chart so far is unfinished chart.

A - Stellar deities
B – Star system deities
C – Star system cluster deities
D – Star cluster deities
E – Star system cluster deities
F – Star cluster deities
G – Star cluster system deities
H – Galaxy deities
I – Star cluster system deities
J – Galaxy deities
K – Galaxy cluster deities
L – Galaxy supercluster deities
M – Galaxy cluster deities
N – Galaxy supercluster deities

3.     What you say is right.

The number is wrong.
As I gave an answered to your question 1, there are four more systems above the Creator Deity of Love. For this reason, misalignment of number is caused. I advise you to rewrite the chart again.
The source of light is the highest dimension of Brahman. And it is not your body of Supreme Being but your Linga Sarira.

5.     No, it is not right with the same reason as I gave answer to your question 4.
I can’t answer about your wives.

6.     Sorry to say, but I can’t answer about it, either.

I hope you will understand my answers

The above is all answers goddess gave.

Seiko Nakanishi


Apparently, I found these answers strange. She gave an answer to my question 2 by using the same name for the blocks of our universe. And I got confirmation from Sumiwataru-takakishoshino-himemiko in the past that the diagrams up to the 5th block are right. Judging from this, this is a false message or the system of dimensions has changed due to the evolution of the structure of the universe without my knowing it. I checked some dimensions again and My intuition told me that there seemed to be no mistake in the chart. So, I examined who really sent this message and I asked Mrs. Nakanishi to get in contact with the goddess again.

“Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi,

I have read the message.
I’m sorry to say, but this message is not from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko.
It is a message from Takakihoshimichirumiya-himemiko, a goddess of Pleione, the Pleiades. The names shown in answer 2 do not seem to be those of outer space. Sinice she sent a message under a false name and yet she sent a seemingly false massage, she would be expelled from the celestial school. Precedent shows it is highly likely that her soul will disappear.
Presumably she accomplished such deed from jealousy against Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko and my wives.
Would you get in contact with Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko again?



Takakihoshimihcirumiya-himemiko who sent a false message took an examination to enter the celestial school managed by me and Hikarihanatsumi, after Mrs. Nakanishi drew her illustration. She failed in an interview exam once and subsequently entered the school after taking a re-examination. She failed in an interview exam because she had problematic personality. She seems to have spent many months making efforts to overcome her shortcomings.
It is a very grievous sin to send a false message like this. She undoubtedly will be expelled from school. She visited me to explain herself. However, she did not express heartfelt apology. On the contrary, she eventually tried to tempt me. Since I completely ignored her, she tried to kill me out of anger. She disappeared at 6 o’clock this morning.

Mr. Takeshita

When I got in contact with Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko again, false two goddesses responded to me and then they were eliminated.
After I got in contact with the true goddess, a fake of Mr. Takeshita interrupted my communication with her and told me that the message was a false message. I think he was eliminated, too.

<Response from Sumiwataru-takakishoshino-himemiko>

1.     You are right.

A       Great Universe Level 1
B       Great Universe Level 2
C       Great Universe Level 3
D      Great Universe Level 4
E        Super Great Universe 1
F        Super Great Universe 2
G       Super Great Universe 3
H       Super Great Universe 4
I         Transcendental Great Universe Level 1
J        Transcendental Great Universe Level 2
K       Transcendental Great Universe Level 3
L        Transcendental Great Universe Level 4
M       Transcendental Great Universe Level 5
N       Transcendental Great Universe Level 6

3.     What you say is correct.

4.     What you say is correct.

5.     What you say is correct.

6.     What you say is correct.


After I communicated with the goddess, I experienced an increasing number of interruptions. Four male deities and three goddesses were eliminated. A total of 11 deities seem to have got involved in such interruptions.
Under such circumstances, I checked whether the message was true or not. Please confirm it.
(It appears that as many as 300 deities got involved in such interruptions.)
Everything is finished now.

Seiko Nakanishi

This is a true message. “As many as 300 deities” who got involved in interruptions, which is seen around the end of message, are all deities from outer space. They seem to have tried to kill me. Why did they do such thing? My wives who have perfected love are so beautiful that they are subject to the jealous or envy of deities. I think that deities who used to be rulers thought they could make my wives their own if they kill me. Such a thing repeatedly happened. I think that there is essentially no difference in stupidity between higher dimensional deities and humans on the earth.
Foolish deities, even though they are deities from outer space, would immediately receive karma due to their own actions and head down the path of destruction.

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