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May 6, 2015

Earthquake in Nepal was generated using high energy electronic waves. / TPP agreement was prevented by Japanese nationalist.

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Earthquake in Nepal was generated using high energy electronic waves. / TPP agreement was prevented by Japanese nationalist.

According to Mr. Fulford, the earthquake in Nepal was caused by the U.S. military forces.  The information has surprised us, but I think it is right information.
As I commented on U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, I think that he follows the instructions of the “Galactic Federation.” However, he represents the U.S. military industrial complex and he cannot be fully trusted. They could do such thing for their interest.
However, they are not so foolish as to cause World War III because they know that nobody will survive it. This incident was probably used as a tool for political maneuvering so that they can take a better position in the future world order.
However, it is not allowed to cause the earthquake as a tool for such maneuvering and kill many people. If this information is right, he is sure to be judged. You might want to fix your eyes on changes in his facial expression.
It should be noted that agreement on the TPP was “prevented from being signed by Japanese nationalists.” It will be revealed by the press whether this information is right or not. I’m going to pay attention to it.

Masatoshi Takeshita
April 29, 2015

Excerpt from a Japanese article: How Sad! – April 29, 2015 –

Fulford Report English version (posted on April 27)


The bankruptcy of the West was postponed again last week with fudged accounting keeping both Washington D.C. and Greece (therefore the EU) from defaulting as high stakes negotiations over a new financial system continue.
To bolster is bargaining position, the Pentagon is undertaking some large scale moves against China. Pentagon sources say last week’s earthquake in Nepal was generated using high energy electronic waves. The aim was to send a message to both China and India prior to US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s planned trip to India next month, the sources say. The basic message was “only the Pentagon can defend India against China.”

The background to all this bluster is the fact that Washington D.C., the Pentagon’s current paymaster, failed to make a payment due to the rest of the world at the end of March (as mentioned in this newsletter last week).

The background to this is ongoing top secret negotiations between Western and Eastern secret societies, At these talks, according to White Dragon Society, US and Asian sources, there has been a lot of movement and a basic framework based on setting up a new meritocratic agency to take over the functions of the IMF and World Bank has been agreed to. There is still a lot that cannot be revealed to the public in order to prevent the negotiations from being sabotaged. However, the British Commonwealth, the Vatican, the Chinese, the Pentagon and the BRICS agree on the broad principles.
Confirmation of this can be seen at many levels now. As mentioned last week, the Vatican will be discussing this issue at a high level forum starting April 28th. Now Alcuin and Flutterby, a site believed to be linked to British Intelligence, has come out with a detailed essay explain how democracy in the US was taken over by oligarchy and proposing meritocracy as a solution.

The Khazarians are therefore fighting for their lives so, there are also now more undeniable signs of a civil war within the US military industrial complex. This has been noticed by both the Pentagon and the Russians. There are US military factions fighting both for and against the Syrian government, for example, according to both sources. Now Egypt, having been ordered by the Pentagon not to defend Saudi Arabia, is preparing to invade Libya, according to Mossad sources. The Europeans have offered the Egyptians control of Libya’s oil fields in exchange for getting their help in stopping massive floods of African refuges from entering Europe courtesy of ISIS. Then in Iraq as well, there continues to be a complex game unfolding with Western mercenaries fighting both for and against the Israeli/Saudi ISIS proxy army.

This week will also witness a performance in Washington D.C. by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He was invited to speak at a joint session of both the US Senate and Congress by the same Khazarian puppet masters who arranged for Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s recent speech there. Abe was invited to read a speech (written by his puppet masters Michael Green, Richard Armitage, Gerald Curtis et al) as a reward for stealing money from the Japanese National Pension Fund, Postal Savings and the Agricultural Bank (Norinchukin) in order to stave off his Khazarian master’s bankruptcy.
However, we are hearing that Abe was prevented by Japanese nationalists from fully signing over Japan’s sovereignty by agreeing to place oligarch controlled courts above the Japanese government as stipulated by the TPP agreement the Khazarians are trying to foist on Japan. In other words, Abe’s visit will be high on performance and low on content.

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