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Mar 21, 2015

Thwarted plans of the dark Ones, Appropriate advice, Authority given to “Galactic Federation” and others

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Thwarted plans of the dark Ones, Appropriate advice, Authority given to “Galactic Federation” and others

As the phrase the message starts with, I also think that the dark Ones plans have been thwarted. As a great number of UFO sightings are witnessed in some places now, you will see such incidents more often from now on. I think more and more people will become convinced that extraterrestrial beings are coming to the earth.
Appropriate advice is given: “Please do not judge those who are at different stages in their evolution.” I gave the same advice to you in the past. In other words, the same rule should be applied to incidents occurring in this world, too: only qualified people can judge others and ordinary people are unqualified to do so. This is all the more so with the matters relating to spirituality.
Although I have given advice or warning many times, nothing has been accepted or listened to in most cases. Beings that got angry at my articles often tried to curse me to death in a group. Their curse got back to them and as a result, they have ended up in a mess. They try those inconvenient to them in absentia within the framework of their organization, gave such people the death penalty, and kill them through the spiritual way. It is apparent that this is against the law of the universe. Such wicked method valid before the reformation in the heavenly world has been invalid since then and those who try to take wicked method are set to be judged immediately.
SaLuSa gives the roundabout expression in the last paragraph. To put it simply, the “Galactic Federation” is authorized to punish, as a last resort, the wicked who try to cause harm to people walking on the road of the Light in order to protect them. In a word, you don’t need to be afraid as long as you walk on the right path because you are protected by the light far surpassing the level of science on the earth. If you should encounter a risky situation, please chant the Gayatri Mantra.
However, as SaLuSa says, “you have to be prepared for whatever situations confronts you,” please never fail to stockpile food.

Masatoshi Takeshita
March 14, 2015

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Takisan's Homepage – March 13, 2015 –

SaLuSa, March 13, 2015
A whole series of changes lay ahead of you now that the dark Ones plans have been thwarted. They can no longer dictate the course of Humanities future, and can only concede their position to the Light. It has meant that progress can now more or less proceed unheeded or impeded, and activities can be more open and made known to you. There is much to do and our plans are to produce results as soon as possible. Hitherto we have had to be guarded where they were concerned, but now we can let you know without any great fear. You will also see more of our craft openly moving through your skies, where previously we have mainly kept our cloaks of invisibility on to avoid any confrontation with your craft. We now await recognition from your political leaders but know that many are scared to be revealed for what they really are. However, in time all will be revealed and no individual will find any hiding place. The higher vibrations are no place for any lesser Beings as there comes a point when only the truth can exist. The dark Ones have had their day and in spite of all you may know about them, as with any other soul we offer them the opportunity to turn to the Light without any recriminations. They will however have a long way to go to fully recover their position in it.
As you will have undoubtedly realised, our prime desire is to see every soul fully returning to the Light, and every opportunity will be given to them. You have a saying that “but by the Grace of God go I” and thereby lies a great truth, so please do not judge those who are at different stages in their evolution.

Set your sight upon all that is good and wholesome, and if you are assailed by the dark Ones see them in the Light and simply go on your way. ・・・ you have to be prepared for whatever situations confronts you. Succumbing to the energies of fear results in the lowering of your vibrations, and the dark Ones will feed upon them. Call upon any source of Light that appeals to you in such circumstances, and know that you will be helped..
The Galactic Federation is being given more of a free hand to deal with matters that come up. Hitherto, we have been strictly under the command of the Hierarchy that has been responsible for the great plan for your return to the Light. As we have mentioned on more than one occasion, we are mostly operating with our cloaks of invisibility in place. We have not placed ourselves at risk of causing an incident, as it could involve innocent victims. We do not seek confrontation with the dark Ones, and would rather take avoiding action to keep the peace. We could otherwise perfectly well handle any problems, as we have advanced protection that you have no idea of at present. It is only used as a last resort as we are not looking to destroy the dark Ones, but protect you from them.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and what joy it gives me to speak freely with you. Many of you have so to say “come of age” and awakened to what is required of you as a Being of Light. Together we are nearly at the end of a long road, and thank you for perseverance and commitment to the Light.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

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