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Mar 24, 2015

Attempted Coup in the US, Too? Thwarted Coup In Russia?

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Attempted Coup in the US, Too? Thwarted Coup In Russia?

In today’s first and second articles, I commented that there might have been an assassination plot against Putin in Russia. According to this article, “the Russian coup was stopped”. The article shows that the U.S. is trapped in a civil war: probably the Bush/Nazi camp versus Pentagon/Russian troops/Chinese troops. The article says “it is the best possible thing for the American people. I also hope so.

Masatoshi Takeshita
March 16, 2015

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Trend of Japan, World and Universe – March 16, 2015 –


Intel is pouring in over the last 24 hours. “Intel” is another term for “unsubstantiated rumor,” we all have to admit that, particularly since the Bush/Blair years of lies and treason. However, withholding some material is irresponsible though it is impossible to identify an “authority” capable of understanding or dealing with threats against the United States.
With the downfall of the CIA and the ludicrous alphabet soup monstrosities, the US is helpless in the face of a very real conspiracy. Here is what we know or think or feel or whatever.
The group we have identified includes:
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and his interesting group of “friends”
The Bush Cartel/Jeb Bush and the Colombia Cartel
The Romney/Salinas Cartel
The Dallas Mafia and Hunt Family (s)
The Fox/Murdoch media group
The New York Times
GE Capital
The Jamestown Foundation
PJ Media
General Breedlove
Benjamin Netanyahu
Scott Walker
Supreme Court Justices
the United States Secret Service
and a list of energy, transportation and insurance corporation executives
We have a high probability that a coup is afoot in the United States and have strong reason to believe that one was attempted in Russia. When the Russian coup was stopped, good guess who planned to take over is now “out of the picture,” our NATO friends saw the writing on the wall.
Israeli intelligence is totally aware of all of this and, on this odd occasion, on the right side of the fence. We wish we could say that of others in Israel.
We have confirmation from Russia that they are moving against NATO and the US, economically at least, with huge inroads with China and other regional powers in the last 72 hours. America, or the America’s criminal cabals represent, is going to be frozen out of Asia for generations. Just because Fox News and InfoWars won’t report it doesn’t mean it isn’t true and, frankly, the best possible thing for the American people.
If anything happens to President Obama, look to this list as those responsible, or so we are told.

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