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Feb 10, 2015

Questions and responses about Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko 12 – “Dwellers of Darkness” and “Dark Ones belonging to Hierarchy”

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Questions and responses about Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko 12 – “Dwellers of Darkness” and “Dark Ones belonging to Hierarchy”

I asked several questions about the message sent out by Sumiwataru-takahihoshino-himemiko yesterday and got answers from her. Her responses to a total of 11 questions I asked are shown in brown letters below.

After reading her response, I have found that I had some wrong notion concerning the question 6. So far, I have thought that the Lord of Hell is Devadatta, but it isn’t so. Receiving this response, I examined anew the composition of those in power related to the governance of the hell, which I had not examined before. I have found that there are Greak King Kusakabeno-mikoto and 12 Great Lords who support the King around him. I suppose that No. 3 and No. 4 of these 12 Great Lords are Devadatta and Canaan. It seems that the remaining figures are devils or evil spirits appearing in Greek mythology or Indian mythology. I think it might be necessary to give a more detailed explanation about it somewhere sometime.

It seems that the word “Satan the Devil” is usually used in the sense of the head of devils and evil spirits. In this sense, Satan the Devil is Kusakabeno-mikoto. To be accurate, however, Archangel Satanael at the top who served Sanat Kumara was called Satan when he fell from the heaven. He subsequently repented and changed his name to Azazel. Although Christians are still afraid of him as the Devil, Azazel has already been forgiven and returned to the position as the head of archangels.
Many people, who never know what happened to him, use the word Satan the Devil in a very vague manner. People often mistakenly identify Lord of Hell Satan with Azazel. Without accurate understanding and use of words, it would be a barrier to understanding spiritual matters.

Masatoshi Takeshita
February 2, 2015

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: February 1, 2015>

“Dear Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko, the content of this message is what I have not recognized at all. I appreciate your responses. I have some points I’d like to check. I do ask you to answer them.

Masatoshi Takeshita

1.     I suppose that the aliens who flew to the earth about 400,000 years ago are from the 12th planet of Thuban in the constellation of Draco. Is it right?

:   That’s right.

2.     According to your message, “they adapted to the underground life of Darkness.” Is it right to think that they existed physically in between the 2.7 and 2.77 dimension? I think that even if we try to see them, they are invisible to us because they exist in less than the 3rd dimension. What do you think?

:   That’s right, exactly right.

3.     They were dwellers of Darkness and their appearance reminds us of reptiles. However, I think they were humans. What do you think? (Their soul (monad) existed in the 1st System.)

:  That’s right. They were humans and their soul (monad) existed in the 1st System.

4.     As for their appearance, I think they look like the attached photo. What do you think?

:   Undoubtedly, this photo is them. They look just like this.

5.     According to the message, “they were reincarnated again as humans on the earth.” I think that for example, Paracelsus, an alchemist, and Machiavelli, a thinker, are incarnations of their species. Is it right?

Left: Paracelsus  /  Right: Machiavelli

:  With regard to the two persons, that’s right.

6.     According to the message, they got fallen deities, divine spirits and humans into their group. I think that before the reformation of heavenly world started in 2006, No. 1 in the hell was Devadatta (disciple of Buddha) and No. 2 was Canaan (a grandchild of Noah in the Old Testament). I think that these two are not reptilians and the reptilians served Devadatta who was their Lord (Satan the Devil). Is it right?

:   No, it is not right.
No. 1 was Kusakabeno-mikoto and No. 2 was Kusanagino-mikoto.
Then, reptilians served Kusakabeno-mikoto who was their Lord. (*Devadatta and Canaan, and Kusakabeno-mikoto and Kusanagino-mikoto are not reptilians.)

7.     I think that one of the organizations on the earth of devils and evil spirits in the hell, including reptilians is what I call the “front Illuminati.” Is it right?

:  That’s exactly right.

8.     Among those belonging to the “overt illuminati” are Adam Weishaupt, Jusepe Macchina, Albert Pike, Aleister Crowley. Is it right?

:  It’s right. All of them are members.

9.     I think that their “overt organization of Illuminati” is completely different from “what I call the “covert Illuminati.” I think that David Rockefeller and Dutch Queen Beatrix belonged to the “covert Illuminati.” I think that the rulers of the “covert Illuminati” were the Dark ones belonging to the Hierarchy who made John the Baptist and Cain (a child between Adam and Eve in the Old Testament) their chieftains. Is it right?

:  That’s right. What you say is true.

10.  I think that in about 333 B.C. they manipulated their genes, cutoff feelings, and transformed themselves into reptiles in Linga Sarira orspirit body. Due to the influence of Satanism they committed in their previous life or after such gene manipulation, their soul (monad) fell down to the Animal System or lower, and as a result, they looked like reptiles. Is it right?

:  That’s right. Exactly right.

11.  Before the heavenly reformation, the group of Darkness belonging to this Hierarchy was more heinous and problematic than devils and evil spirits in the hell including reptilians, I think. Is it right?

:  Exactly right. There is no match for them in heinousness.

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