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Feb 4, 2015

American Scholars “Martian is working in Curiosity”!?

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American Scholars “Martian is working in Curiosity”!?

Please see the video around 25 seconds. If this is the image of Mars, we have to admit that earthlings already exist on Mars. According to the article, earthlings had already arrived Mars in 1979. Since it is not realistic to think there were rockets, I think a disk-shaped spaceship travelling between planets would have existed around that time.
Rumor has it that a Jump Room is available, which enables us to be transported onto Mars in 20 minutes. I think it is probably true.

Masatoshi Takeshita
January 29, 2015

(Video) YouTube – January 25, 2015 –

English translation of the Japanese version of The Voice of Russia – January 29, 2015 –

U.S. Scholars “Martian is working in Curiosity”!?

U.S. scholars report: “A human-like shadow was seen near Mars Rover Curiosity.”

The photo gained by scholars shows a strange shadow – a human-like figure carrying a bag or backpack on the back. Some scholars claim “Finally, Martians got interested in a rover from the earth and started examining it.”

Previously, a NASA female employee, under the condition of anonymity, disclosed to reporters: “I have seen an image of a human-like figure walking on Mars.” She gave a testimony: “In 1979, when handling a remote communication line of the equipment with which photos of the surface of Mars are sent to Earth, I personally saw two humans in space suits walking on Mars try to prevent something they wanted to hide from being taken a photo of.

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