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Jan 27, 2015

Their ambition to bring about a Third World War has been prevented and from our position we see matters as progressing very well.

Their ambition to bring about a Third World War has been prevented and from our position we see matters as progressing very well.

This is a clear-cut message from SaLuSa. As for the ISIS movement, the message reads: “Do not be concentrated about the group.” I would venture to say that they deserve a *kusokora grand prix at most.
And there is another phrase: “When the time is right we shall put a stop to warlike activities, and all that is associated with such intentions.” I think this would come true in some time.
As I mentioned long time ago, a World War Three will never happen. Those who are ignorant about global situation are now making fuss about it but we have made strenuous efforts to avoid it for a long period of time. People are so ignorant about what is going on in the world that they have got to worry about a world war, though there is never the slightest possibility of it now.
There are two types of people: those who seek for the truth and those who try to keep their life full of lies they enjoy. In general, those with power who are satisfied with the status quo are the latter type of people. Such people are removed from the universe.

*(Translator’s note) kusokota gran prix – crappy collage grand prix contest shared by Japanese Internet users who bother to comment about an event to gain access

Masatoshi Takeshita
January 24, 2015

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Takisan Homepage – January 23, 2015 –

SaLuSa January 23, 2015


SaLuSa (Physical body)

As events on Earth become more disturbing for you, so the Light is progressing more quickly towards its goal of bringing an end to the interference of the dark Ones. They have held the power for many centuries, and embarked on their plan to reduce the population of Earth to a manageable size. This they have partly achieved by keeping Man in virtually a continual state of war. Although they believe that they are achieving their aims, it is beginning to dawn on them that they can no longer control events on Earth. By now they would have drawn most countries into another global war, but through our actions have been unable to do so. Their ambition to bring about a Third World War has been prevented, and we are limiting their ability to delay the coming changes that will signal the true beginning of the New Age. From our position we see matters as progressing very well and the coming of the long awaited advancements that will truly indicate that the New Age has arrived.

Do not be concerned about the group known as Isis, as their success is soon to be brought to a sudden halt when they shall be unable to continue with their war against the people of Earth. Many ask why we do not stop them now, but certain karmic issues have to be played out. There are many lessons being learnt that will well serve the souls involved very well, and help them to evolve. It may seem to you that many innocent souls are involved in the atrocities that are taking place. However, please understand that they are working off karma from previous lives that can only be to their advantage.

We realise that for many this period is difficult, but keep to your tasks and spread love and Light whenever you can.

You are seeing more of our craft in your skies and also some that are of an enormous size. This is to assure you we are quite capable of dealing with any problems that may arise, and that we command the airspace around your planet…… , but when they attempt to shoot us down we are quite capable of disappearing very quickly, and thus avoid any confrontation. It is not our way to engage in a war in Space and indeed we have no need to do so. ……….   . When the time is right we shall put a stop to warlike activities, and all that is associated with such intentions. We are here to bring lasting peace to Earth and her people, and assist you to take your place alongside us.

It is only now that you are beginning to awaken to your true selves, and can understand your potential to become Galactic Beings. ……….  . In any event those of you who continually seek enlightenment will undoubtedly evolve to higher levels of achievement, much more quickly.
For those Dear Ones who have only recently found a path to the New Age, it is difficult to take in so much information when it is somewhat different to their earlier understanding. We ask you to keep an open mind and set aside anything that you cannot accept at this time, as the truth will always come back to you in the future. Cast aside anything that is not of the Light and does not “feel” right to you.

……….   . Be in joy as your journey has not much further to go before you celebrate the going of the dark Ones, who have created their own path to the future.  ………..  . Their ability to interfere with your progress is slowly losing power and they will be the victims of their own actions.

For millennia of time you have lived under the illusion created by those who follow the dark path. Your task has been difficult but to your credit you have persevered with your determination to find the truth. All souls that reach this level attract the help of evolved Beings and from that point onwards are given every help to progress with their own evolution. Sometimes you meet up with your Guides when in the sleep state, and they may help you with problems that arise in your everyday life. Sometimes you can remember such meetings but most times it is quickly forgotten, yet you may still have a vague feeling of what took place. Have you ever taken your problems to bed with you and slept on them, only to awake in the morning feeling that you have somehow been given the answers? It happens quite often and is how help is given you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and ever pleased that we are able to help you through these difficult times. Remember that when you send your thoughts out to us, we do receive them, and where possible take whatever action may be needed to help you. Keep your focus upon your important tasks that will carry you forwards, and know that we are with you.
Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey
Tree of the Golden Light

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