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Jan 6, 2015

Return to Prewar Conditions Prime Minister Abe Contemplates Is Imperial State Controlled by Wall Street and Emperor Showa Was Actually a Ruler.

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Return to Prewar Conditions Prime Minister Abe Contemplates Is Imperial State Controlled by Wall Street and Emperor Showa Was Actually a Ruler.

As described in the article, Britain, or rather Freemasonry is involved in the Meiji Restoration. It is my opinion that Emperor was just a figurehead in Japan before the war and Freemasonry virtually controlled Japan. I suppose that Joseph Grew, as introduced in the article, must have been the real ruler in Japan at that time and he can be equivalent to Michael Green, what is called now, a Japan handler. I think that actually, Japan had no other choice but to obey orders sent through him. Emperor Showa is a child between Empress Teimei and Hachiro Saionji. Emperor Showa is a brother of Koichi, a child of Kinkazu Saionji. The Emperor and KinkazuSaionji, a child of Hachiro Saionji, who leaked information in the Sorge Incident, are siblings. Seeing the above photos, you will see that they resemble very much. In other words, information of Japan was leaked outright to the enemy.
According to Sakurai Journal, the emperor was forced to play a role like what is called now the ISIS. Surprisingly, it might be true.

Masatoshi Takeshita
December 25, 2015

English translation of the excerpt from a Japanese article: Sakurai Journal – December 24, 2014 –

Return to Prewar Conditions Prime Minister Abe Contemplates Is Imperial State Controlled by Wall Street and Emperor Showa Was Actually a Ruler.

As the result of the Lower House election held on December 14, LDP/New Komei retained an overwhelming number of seats.

From now on, utilizing the number of gained seats, the Abe administration will destroy the domestic economy, destroy the society and develop policies in which he will present the people and the land to the U.S. which has continued wars of aggression. He contemplates that he will return Japan to the situation of around 1932 before the World War II.

We can say that modern Japan started with the Meiji Restoration. However, it cannot be denied that the U.K. was involved in the overthrow of the Tokugawa system. In the U.K. they promoted mechanization of production but their products were not sold in a big market of China, which means that their products lacked in appeal. On the other hand, Chinese tea enjoyed great popularity in the U.K., which resulted in an excess imports for it. To defuse this crisis, the U.K. decided to sell opium to China.

Naturally, China tried to prohibit the import of opium. Then the U.K. waged a war in 1840 and took away Hong Kong Island. They forced China to open ports in Shanghai, Ningho, Fuzhou, Ningbo and Guangzhou and had it pay reparations. Since then, Hong Kong had become an important a hub for the U.K. and the U.S. to invade Eastern Asia.

They brought about the Arrow War (Second Opium War), which lasted from 1856 to 1860. They had Chine open 11 ports and ordered it to admit to give foreigners the freedom to travel in China, robbed the southern part of the Kowloon Peninsular and had the country to authorize drug dealing.

Jardin Matheson trading company, which made a great profit in the “drug war” staged by the U.K., dispatched Thomas Glover to Nagasaki in 1859. He got to support the Satsuma domain and Choushu Domain, anti-Tokugawa shogunate faction. His residence was used for dealing of arms and ammunition.

In 1863, Monta Inoue (aka Kaoru Inoue),Kinsuke Endo, Yozo Yamao, Shunsuke Inoue (later Hirobumi Ito) and Yakichi Nomura (later Masaru Inoue), who were called “the Choshu Five,” were order to go to London by the lord and Glover was in charge of arranging the voyage. The ship possessed by Jardin Mtheson was used for the voyage. The Meiji system created by such people who were backed by the U.K. was a sort of religious organization with placing the emperor of “living god” at the top, and the emperor at that time was nothing but a figurehead.

They unnaturally made up Ryukyu Domain out of whole cloth after the abolition of the han system. Subsequently Japan started invading Taiwan, Korean Peninsular and China. The shadow of the U.K. and the U.S. appear and disappear behind such invasion. In the Russo-Japanese war, Japan was funded by Jacob Schiff of the Wall Street and was able to win the war through the intermediation of President Theodore Roosevelt, who was connected with Wall Street.

Japan, which depended on JP Morgan for reconstruction fund after the Great Kanto Earthquake, fell under the strong influence of the Wall Street, but the relations were shaken in 1932. In the presidential election held in that year, the incumbent Herbert Hoover, who was supported by Wall Street including JP Morgan, lost, and instead Franklin Roosevelt, who set up the New Deal, was elected as a new president.

Franklin not only tried to regulate the activities of business giants but alto admit the rights of workers. It is a big mistake to identify Theodore with Franklin just for the reason that they are relatives.
The Wall Street, therefore, started to prepare to stage a coup in 1933, but the fact was revealed by the accusation of retired US Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler, two-time Medal of Honor recipient. Pau French, a journalist, who heard about the plan from Major General Butler, interviewed a person who got in touch with Butler. He heard from that person that it was necessary to establish a Fascist administration in the U.S. to protect the country from Communists. This is officially recorded in the Congress.

Joseph Grew served as an important pipe to connect the imperial family with Wall Street. He was U.S. ambassador to Japan from 1932 to 1941 and the after the war, he played a leading role as a central figure of Japan handlers in turning Japan in the right direction, namely, returning Japan to prewar conditions.

Jane Grew, a relative of Joseph Grew, is a wife of John Pierpont Morgan Jr., that is, the head of the Morgan Conglomerate. And Joseph Grew’s wife, Alice Perry Grew (scion of Commodore Perry), made friends with the wife of Emperor Taisho (Yoshihito), Empress Teimei (Setsuko Kujo) in the Peeresses’ School. Needless to say, it turns out that Emperor Showa is a child of Empress Teimei and Emperor Showa was connected with Wall Street.

Professor Narahiko Toyoshita revealed that after the war, Emperor Show played an important role in creating the structure of “Japan-U.S. alliance.” There was such situation behind the background. A blueprint of the military alliance was drawn not by Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida but by the Emperor and Washington. Officials, including bureaucrat, scholars and newspaper reporters avoided responsibility, saying “the military was to blame.” The result has led to the current Japan’s situation.

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