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Jan 1, 2015

Movement to Nominate Japan’s Pacifist Constitution for Nobel Peace Prize – Change in involvement in Constitution by Shadow Emperor, Abe to be excluded

image: HUFFPOST (The press conference held at Seoul)
Movement to Nominate Japan’s Pacifist Constitution for Nobel Peace Prize – Change in involvement in Constitution by Shadow Emperor, Abe to be excluded

This is related to my comment in the article before this article. Due to change in involvement in the Constitution by Shadow Emperor, the Abe administration, de facto cabinet of Shadow Emperor, can’t help but change the direction. Specifically speaking, Abepyon would be removed some day in the future. Since there is no longer war with China and Russia, there will be no need to legalize reinterpretation of the Constitution toward the start of war or to suppress people. I believe that this article by Mr. Jiro Motozawa is one of the things that will create such trend.

Masatoshi Takeshita
December 21, 2014

English translation of the excerpt form a Japanese article: Jiro Motozawa’s “Japan Landscape” (1864) “MediaAssociation” Club Bulletin - December 21, 2014

Movement to Nominate Japan’s Pacifist Constitution for Nobel Peace Prize

It is terrific news. Reportedly, a group of South Korea’s intellectuals started a campaign on a massive scale to nominate the Pacifist Constitution, which Japan is proud of, for the Nobel Peace Prize. This is the first participation of foreign forces in citizen’s movement in Japan. We can say that this is an international encirclement against the IDP/New Komei coalition administration, which is led by the conglomerates that aim for Constitutional change and expand military expansion. There are people of wisdom. It is necessary to highly promote this campaign.

Prewar Japanese liberalists resisted strongly in the war of invasion, too. Reign of terror by State Shinto, the unity of Shintoism and state, enabled such war.
It is no longer impossible to constrain the Japanese spirit with faith of shrine or household Shinto shrine altar.

A landmark peace movement to nominate the Article 9 of the Constitution for the Nobel Peace Prize, which was ignited in Japan, was conveyed to the West in 2014, the year of the ox. The year 2015, which marks the 70th anniversary of global victory against fascism, is the most appropriate year to win the prize.

Every human being that loves peace should become flag-bearer of this terrific peace movement. It is not a dream but the reality is directly before our eyes.
This movement would no doubt influence more than 1.3 billion Chinese people. If I have a chance to give a speech or write an article in China, I’d like to call for this movement most strongly and seek for advocates. This is my resolution and goal for 2015.

“The policy to change the Constitution and expand military forces promoted by the Abe cabinet of LDP/New Komei will bring about tension on the Korean Peninsula and East Asia. A risk of war will no doubt come to the surface. It is the responsibility of Asia and the world to stop the resurrection of Japan’s nationalism.” The group of Korean intellectuals showed such remarks. It encourages us very much.

Given the current severe situation where the political world is occupied by a great number of advocators for Constitutional change, the goal peace activists in Japan and South Korea aim at is right.
The Article 9 of the Constitution denouncing war, which stipulates earnest desire of humanity as basic law, is the world’s pre-eminent constitution. Therefore, it is the earnest desire and mission that all humanity shares to foil the ambition of the Abe cabinet of LDP/New Komei.
We are seeing the development which is perfectly described by the expression “spread like wildfire.” Above all, I’d like to call on our several thousand readers to support this campaign.

The 70th anniversary of the world anti-Fascist war would give a momentum to this terrific, beautiful peace movement. I’d like to take the lead in participating in a signature-collecting campaign. I do strongly call on all readers of this blog to do so. Peace is the earnest desire of humanity and the minimum requirement which brings happiness to you.

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