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Jan 9, 2015

Message from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko (7) – Coup Plot by Deities in 3rd System to 7th System

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Message from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko 7 
– Coup Plot by Deities in 3rd System to 7th System

According to the last message, the ruling elite of respective System from the 1st to the 4th Systems were found to have got involved in a prostitution organization extending over the four Systems and those involved were punished. Strangely, deities in the 3rd System were not punished. The reason has been revealed in this message.

It seems that a coup plot whose masterminds were two deities of the Earthly Deity 5th Level in the 3rd System which master as the mastermind was in progress. It seems that not only almost all leaders of the Earthly Deity 5th Level deities in the 5th to 7th Systems but the deities of the Heavenly Deity 5th Level in the 7th System got involved in the plot.

As the result of the reformation of the heavenly world which started after 2007, a new policy is adopted, in which “pure-hearted deities are to be assumed as key posts.” Therefore, pure-hearted deities are naturally promoted to higher positions. However, wonder why some deities in the 5th Level were chosen to assume such posts even though they were not pure-hearted.

Among deities who are in a positon to govern and assume key posts, many did not truly support the reformation of the heavenly world but they “jumped on the bandwagon” to secure themselves.
Such type of deities who assumed key posts in the old system and followed the reformation to save themselves were exempted from judgment because they had virtue, which was a criterion for judgment, raised in advance. However, they have to keep themselves in high virtue. While ordinary people are given a chance to repent even after repeated wrongdoings, those who assumed positions after exempted from judgment are determined to be punished immediately after their sins are revealed.

In this case, deities who had played a central role in the plot applied for amnesty, swearing an oath “to confess every detail of the conspiracy and devote effort to atonement for sin.” However, all deities that got involved in the coup have disappeared because they were lip servers and did not really reflect on what they had done.

I wonder why such foolish deities did such thing. Far higher-level deities are watching over what is happening now. Even if such foolish deities should succeed in a coup, they cannot make a success without being noticed by far higher-ranked deities. At present, judgment has been finished at the basic level. However, like this judgment, a judgment is going on at finer level. I wonder why those who planned and carried out a coup don’t understand that they cannot survive in the universe in the future. They will disappear from the universe forever. Is there any meaning to such a coup?

I wonder that some deities of Heavenly Deity and Earthly Deity level in at most the 7th System seriously think of outsmarting all other deities so that they can hide their wrongdoings. Higher beings that watch over them are in a higher realm they cannot reach. If such beings sentence them to death for their wrongdoings, souls of such evil deities would disappear immediately. Apparently, they don’t know the basics.

Masatoshi Takeshita
December 28, 2014

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: December 27, 2014>

“This is a sequel to the last message. I’d like to inform you about a conspiracy in the 3rd System.

To tell the truth, there was some uncertainty about the 3rd System last week and I decided to wait for a while and see. So I dared not to inform you about it.

This time, I let you know some revelations concerning this subject.

  In the 3rd System 
  “wa” deity in the three deities of a, u and wa
  “sa” deity in the five deities of ki, tu, wo, sa and ne

A conspiracy by the above two deities was disclosed. It seems that the two planned a revolt against a new governance system and made careful planning for it.
Since they didn’t put the plan into practice, they didn’t catch the attention of deities of judgment in the heavenly world.

They were planning to expand their organization by tempting the top of this system if given the chance and making preparations for it.

The deity “we” in the eight deities of to, ho, ka, mi, we, hi, ta and me has been arrested now for the reason that the deity tried to send a false message to Mrs. Nakanishi, using my name, out of fear that the plan would come out.

Other deities who participated in this plan are as follows:

to, ho, ka, mi, we, hi, ta, me  - eight deities
a, i, fu, he, mo, wo, su, si - eight deities

Additionally, the deities in the 5th System who were judged on a charge of getting involved in wrongdoings are as follows:

ki, tu, wo, sa, ne - five deities
a, u, wa - three deities
to, ho, ka, mi, we, hi, ta, me - eight deities
a, i, fu, he, mo, wo, su, si - eight deities
Misofu deities - thirty-two deities

Next, the deities in the 6th System who were judged are as follows:

ki, tu, wo, sa, ne - five deities
a, u, wa - three deities
to, ho, ka, mi, we, hi, ta, me - eight deities
 a, i, fu, he, mo, wo, su, si - eight deities
Misofu deities - thirty-two deities and other many earthly deities

Additionally, the deities who were judged in the 7th System as follwos:

ki, tu, wo, sa, ne - five deities
a, wa - two deities
to, ho, ka, mi, we, hi, ta, me - eight deities
a, i, fu, he, mo, wo, su, si - eight deities
Misofu deities - thirty-two deities and many other heavenly deities/earthly deities

Thus, many deities raised a rebellion, which got the new system involved in additional confusion and disorder, fought against new troops with an aim to have everything restored to the old system.
Since such situation continued up till very recently, new approaches or plans were continuously worked out to govern everything based on the new system. As a result, peace and safety is being ensured significantly.

Deities who were afraid of their wrongdoings to be revealed tried communication jamming this time, too. This action will lead them to dig their own grave.
I suppose the situation will come down soon.

To be continued”


December 27, 2014 7:35 p.m.

After my finishing the message, “Takakiyamanoboru-mikoto” who had given an assume name earlier requested me to mediate between Mr. Takeshita and him.
Then, all deities in the 3rd System that were found to get involved in the conspiracy requested me in turn to do the same thing. I’d like to inform you about this.

I am reporting that all deities, including Takakiyamanoboru-mikoto, asked me to tell you that they would confess every detail of the conspiracy and do their best to make up for their sins.

Seiko Nakanishi

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