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Jan 5, 2015

Japan Handlers’ Switch of Stance, Success in Access to Gold in Indonesia, Terrorist Attack by High Altitude Nuclear Explosion

Japan Handlers’ Switch of Stance, Success in Access to Gold in Indonesia, Terrorist Attack by High Altitude Nuclear Explosion

I have often mentioned that Japan handlers have switched allegiance to the Jacob Rothschild side. Mr. Eiken Itagai expressed the same thing as I did. The information shown in the article Mr. Fulford wrote this time confirms it.
The current political situation is the worst in a sense, but backstage power structure has completely changed. So we have no need to worry too much. We have to make more detailed examination of it, but I feel that the top have given up or are giving up the revision of the Constitution. At any rate, we will see a definitive answer at some future time.
I have found interesting a passage reading that Mr. Neil Keenan claimed that he had gained access to gold in Indonesia. This suggests that Saudi Arabia is getting cooperative.
There is also a passage: “There were also more signs of high level secret attacks against the US corporate government last week.” I guess from the context that it is a terrorist attack by high altitude nuclear explosion. The rumor has it that a false flag attack by Ukrainian nuclear will be made. I hope that nothing will happen.

Masatoshi Takeshita
December 24, 2014

Excerpt from a Japanese article: “How Sad!” - December 24, 2014 –

Fulford Report December 24, 2014

The Nazi cabal that illegally seized power in the West by staging the 911 mass murder event is now close to collapse. This can be seen by the growing calls for the arrest of the top figures of the last Bush regime not only from world leaders but now even from establishment lapdogs like the New York Times.

If a few more key individuals are removed from power in the coming days, it will lead to the end of cabal fascist rule and freedom for humanity. These people include US corporate president Barack Obama, Japanese slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, secret UK dictator Jeremy Heywood and Federal Reserve Board head Janet Yellen.

The Japanese slave regime headed by Shinzo Abe is another key domino that needs to be toppled. Overwhelming evidence has now emerged that Abe “won” the December 14th general election through massive fraud. Japan Independence Party head Richard Koshimizu and many others last week showed police and reporters extensive proof of this.

If Abe remains in power, Japan will be looted to the point of bankruptcy in order to try to prop up Abe’s Nazi puppet masters. However, Abe has now lost support among Japanese right wingers and even his CIA handlers.
Richard Armitage, chief US Nazi agent in Japan, has put out feelers to the White Dragon Society to try to arrange some sort of peaceful exchange of power in exchange for amnesty. This can be arranged since the WDS is more interested in saving the planet than seeking revenge.

The situation in the UK is also reaching a tipping point. The ongoing police investigations into a high level pedophile ring inside the UK government are the most obvious sign of this. The ultimate thrust of this investigation is to prove that it was politicians being blackmailed over pedophilia who signed away UK independence to the Nazi/Bush EU government. Once this is proven, the UK could declare the treaties it signed with the EU as invalid.

The old guard is fighting hard to prevent this from happening. Right now fascist control of the UK is centered on Jeremy Heywood, Chief Cabinet Secretary and head of the civil service, MI5 sources say. Heywood’s chief ally is John Scarlett, head of MI6 from 2004 to 2009. Scarlett is now a consultant for Morgan Stanley. Heywood and Scarlett are linked to the “dodgy dossier” that helped Bush slave Prime Minister Tony Blair drag the UK into the illegal invasion of Iraq. If Heywood can be removed, then Nazi power in the UK will crumble, the MI5 sources say.

Another person fighting for a say in control over the world’s funds, Neil Keenan, also came out last week with a video claiming he had gained access to giant underground vaults of gold and treasure in Indonesia.

The video showed a box being opened that contained highly oxidized, green tinged (copper?) “gold bars.” We are waiting for Keenan to release videos of the “vast underground gold bunkers.”
Then of course, as we reported last week, IMF head Christine Lagarde gave the Americans until January to relinquish voting rights over that institution.

Furthermore, a representative of the Saudi Arabian government also contacted the WDS last week offering “financial trading expertize” and promising the Saudi government would bury the hatchet with the Iranians and work towards a comprehensive settlement of Middle East troubles.

There were also more signs of high level secret attacks against the US corporate government last week. In specific, last week power was temporarily cut off to the State Department and the Federal Reserve Board last week amid rolling internet black outs. Also the corporate media has now put out stories blaming the US government for shooting down Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

According to IT experts, the hacking attack blamed on North Korea could only have been carried out by somebody inside Sony’s US headquarters. As one expert put it, “The Sony breach was an inside job. ”Now the US is trying to indict North Korea for human rights abuses, possibly to deflect world attention from its own widespread use of torture.

The North Koreans have responded by quoting US leading thinkers like Joseph Nye and Richard Haas to note: “the U.S. is being reduced to the dregs of history.

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