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Jan 7, 2015

Former Air Self-Defense Force Lietenant General Testifies about Many UFO Sightings around Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant!

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Former Air Self-Defense Force Lietenant General Testifies about Many UFO Sightings around Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant!

It is said that a large number of pilots, including pilots of Air Self-Defense Force and pilots of commercial aircraft saw UFOs. However, nobody tries to speak about it because they would be off the career track if they speak about it. In this sense, we can say that this is an epoch-making book.
If pilots of commercial aircraft or astronauts give such testimonies one after another, people would have to take this fact seriously. I suppose that apparently, we see the trend moving toward disclosure of UFO information.

Masatoshi Takeshita
December 27, 2014

English translation of the excerpt from a Japanese article: Leave behind a gun and a badge – December 27, 2014 –

Former Air Self-Defense Force Lieutenant General Testifies about Many UFO Sightings around Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant!

Terrific UFO! Above Fukushima in April 2011 (With commentary) .mp4

In summer 2010, a book was a popular topic of conversation among Self Defense Force personnel. It is a book entitled “True Record: SDF Pilots Closely Encounter UFOs” written by Mr. Mamoru Sato, former lieutenant general of Air Self-Defense Force, the top of Air Self-Defense Force personnel. After publishing the book, Mr. Sato continued to collected information of UFO sightings. He has flatly said: “As expected, countless UFOs are flying over Japan!”

English translation of the excerpt of a Japanese article: LITERA – December 26, 2014 –

SDF Elite Pilot Confesses UFO Sightings! UFOs Protect Nuclear Power Plants?

A noteworthy book has been published. It is entitled 
“True Record: SDF Pilots Closely Encounter UFOs”
(written by Mamoru Sato; published by Kodansha).

The author is a former Lieutenant General of Air Self-Defense Force. After graduating from National Defense Academy, he became a pilot of Air Self-Defense Force and boarded many fighter jets such as F86, F4 and F16. He is a veteran pilot with an experience of 38,000 flying hours and has experience in engaging in intelligence activity.

This book is written by the author, who we can call an expert in aircraft, verified not only his own experience but eyewitness accounts of “UFO sightings” by as many as 14 seniors and juniors, namely, SDF professional pilots, through interview with them.

“If you report a UFO sighting, your supervisor would scoff at it, saying “You must go insane.” In the past my junior honestly reported a UFO sighting and had a hard time of it.”

On October 28, 1979, Atsushi Sasaki, 3rd field officer (at that time) stationed in Nyutabaru Airbase, Miyazaki Prefecture, saw a flash flying over Beppu Bay. He got a report about this object from a radar controller and thought it was a commercial airplane. Although his fighter jet kept on circling around, however, the glittering object followed the flight formation, keeping the same distance from it. So Sasaki suddenly forced his fighter jet up.

“Then, horrifyingly, the glittering object still stayed in the same place.”

The book is full of a lot of interesting witness reports of UFO sightings by Air Self-Defense Force pilots.
“I truly describe UFO experiences by veteran pilots, who I put my trust in, with thousands flying hours.”
“It is because many pilots have encountered unidentified flying objects. Some percent of such encounters cannot be elucidated by science.”

The author claims that “’UFO’ is absolutely ‘unidentified object’.. (sic) we should not take it out of mere curiosity,” while he concludes:

“In light of their stories and my own experience, I can definitely say with confidence that ‘UFOs surely exist.’
“I have been convinced of the existence of extraterrestrial life.”

The author says: “Information of UFO sightings is heard near nuclear power plants in many cases.”

Many UFO have been seen not only near nuclear power plants but for several decades since humanity developed nuclear weapons. The author introduces a theory that this is a warning sent by extraterrestrial life so that humanity may not make a wrong action. He agrees with it.

They say that a UFO made a great contribution to humanity at the time of Chernobyl nuclear accident.

“Technicians reported that they saw a brass-colored fire ball within 1,000 feet of destroyed No. 4 nuclear reactor. The UFO emitted two bright lights and delivered the lights to the No. 4 nuclear reactor. The UFO kept flying there for three minutes.”

It is said that immediately after the UFO appeared, the radiation level fell down from 3,000 mili-roentgen per hour to 800.

Although he says that it is hard to believe, the author concludes that “it would be a fact because there are many eyewitness reports about it.”

(Reporter: Gunma Hayashi)

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