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Jan 19, 2015

Evidences showing that attacks in Paris were another false flag operation come out one after another

image: KLTA.com
Evidences showing that attacks in Paris were another false flag operation come out one after another

The article gives no account of how a French TV succeeded in an interview with one of the suspects. It feels strange. I find this interview interesting because the suspect never uses the word “I killed” in the interview.
He is saying, “If someone offenders the prophet then there is no problem, we can kill him” but not saying that he killed. He is saying, “We are not killers” and “We sought revenge.” I think it means that he did not kill but got involved in the incident.
Since I didn’t see the faces and names of all those involved in this incident, including people killed and suspects, I can’t say anything about it. However, there is even a possibility that nobody were killed.
It is natural to think that such incident was not implemented haphazardly but has been carefully prepared for with proper arrangement of personnel for many years. I think that the people of the attacked newspaper have been staffed there for some time in preparation for this incident.

Masatoshi Takeshita
January 11, 2015

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Trend of Japan, World and Universe – January 11, 2015 –


(Summary) dated January 10

One of the suspects admitted that he was linked to the secret service.
Some decisive evidences disclosing the truth of the attacks in Paris have been offered. Surprisingly, a U.S. commercial television station also reported about it. The following Here is a partial transcription of the interview with one of the suspects, Cherif Kouachi and a journalist for Frances’s television station BFMTV made after the attacks, as translated by NBC News.

Partial transcript of the interview:
Kouachi: We’re telling you that we are the prophet’s defenders peace and blessings be upon him, and that I, Cherif Kouachi, was sent by Yemen’s Al-Qaeda. OK?
Interviewer: OK, OK.
Kouachi: I went there and it was Anwar Al-Awlaki who financed me.
Interviewer: And how long ago was this?

Kouachi: It was before he was killed.
Interviewer: ok, so you came back to France not long ago ?
Kouachi: No, a long time ago…I know the secret service, don’t worry about it. I know very well how I was able to do things well.
Interviewer: Ok, and now there’s only you and your brother?
Kouachi: That’s not your problem.
Interviewer: But do you have people behind you, or not?
Kouachi: That’s not your problem.

Interviewer: Ok, but do you plan to kill again in the name of Allah or not?
Kouachi: Kill who?
Interviewer: I don’t know, I’m asking you the question.
Kouachi: Did we kill civilians during the two days you’ve been looking for us?
Interviewer: You killed journalists.
Kouachi: But did we kill civilians? Civilians or people during the two days that you looked for us? Or people during the two days you’ve been looking for us?
Interviewer: Wait, wait Cherif, Cherif, did you kill this morning?

Kouachi: We are not killers. We are defenders of the prophet, we don’t kill women. We kill no one. We defend the prophet. If someone offends the prophet then there is no problem, we can kill him. We don’t kill women. We are not like you. You are the ones killing women and children in Syria ,Iraq and Afghanistan. This isn’t us. We have an honor code in Islam.
Interviewer: But you just sought revenge here, you killed 12 people.
Kouachi: Yes, because we sought revenge. You just said it well. You said it yourself, we sought revenge.

According to TruthJihad Blog:

Just one month ago, France set off a stampede when its lower house voted to recognize Palestine. Now Palestine is in the International Criminal Court, poised to take down Israel for genocide.
Suddenly “Islamic terror strikes France.” Is Paris being punished for its pro-Palestine vote?
In late 2013, Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Tribunal found Israel guilty of genocide. A few months later, Malaysian planes started falling out of the sky.
In 2011, Norway’s Labor Party’s youth wing was poised to impose a complete blockade on Israel. Suddenly the entire leadership of the Party’s youth wing was slaughtered in a professional operation falsely attributed to a lone nut, Anders Breivik.
NoLiesRadio produce Allan Rees writes:
One thing I missed in the original blog post: The timing of the Charlie Hebdo event was suspicious, not only because it closely followed Netanyahu’s threat that France was making a grave mistake by supporting Palestinian statehood and unleashed pre-scripted Zionist talking points against France’s pro-Palestine position……But also because the Zionists are panicking at the success of European anti-New-World-Order parties in general, and the French Marine LePen/Alain Soral/Dieudonn√© contingent in particular. This event looks like it was orchestrated to use against Soral and Dieudonn√©, who had been obscenely attacked in Charlie Hebdo right before the big false flag. ……….  one of the most striking was the news that one of the alleged terrorists supposedly dropped his ID card at the scene of the crime! (Shades of Satam al-Suqami’s “magic passport” planted near the WTC rubble on 9/11.)
Then there are the video anomalies. Videos of the supposed execution-style slaying of a police officer don’t feature the blood or blast effects one would expect. VT Editor Gordon Duff has cited ballistics experts who say footage of AK47 rounds supposedly hitting concrete with no visible effect, while the reports lack the echo of life fire bullets.

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