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Dec 15, 2014

U.S.”Japan Handlers” Want to Change “Face of Prime Minister” from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to “Fresh Face”

U.S.””Japan Handlers” Want to Change “Face of Prime Minister” 
from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to “Fresh Face”

It seems to me that Mr. Eiken Itagaki shares the same opinion with Mr. Fulford that Prime Minister Abe will disappear before too long.
There is a phrase: “The U.S. feels “disgust” and ‘fear” about the political stance of Prime Minister Abe. The “CSIS (Center of Strategic and International Strategies),”den of Japan handlers, is a front organization of Neo-cons. If so, the Abe Nazi administration should move as they plan.
The current situation is caused by the group’s switch to the Jacob/Rothschild camp, as I have mentioned for a long time. Additionally, they originally disbelieve Prime Minister Abe. This is because Prime Minister Abe, who serves the Shadow Emperor, should normally be a rival against the Bush/Nazi camp.

Masatoshi Takeshita
December 11

English translation of a Japanese article: EikenItagaki Inside Story of Political Economy Unreported in Mass Media – December 11, 2014 –

Today’s “Eiken Itagaki Information Agency”

*<Special Information 1>

In the final stage of the general election, at the west exit of JR Akabane station, Ichiro Ozawa, Leader of People’s Life Party, gave a campaign speech for Ai Aoki, former House of the Representative member, a candidate in Tokyo 12th district, authorized by his party (a compromise candidate for the Democratic Party and the Japan Innovation Party, and a candidate backed by the Social Democratic Party). In the speech Mr. Ozawa strictly criticized Prime Minister Abe for “Abenomics policy,” “approval of exercise of the right of collective self-defense, change of interpretation of the Constitution, cabinet approval of it,” and “relocation of U.S. military airbase Futenma to Henoko.” It is said that Japan experts, called U.S. “Japan handlers” have conveyed to the Japan side that they want to change the “face of prime minister” from Prime Minister Abe to “a new face.” Mr. Ozawa’s speech seemed to convey the nuance that the U.S. feels “disgust” and “fear” about the political stance Prime Minister Abe. What on earth will the U.S. expect from Mr. Ichiro Ozawa?

English translation of the excerpt from a Japanese article: How sad! - December 10, 2014 –

Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda to Make A Comeback?

Mr. Fukuda flew to China to meet with Xi Jinping. This time, in Washington he agreed to compile U.S-Japan bilateral proposals called “Pacific Vision 21.”

[Washington, JP] The council of bilateral experts to discuss the future of U.A. and Japan was established on 5 and the first meeting was held in Washington. The council aims to propose how future bilateral ties should be in anticipation of the change of international situation. Yasuo Fukuda, former Prime Minister and Daschle, a Democrat, former Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate, assumed co-chairmanship . They agreed to hold the second meeting in Tokyo in May next year, which falls on the 70th year after the war, and compile proposals called “Pacific Vision 21.”

The meeting will be participated by Fujio Mitarai, chairman and president of Canon Inc., Hastert, former speaker of the House of Representatives (Democrat), Ichiro Fujisaki, former Japanese ambassador to the U.S. and Hamre, president of the Center of Strategic and International Studies. In the meeting, they are set to paint a vision for Japan-U.S. relations in 20145 marking the centenary of the end of World War II., and put forward concrete measure for achieving the goal.

In the meeting on 5, with regard to the relations with the rise of China, there was an opinion: “it is important to incorporate it into the framework of international community without conflict. At the subsequent press conference, former Prime Minister Fukuda stressed that “it is important now to stably deepen the Japan-U.S. cooperative relations from the mid-and-long term of viewpoint.” (December 6, 2014 08:08)

According to the Itagaki blog,
Recently, the movement of former Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda is effective to “read signs.”
The meeting with Fukuda and Xi Jinping led to the summit meeting between Japan and China.
Well, what will this Japan-U.S. meeting lead to?

Mr. Fukuda gave up the post of prime minister (though miserable) because he got sick of the U.S.-imposed traitor policies.

He looks like a candidate for prime minister because he is not a dirty politician. The peaceful atmosphere of Mr. Fukuda with invincible staff might be suitable to assume the post as prime minister anew.

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