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Dec 13, 2014

Mr. Ashton Carter Nominated as Next U.S. Secretary of Defense – Collaborator of True Galactic Federation Elected to Destroy Greenhorns of Bush/Nazi Camp

image: Source & patrioticpictures.us
Mr. Ashton Carter Nominated as Next U.S. Secretary of Defense – Collaborator of True Galactic Federation Elected to Destroy Greenhorns of Bush/Nazi Camp

In an article dated November 25, I commented that if Ms. Michelle Froino is appointed as successor to Secretary of Defense Hagel, it would be perfect. However, she was not. It appears that Mr. Ashton Carter will be approved as incoming Secretary of Defense.

The second article reads that he is pro-Israel and belligerent person, while the third article reads that “Chuck Hagel who is critical of Neo-cons and maintains a passive stance to war is replaced with Ashton Carter who has claimed attack on North Korea.” If this is true, a superficial trend will be the outbreak of war against Russia.

Seeing this superficial trend, Mr. Paul Craig Roberts has mentions many times that a world war three will be inevitable. In view of a deeper viewpoint, however, Mr. Benjamin Fulford’s remark is right. The Pentagon has no intention to wage a war against Russia. So does the NATO. I think that this personnel change was a good choice.

As Ashton Carter seems to be very smart, he won’t be provoked to destroy the world by the Neo-cons. He is not a person spiritually guided by the (true) “Galactic Federation” but a collaborator of it. In other words, he is the same type of person as Mr. Fulford. He supports theRepublic America proposed by General Ham. We can say that he has been chosen to destroy the young of belligerent Bush/Nazi camp.

Masatoshi Takeshita
December 7, 2014

Excerpt from AFPBB News - December 6, 2014 –

Mr. Carter Nominated as Next U.S. Secretary of Defense
Mr. Hagel Stays Away from Formal Ceremony

Source: http://www.japantoday.com/category/world/view/obama-nominates-ashton-carter-as-pentagon-chief

Washington (AFP) - President Barack Obama on Friday named Ashton Carter, a highly regarded technocrat, to lead the Pentagon as the US military embarks on the latest phase in its 13-year war against Islamic extremists.

Obama praised the 60-year-old Carter, saying that as US defense secretary he would bring to the job "a unique blend of strategic perspective and technical know-how."

Carter, who is expected to be confirmed by the Senate, was named to replace Chuck Hagel, who resigned under pressure last week, criticized by some as too passive in the face of a rapidly changing security situation.

The US military that Carter is expected to inherit finds itself in an air war against Islamic extremists in Iraq and Syria, a sharp reversal of course for an administration that had sought to bring home troops after 13 years of fighting.

Carter said he had accepted Obama's offer "because of the seriousness of the strategic challenges we face -- but also the bright opportunities that exist for America if we can come together to grab hold of them."

Hagel called Carter after the announcement and promised a smooth transition. In a statement issued as he embarked on his last foreign trip as secretary, he said he strongly supported Carter's nomination.

English translation of the excerpt from Iran Radio – December 6, 2014 –

US political analyst says “Nomination of Mr. Carter is a blow to foreign policy”

Mr. Scot Richard, a U.S. political analyst, says: “Nomination of former Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter would give a terrible blow to U.S. foreign policy.”

Mr. Ricardo on 5 Friday in an interview with Press TV pointed out that Mr. Carter is a belligerent person and said: “Assumption of Mr. Carter as Defense Secretary would give a terrible blow to U.S. foreign policy.”

Furthermore, he says: “Mr. Carter is pro-Israel and supports belligerent policy.”

He also says: “As a result of successive replacements as this post, President Obama had no other choice. Such being the case, Mr. Carter has been nominated as successor to Secretary of Defense Hagel.”

Many people have been nominated as Secretary Defense but refused to assume the post because of a lot of problems such as the Syria crisis, intensified activities of terrorist group ISIS in Iraq, creation of anti-ISIS coalition of the willing led by the U.S., budget reduction in the U.S. Department of Defense and the withdrawal from the U.S. military from Afghanistan during the waning reminder of tenure of Obama administration.

President Obama nominated on 5 Friday Mr. Carter as next Secretary Defense.

Mr. Carter served as Deputy Secretary of Defense from October 2011 to December 2013 and he also had been in charge of purchasing weapons in the Pentagon.
Mr. Hagel expressed resignation in less than two years after assumption for the reason of conflict with President Obama’s opinion over U.S. strategy in Iraq.

English translation of the except from a Japanese article: Sakurai Journal – December 6, 2014 -

In the belligerent atmosphere of U.S. Congress, a resolution interpreted as “declaration of war against Russia”

On December 4, the House of Representatives adopted a resolution criticizing Russia by a great margin with 411- 10 votes. In the wordsof the former Representative Ron Paul, “Daring Congress has made a declarationof war against Russia.” The U.S./NATO has already intensified the military operation near the border with Russia. The resolution is an extension of such operation. It appears that the environment is being provided to U.S. President, where he can start war with Russia without being concerned about the Congress.

The Senate is as belligerent as the House. The Senate resolution submitted in May this year is said to aim to support military troops in Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia and build permanent military bases for NATO in such countries.

Actually, the U.S./NATO is moving toward such direction. In April, Commander of SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters of AlliedPowers in Europe), General Philip Breedlove of U.S. Air Forces told that theU.S. military forces would be flung into Eastern Europe countries near Russia. Fighters have already been increased at a rapid rate and about 100 M1 Abrams battle tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles are scheduled to be deployed in Easter Europe.

Meanwhile, the secretary of defense under the Barak Obama administration will be replaced. Chuck Hagel, who is critical of Neo-cons and maintains a passive stance to war, is replaced with Ashton Carter who has claimed attack on North Korea. This will be approved by the current Congress.

Independence of Russia and rise of China are not acceptable to the Neo-cons/Zionists. The Neo-cons/Zionists have a belligerent vision, which is the strategy leading to self-destruction for the EU.  However, the lite cannot go against it because they have gained money and power by following the U.S. They would be severely attacked personally if they do against the U.S. intention.

This resolution will lead to paving the way for war. However, the resolution criticized Russia without any evidence of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and there is no fact showing the Russia has invaded Ukraine. The Western media have kept on covering false information.

The House has adopted the resolution writing a long list of nonsense and tried to threaten Russia with a war. However, Russia would never yield to such threat.

The U.S. is accelerating the trend towards war contrary to the will of the people.

It appears that due to the right of collective self-defense, the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty will force Japan to work together with NATO. Since the NATO considers an attack against one nation as the attack against the entire organization, it is possible that the Japanese will be destroyed, considering the location of Japan.


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