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Dec 30, 2014

Message from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko (6) – Conspiracy by Deities in Pleiades System

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Message from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko 6 
– Conspiracy by Deities in Pleiades System

This is the 6th message from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko.
According to the message, a fake deity appeared first and jammed communication. Later, he told that he is a male deity in the 2nd System (Pleiades System) and gave out his real name “Mochizukino-mikoto.” I’d like to omit the fake information.
According to the message from Sumiwataru-takahihoshino-himemiko, deities who were afraid of disclosure of their past wrongdoings jammed the communication. At first, I’d like to introduce her message and then give a simple explanation about it.

Masatoshi Takeshita
December 21, 2014

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: December 20, 2014>

Thirty-five million years ago, the Sirius System, lower system than the Pleiades System, had a conflict with the Great Bear due to some trouble and broke ties with it.

This incident caused the flow of energy to be cut off and as a result, the light from deities from upper Systems had not reached the earth over a long period of time.

As I told you the other day, taking advantage of the situation, the deities of the Sirius Hierarchy, Solar Hierarchy and Earthly Hierarchy in the Sirius System as well as divine spirits and angels built up a system to achieve their ambitious desire and controlled humanity.

The same thing got to be seen in the Pleiades System, too.
Deities in the Pleiades System had spiritually guided the Sirius System behind the scenes.

The Pleiades System has the same governance system as the Sirius System and deities there are allocated based on the Futomani figure.

The deities who have engineered a plot this time are as follows:

ki, tu, o, sa, ne - five deities
a, u, wa - three deities
to, ho, ka, mi, we, hi, ta, me - eight deities
a, i, fu, he, mo, wo, su, si - eight deities
misofu-kami - thirty-two deities

In addition, their underling deities

A total of 526 deities, divine spirits and angels who have jammed communication this time have been detained.

Such wicked communication jamming against Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi was done because they tried to convey fake information to Mrs. Nakanishi, a defenseless human being, out of fear that their wrongdoings would be revealed by my message.

Additionally, the deities who did wrongdoings or engineered a plot in the 4th System are as follows:

ki, tu, o, sa, ne - five deities
a, u, wa - three deities
to, ho, ka, mi, we, hi, ta, me - eight deities
a, i, fu, he, mo, wo, su, si - eight deities
misofu-kami - thirty-two deities

They are all deities shown in the Futomani figure.

Their wrongdoings have already been revealed. Unless showing sincere efforts accompanied with heartfelt apology and self-reflection, they would be severely punished.

I am very glad to see the conspiracy of deities in the Pleiades System avoided, thanks to Mrs. Nakanishi’s exceptional ability. I’d like you to continue to serve as a communicator.

[Exposition by Mr. Takeshita]

As for some trouble between the Sirius System and the Great Bear which occurred 35 million years ago, this is the incident between Kashikomino-mikoto and Tenteiookimi, the Heavenly Emperor in the 3rd System (Great Bear System). Although Kashikoneno-mikoto tried to tempt Tenteiookimi, Tenteiookimi rejected the temptation. Kashikoneno-mikoto, who thought he was insulted, put a curse on Tenteiookimi. However, he was driven back and thrown down from the 65 dimension where he was supposed to exist to the 4.5 dimension. Tenteiookimi had taken a long-held dim view of the Sirius System regime. So this incident caused a decisive disconnection from him and energy flow from the Great Bear stopped.

According to the message, after this incident, a Darkness organization where the elite of Earthly Deity 5th Level in both of the 2nd System and 4th System got involved was formed. It is a big prostitution organization which extends from the 1st System to the 4th System. They offered women to higher-ranked deities to get favoritism from the deities and also hold their week points. I think that they eventually conspired to launch a coup in the heavenly world.

Surprisingly, until as recently as in 2007 the reformation of the heavenly world started, the boss of the prostitution organization in our System had been Goddess Gayatri of that time (her personal name is Savita). You will understand very well that the earth is a reflection of the heavenly world.

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