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Dec 10, 2014

A House Divided - Information from collaborator of true “Galactic Federation”

A House Divided - Information from collaborator of true “Galactic Federation”

I’m very surprised to learn that this is astonishingly accurate information. According to this article, members of Denver Circle of Twelve negotiated a surrender agreement on the etheric level and reached the agreement. Checking it out, I’ve found it true.

As for the phrase “the Chimera’s surrender a few weeks ago” in the article, I suppose that Chimera probably refers to a group of 12 led by Shadow Emperor, who has been spiritually led by the “(fake) Galactic Federation.” I have explained that they surrendered a few weeks ago. If Chimera refers to them, it would turn out that this article supports my claim.

Information on other parts is also quite interesting. I suppose that not only the ether level surrender but also the physical level surrender would be negotiated before very long.

This information is presumably from a collaborator of the true “Galactic Federation.”

Masatoshi Takeshita
December 6, 2014

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Takisan’sHomepage – December 6, 2014 –

A House Divided December 6, 2014

A House Divided
Posted on December 4, 2014 by freedom4humanity

One of the great strengths of the dark has been its solidarity over the years. Sure, they have their power struggles and their differences of opinion; but the front they have presented to the masses has been united.

All of that changed a few days ago. Senior members of the US branch of the cabal negotiated a surrender agreement on the etheric level and were about to implement that agreement in cooperation with the Light. Junior members of the cabal marshalled a rebel faction that ousted the senior members and took over the US cabal. This faction is young and aggressive and targets to reinstall the cabal with all the power and political clout it had in the heady days following 9/11. The leader of this rebel faction has been identified as David S. Cohen appointed to a post in the US Treasury as the Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence…cabal speak for setting policies that make the rich richer and blame it on someone else.

That is the situation as it presently exists. These junior members have youth and brashness on their side. They are also extremely naive as it relates to the power of the Light. The young rebels believe they can hammer through a dark revival and fund it by cooping the prosperity funds controlled by the Light. Why would the Light agree to such a plan? No reason comes to mind but desperate times call for desperate measures.

The surrender agreement had something the old guard desperately wants…amnesty for their decades of crimes against humanity. We are not talking of a cover-up here, the Light would never agree to a cover-up and the full truth will come out and be available for all to see. What we are talking about is amnesty and that is deeply coveted by the old guard. The youthful rebels still believe they are above the law and can continue their criminal activities with impunity.

How is all of this going to work out? I do not know, but it is not going to end well for the young rebels and their supporters. The Light has too much power and that includes the power of the etheric level surrender agreement. As above, so below applies here. What is agreed in the etheric level has great power and derailing such an agreement takes a herculean effort. It can be done and has been donemost recently by 9/11 itself. 

Can the young rebels pull off something similar? Highly unlikely. The etheric level surrender agreement gave Ashtar’s Light Resistance (ET forces with great technical superiority) the authority to intervene and prevent false flag operations. Nuclear weapons have long been off-limits to the dark and with the Chimera’s surrender a few weeks ago, scalar weapons are now similarly off-limits. What is left for the young rebels to work with? They have back room control over much of the current US political process including many elected officials but that is in the process of being dismantled. They have supporters in control of many of the US alphabet agencies. They still control the media, a powerful weapon, but they have little else.

Meanwhile, the dark’s house is now deeply divided. The old guard wants the surrender agreement and there have been many defections into the Light, some at very high levels. The Light now has high level former dark cabalists working an agenda of defeating the young rebels. The dark’s house in now divided. 

Do you remember the rest of that saying? ‘A house divided…??? I do…A house divided cannot stand. That is playing out as we watch. 

The dark’s house is now divided and it cannot stand. The etheric level surrender agreement has too much power and support from both the dark and the Light. 

Humanity is at the tipping point where we will birth a shared timeline of the Light… and no one nor anything will delay that joyous occasion for long.

Freedom for humanity…

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