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Nov 11, 2014

The soon to emerge unified Korean and Japanese nation of Kopan will be nuclear powered

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The soon to emerge unified Korean and Japanese nation of Kopan will be nuclear powered

In the article there is a phrase “the soon to emerge unified Korean and Japanese nation of Kopan will be nuclear powered” It is the Association of Shinto Shrines, the Unification Church and North Korea that have induced Japan to move to this direction. They have a central figure under the control of whom they joined together. When I say so, conspiracy lovers might say “*Atari Maeda No Cracker.”

(*Translator’s note: In the 1960s there was a very popular TV program sponsored by a confectionery company named Maeda. This program created various buzz words, one of which was this phrase. It means “No wonder.”)

It appears that they have waved the white flag of surrender and would follow the orders of Jacob Rothschild. Therefore, we can say that this conspiracy has been foiled.

There is a plot to put the Emperor above law after revision of the Constitution in the future, and in associate with the plot there are conspiracies regarding whom to choose as Emperor. Therefore, I think such plot was arranged a long time ago. We can say that the current Abe administration is the fruit of such conspiracies.

As shown in bitter attacks on the Abe administration, their plan has missed fire along the way.

Masatoshi Takeshita
November 5, 2014

Excerpt from a Japanese article: How Sad! – November 4, 2014 –


Strange financial market and geopolitical maneuvers last week make it clear the end days of the cabal are fast approachingThe clearest sign was the wholesale looting of Japan’s national pension fund by the Japanese slave government on behalf of the cabal. This bought the cabal some time by propping up the US government bond and stock markets but it failed to change the fundamental picture.

Here is what happened last week in the markets: First, the Federal Reserve Board, under new management, announced last week it would no longer buy US Treasury Bonds. ThenSingapore, the largest financial market in Asia, follows London, Frankfurt, Seoul, Paris, Luxembourg, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao in allowing free trade in Chinese Yuan. NextJapan’s government announces an 80 trillion yen money printing splurge as well as the looting of the 127 trillion yen government pension investment fund. The Japanese money is being poured into US government bonds and cabal owned stocks causing the ongoing crack high in the markets.

It has also started a currency war because the Chinese have responded to the yen printing splurge with a yuan printing splurge.

China produces 11 times more steel than the US, has the world’s greatest foreign currency reserves, has the most gold, accounts for a bigger share of global trade and has a massive cumulative trade surplus with the US. …. , the BRICS alliance that China is a part of controls 188 nations, the far greatest proportion of the world economy and more than 80% of its people. Looting Japan only buys time, it will never buy victory.

The Japanese also announced last week via their proxy North Korea that they have nuclear missile carrying submarines. The message is that the soon to emerge unified Korean and Japanese nation of Kopan will be nuclear powered.

This is all part of a big showdown taking place worldwide against the Nazionists and their allies. The Nazionists are now mounting what could well be their last offensive before final defeat.

There was also a cartoon in the Israeli daily Haaretz portraying Netanyahu as a pilot flying a plane into the world trade center building. The implicit message is that a lot of people are going to be hung from lamp-posts soon unless the Nazionists back down.

Israeli and US troops have been fighting each other using proxies in Syria since ISIS is run by Mossad and the US airforce is bombing them and losing planes in the process.

The situation is also changing in Europe to the detriment of the Nazionists. The French are going ahead with their plan to start buying oil in Rubles and not US dollars despite the recentmurder of the head of the French oil company Total. This has resulted in unmarked drones being seen flying around French nuclear power plants. The message is “we will sabotage your nuclear facilities if you abandon the petrodollar.”

The British are also moving away from the Nazionists with their ongoing purge of pedophiles and their overall move to distance themselves from the EU. They have also been pioneers in acknowledging the Chinese yuan was taking over from the petrodollar as the world’s reserve currency.

In the Ukraine, the parallel elections in the East and West of the country have now pretty much formalized the permanent split of that country. The Russians are now expected to mount, via proxies, an offensive to clear out the last of the foreign mercenaries still trying to provoke war in the Ukraine.
…..  the Stephen Harper government. Harper’s Nazionists were originally planning to use the recent staged “terrorist” shooting incidents to pass a law that would allow the arrest of people who had never committed a crime.

Here is proof sent by a reader the recent shooting incident at the Canadian Parliament was staged. It is a photograph showing huge numbers of police cars at the Parliament 15 minutes before the “shooting incident.”


… , Harper suddenly decided he would not cancel his planned attendance at the APEC summit meeting in China due to the “terrorist attack.” Hopefully he will be removed from power soon after he returns to Canada.
The APEC summit will be followed a few days later by a G20 meeting in Australia that may result in some sort of surprise announcement of a plan to replace the current dysfunctional global architecture. This may be what all the jockeying is about.

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