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Nov 15, 2014

Splendid achievements of Abnomics=fraudmics=Jewmics: Are they all?

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Splendid achievements of Abnomics=fraudmics=Jewmics: Are they all?

It is an easy-to-understand article. Those who still support Abepyon even now have been found to be a small number of winners or perverted people.

Masatoshi Takeshita
November 8, 2014

English translation of the excerpt from a Japanese article: richardkoshimizu’s blog – November 7, 2014 –

Splendid achievements of Abnomics=fraudmics=Jewmics: Are they all?

Thanks, Abenomics!

  • Consumer tax hike from 5% to 8% and 10%
  • Income tax hike
  • Inhabitant tax hike
  • Inheritance tax hike
  • 0.7 percent decrease in national pension premium
  • Rise in national pension premium
  • Increase in the elderly’s burden of medical costs
  • Increase in medical service fee
  • Increase in the elderly’s premium for national health insurance
  • Increase in nursing-care insurance premium for those between 40 and 64 years of age
  • Decrease in child-care allowance
  • Petroleum and coal tax hike, and \5 increase per litter in gasoline cost
  • Massive hike in electric bill
  • Massive hike in highway tolls & decrease in discount amount when ETC (electronic toll collection) card is used
  • Discontinuation of 8% reduction in public servants’ salaries
  • 11.3% hike in public servants’ bonuses
  • Increase in public assistance allowance
  • Increase in light vehicle tax from \7,200 to\10,800
  • Abolition of tax deduction for spouse
  • 5% increase in tobacco tax
  • Increase in rate of taxation on dividend or sale of financial resources subject to decreased corporate tax
  • Cost of first consultation: \10,000
  • Property tax hike
  • Discontinuation of 20% reduction in lawmakers’ expenditure
  • Legalization of zero overtime money

Quotation from kokomadekaite iinkai blog

Excerpt from a Japanese article: richardkoshimizu’sblog – November 8, 2014 –

Sinzo Abe to Earn His Place in History as Fake Prime Minister Who Created an Opportunity for Rebirth of Japan

Seeing a list of his accomplishments, we want to add one more thing – 10% of consumption tax.
Any fool would realize the maladministration of fake Prime Minister Abe.

The following is the achievements of fake Prime Minister Abe. Extremely awesome!

Decline rate in GDP Worst one among successive prime ministers
Number of suicides ditto
Increase in unemployment rate ditto
Number of bankruptcies ditto
Number of personal bankruptcies ditto
Number of applicants for  ditto
public assistance
Tax revenue decrease ditto
Rate of increase in deficit-covering ditto
government bonds
Downgrade of Japanese ditto
government bonds
Bad loan increase ditto
Loss in gross national wealth ditto
Rate of decline in land prices ditto
Fall of stock prices ditto
Hike in the self-pay ratio of ditto
Medical expenses
Reduction rate in pension payment ditto
Amount in arrears of pension  ditto
insurance premium
Unrecoverable amount for ditto
pension housing loan
Crime rate increase ditto
Poverty rate Joined 5worst countries
Average salaries for the decrease for 7 years in a row
private sector
Birth rate Worst in Japan’s history
Crime clearance rate Worst after the war
Income gap Worst after the war
Percentage of high school graduates Worst after the war
who found work

Quotation from K-bi neesan’s blog

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