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Oct 28, 2014

United Ukrainian Soldiers and Voluntary Army Close to Success in Invading Kiev?

United Ukrainian Soldiers and Voluntary Army Close to Success in Invading Kiev?

This is an incredible article. Commanders between enemy forces had a Skype conversation. It appears that they have agreed on basic recognition.
According to the article, officers in Ukrainian army have become obsessed with an idea that the military advisers in Russia issue an order to the commanders of the voluntary army. It is natural for them to think so because they have been brainwashed by the propaganda of the Kiev authority and left uninformed of the truth. I spend half a day sitting at a computer to get information. Unlike me, they are engaged in battle on the spot. They cannot gain right recognition if they are given wrong information by the top.
This article shows how people get involved in a war and that most people on front-line duty do actually want peace.
Fully understanding this, we have to see through a plot of those in power. To this end, all we have to do is to get information by ourselves. True information is never given by mass media.

Masatoshi Takeshita
October 23, 2014

English translation of the excerpt from the Japanese version of The Voice of Russia – October 22, 2014 –

Ukrainian Soldiers and Voluntary Army Unite Close to Success in Invading Kiev in Union?

On the Russian Internet, recorded Skype conversation has emerged. The conversation was between Alexei Mozgovoi, Commander of the “Ghost” Brigade, volunteer army stationed in Lugansk, eastern region of Ukraine, and commanders of Ukrainian military troops, who are fighting in antiterrorism operation zone. The first impression got through this conversation is that Ukrainian soldiers get to understand that they don’t have to fight against anybody for whatever reason.

Commander Mozgovoi had a conversation with three commanders of Ukrainian military troops: Camili Valetov, Alexei Jyipuko and Vladimir Shirov. Valetov and Jyupuko, who were middle-ranking officers at the times of USSR, participated in the Afghanistan operation. Shirov is a senior manager in Ukrainian rugby team. And all of the three are from southern and eastern regions of Ukraine.

The conversation showed that they were interested in one another, and that they spoke Russian.

The conversation revealed several interesting facts. For example, everybody is exhausted in the war. Among them, Ukrainian soldiers are extremely exhausted by a miserable sequence of defeats since September. Commander Shirov says that it is high time to stop war because Ukrainians who are the Slav tribe on both sides are dead. For this reason, the first question that a commander from the Ukraine side asked Commander Mozgovoi of the volunteer army was that achievement of peace would be possible and under what condition it would be possible. Mozgovoi’s response helped Shirov think deeply. “Those fighting against each other in both armies are ordinary people. Such ordinary people are used in the ‘amphitheater (Colosseum) in our garden’ by the Olgarch (business magnate).” In response to it, Shirov adds: “War is used by a group of rouges. The wicked people have split people who had lived together and shared happy events.”

Such statement makes us feel that they are very close to reaching a conclusion that nobody needs a civil war in Ukraine and the war has to be stopped. However, here, something else has suddenly been clarified. Ukrainian officers were under the wrong impression that Russia is behind the southern and eastern volunteer armies. They say that since Russia tries to seize the Ukrainian territory, Ukrainians have no other choice but to unite to protect independence. Ukrainian officers are under the wrong impression that Russian military advisers issue the order to Mozgovoi and other commanders in the volunteer army. Therefore, it turns out that the referendum in which the citizens in the south and east regions supported independence and coalition with Russia was not carried out fairly and squarely or it was fabricated one.

A professional political scholar could have shattered the ideology inculcated into Ukrainian mind by the propaganda of the Kiev authority in more graceful manner. However, not young Ukrainian commanders would not have believed the words of such political scholar. Although Mozgovoi lacked clarity in his argument, the other side listened to his words, because Ukrainian soldiers saw a reflection of themselves in him. Mozgovoi said the same thing about it.

Commander Mozgovoi of the volunteer army won understanding of his enemy he fought against in the war only a few weeks ago. What made it possible? They shared the view that the enemy of the Ukrainian army and Ukrainians is not the volunteer army; the volunteer army has no intention of disuniting Ukraine in spite of the Kiev propaganda; the enemy of Ukrainian people is the current Kiev government; therefore the volunteer military and Ukrainian army should unite to establish a new, cleaner and fairer government in this country. Most interestingly, Ukrainians soldiers did not raise the voice of opposition to this Mozgovoi’s appeal. The side of Ukrainian soldiers expressed their intention to contemplate what he said and want to discuss it again. If the Ukrainian soldiers understood that they should think about it, it would be a good sign.

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