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Oct 1, 2014

45% of Russians Believe in Conspiracy Theory – Spiritual Entity Pulls the Strings Behind Secret Society

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45% of Russians Believe in Conspiracy Theory – Spiritual Entity Pulls the Strings Behind Secret Society

I think that Russians are true to their reputation.  Very few people not only believe in the conspiracy theory but also have no doubt that some sort of spiritual entity pulls the strings behind a secret society.  Although many people believe that the world is run by such secret society, all they can think of is that it is a group like military-industry complex that comes as one for their own benefit.
Examining them closely, however, you will see such secret societies share their own view of the world and religion, which is imbued with esoteric or occult elements.  Examining more thoroughly, you will see that there is a spiritual medium at the top of each organization, who always communicates with a particular kind of spiritual entity or alien.

I have commented on Shanti Phula’s blog that such beings originate from the White Brotherhood (Hierarchy). Some are spiritual entities and others are beings with the body.  Subsidiary organizations of the White Brotherhood are the “(Fake) Galactic Federation” and the “Galactic Federation of Light.”  In these two organizations, like the White Brotherhood, there are spiritual entities and aliens with the body.  Some of them have reincarnated as earthlings and consciously act as humans.  I mean, such beings play a central role or work behind the scenes in so-called secret society.

Tomorrow, I am going to post an article to explain something on this topic in more detail.

Masatoshi Takeshita
September 22, 2014

English translation of a Japanese article: ROCKWAYEXPRESS – September 22, 2014 –

45% of Russians Believe in Conspiracy Theory

World leaders watching the final of the World Cup

I have used the word the conspiracy theory, but the actual title was “45% of Russians Believe Shadowy Group Controls Humanity.”  However, such thing is now called the “conspiracy theory” and I used the phrase “45% Russians Believe Conspiracy Theory.”

Russians are true to their reputation.  What I have constantly claimed on this blog is that Russia and its leader Putin stand up as the last barricade against the force aiming to control the earth.  The main purport of this blog naturally agrees with the conspiracy theory.  The conspiracy theory is considered as taboo, neglected or become a laughingstock in the academic world.  It is because the academic world itself has been created by the conspirators.  In historical perception, in particular, the conspiracy theory is called revisionism in some cases.  In that case, the conspiracy theory has correct view of history but the history as common knowledge has various problems.  The basic problem is the recognition that the human history derived from the four great civilizations with a history of 5,000 or 6,000 years.  Human history is not so short.

There exists the force aiming to completely control the world.  Russians who interpret the force as “Jews” or “masons” and “Great Britain” have hit the nail.  However, there are Jews and Jews.  There are two kinds of Jews: Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardic Jews.  Broadly speaking, the former lived in former Khazar Empire and are descendants of those who converted to Judaism, while the latter, called Sephardi, are Jews having a bloodline of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  (According to Wikipedia, since Khazars were speakers of Turkic languages, this theory is difficult to be accepted. However, when Khazars enter Russia, they start to learn Russian and their sons and daughters get to speak perfect Russian.  When they enter Poland, Khazar Jews speak Poland.  I wonder how many American Jews are speaking Hebrew these days.  To put it plainly, the section of “Ashkenazi” in Wikipedia is edited at the convenience of Ashkenazi Jews who exert pressure to deny the fact that they are descendants of Khazars).  It is more correct to call the force as secret society instead of Freemaisonry as a whole.  At the presidential election, it was rumored that Bush and Kerry were Skull and Bones members.

Spiritual beings pull the strings behind a secret society.  Therefore, materialists who deny spiritual beings have incorrect and far-fetched conclusion because they have only one eye opened to the understanding of the world.  Spiritual beings –God, angels, spirits and, of course, spiritual entities after the death of humanity called ghosts – sometimes become evil spirits and do ill.  If angels and spirits get involved in evil, they become specters or evil entities and deceive humans.  However, spiritual beings that lie behind secret societies are far more devilish beings and have given significant influence on humanity throughout the history.  Such beings lie behind the earth control power.

45% of Russians Believe Shadowy Group Controls Humanity

The Moscow Times, Spt. 17, 2014
"The world is run by some sort of overarching entity that pulls the strings in governments around the globe" is a statement nearly half of Russians would agree with, a state-run pollster revealed Wednesday.

The Russian Public Opinion Research Center found that 45 percent of Russians believe in the existence of an omnipotent force that lords over state governments, controlling the affairs of humanity. Only one-third of the population expressly rejects this hypothesis, while another 23 percent of Russians remain undecided, according to the survey.
The research center also revealed that individuals with higher levels of education and enviable salaries were more likely to embrace such theories than their less-educated, lower-earning counterparts.
Among those who believe in the existence of such an impalpable entity, 22 percent think it is composed of oligarchs and prominent business leaders from around the globe. Another 6 percent believe it is run by the United States.
Yet more than half of those who believe in the entity's existence are unable to identify who — or what — it is comprised of. Respondents to the survey listed "Jews," "masons" and "Great Britain," as among the groups that may be secretly running the show.
The survey also showed that 48 percent of those who believe in the existence of this global force are uncertain about its primary motive, or the reason for its existence.
Another 32 percent of those who believe in its existence think that its goal lies in world domination, while 10 percent said its aim is to enrich a select number of people.
The survey was conducted in late August among 1,600 adults from across 42 Russian regions. The statistical margin of error did not exceed 3.4 percent.

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