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Sep 26, 2014

List of Planets 27 Deities of the Andromeda Council Belong to

List of Planets 27 Deities of the Andromeda Council Belong to

Through the communication between Mrs.Seiko Nakanishi and a UFO, which was introduced on June 18, we have known that the name of the goddess, Chairperson of the Andromeda Council, is Kusushikihikaiyadoru-himemiko.  This time, I’d like to release the illustration drawn by Mr. Seiko Nakanishi and a list of planets 27 Deities of the Andromeda Council belong to.

Masatoshi Takeshita
July 7, 2014

Chairperson of the Andromeda Council

The shaded parts of the table are the Systems and Levels where the Andromeda Council members reside on.  The Andromeda Council is a group of deities and is paired up with the Pleiadian Council.  The Council consists of a total of 27 deities; six deities in the 6th System, five deities in the 7th System, four deities in the 8th System, and three deities in the 9th to the 12th Systems, respectively.  Chairperson Kusushikihikariyadoru-himemiko resides on the 5th planet of Tau Phoenicis in the constellation of Phoenix.  Seeing the table below and the table in Order of Heavenly World-1- given above, you will see this planet belongs to the Earthly Deity 3rd Level in the 6th System and exists on the 31st dimension.
A list of stars that the planets where 27 deities of the Andromeda Council reside on, belong to is shown as follows.

Twenty-seven Deities of the Andromeda Council (PDF File)

System Constellation Star Level
12th System Musca KY Muscae HD109867 3rd
Vela HD94508 4th
Capricornus BE Capricorni HD191639 5th
11th System Monoceros 12 Monoceri HD46241 2nd
Auriga 41Aurigae HD31327 3rd
Scorpius PSR B1620-26 4th
10th System Leo 72 Leonis 1st
Gemini 12 Geminorum 2nd
Triangulum Australe Theta HD133683 3rd
9th System Sagittarius Xi 1 1st
Canis Major HD56577 2nd
Camelopardalis Alpha 3rd
8th System Bootes 32 Boo 1st
Virgo R Virginis 2nd
Orion 21 Orioni HD36591 3rd
Puppis Omicron 4th
7th System Chamaelon DY Capricorni HD118825 1st
Leo Minor 16 LMi 2nd
Grus Tau-1 Gruis HD118825 3rd
Octans Meu-1 Octantis 4th
Canes Venatici 15 CVn HD114376 5th
6th System Sculptor Alpha 1st
Libra Nu Librae 2nd
Phoenix Tau Phoenicis 3rd
Pyxis Alpha Pyxidis 4th
Crux Theta-2 Crucis 5th
Fornax Delta Fornacis 5th
Crater Alpha (Alkes) 4th
Cygnus Beta (Albireo) 4th
Pegasus Alpha (Mearkab) 5th

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