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Sep 13, 2014

Fluent Speaker of Chinese after Waking from a Coma!! What happened in the brain of an Australian young man?

Fluent Speaker of Chinese after Waking from a Coma!! What happened in the brain of an Australian young man?

A young man suddenly got to be able to speak Chinese after waking from a coma caused by a traffic accident.  I think that it is impossible to explain it scientifically.  It takes a few years to master a language even when a person has a genius learning ability like a young child.  It is said that a person celled genius takes at least two weeks to speak without any grammatical errors.  It is impossible to explain why the man who has suddenly reached the same level as a bilingual immediately after waking from a coma.

If I try hard to explain about it, it might turn out that the brain is likely to have the function to install something from outside like the Internet, which goes far beyond the common knowledge.  It means that if consciousness is linked to a certain dimension, we can install whatever we want such as Chinese, Finish, mathematics, physics or musical ability, and as a result, we can display our talent in a specific area.  However, it is impossible to explain it by SF.

Probably, it is not true and I think this is an event of walk-in.  It is natural to think that Mr. Ben McMahon, the original owner of the physical body, left the body in the process of getting comatose and another soul that is good at speaking Chinese took up his body.  If so, it makes sense that he became a bilingual when he woke from a coma.  There might be increasingly such events in the world.

Masatoshi Takeshita
September 7, 2014

English translation of the excerpt from a Japanese article: Exciting News (TOCANA) – September 4, 2014 –

[Wonder of Brain] Fluent Speaker of Chinese after Waking from a Coma!!  What happened in the brain of an Australian young man?

After waking, you realize that your ability or talent has developed and the rest of your life has completely changed.  Although this sounds like a story of movie or novel, there are some people who actually have such experiences in the world.  The story of an Australian young man who became a fluent speaker of Chinese after a traffic accident has become the talk of the town.

After waking from a coma …

According to a British tabloid newspaper “The Daily Mail” dated September 2,” the name of the young man is Ben McMahon, 22.   Two years ago, the man from Melbourne fell into a coma after getting involved in a car crash.  His parents were told by a doctor: “if he should survive, it would be a miracle.”  One day after more than a week, he suddenly woke from a coma and gave a surprising word.

He spoke to a nurse standing by his bed side who looked Asian in fluent Chinese: “Excuse me nurse, I feel sore here.”  He then asked the nurse for a piece of paper and pen and wrote on it in Chinese character: “I love my mum, I love my dad, I will recover.”  He showed miraculous speech and behavior.  The nurse was so surprised that he immediately called his father Mark.

“We got the call from the hospital and the hospital staff member said: ‘Ben has come back to consciousness and he’s speaking Chinese’.”  “Neither of us can speak Chinese so we just nodded but deep down quite concerned about what’s going on,” Mark said, looking back at that day.  However, Ben said “I wasn’t consciously thinking I was speaking Chinese, it was what just came out and it was what was most natural to me.”  According to him, he was speaking Chinese unconsciously.  He used to take Chinese at school but never reached the level of speaking it fluently. So he and people around him felt perplexed very much, he said.  It took Ben two or three days to recall how to speak English.  Until then he had spoken only Chinese.

Other people who have experienced a big change in life!

Ben happened to become a bilingual after waking from a coma caused by a traffic accident.  Since then, his language skills have opened new opportunities to him like leading Chinese tours of his hometown and hosting a Mandarin television program.  He now lives in Shanghai to study commerce at university.

It seems that there are other examples in which a certain event has brought about a surprising change in speaking ability.

In 2010, a certain Croatian girl, 13, got to be able to speak German as if it were her mother tongue when she woke up.  Another case is reported: in July, 2013, a U.S. veteran, who was found in a coma, got to speak fluent Swedish in spite of memory loss.

Well, why does such mysterious phenomenon occur?  Some brain scientists and neuroscientist think that it is the consequence of having the brain partially damaged or activated due to some impact on it.  However, it is yet to be identified.  At any rate, there might be many mysterious things about human brain we do not know about.

(Note) Many parts of this article are reproduction from the above source.

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