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Aug 2, 2014

Alleged Phone Call Between Obama and Poroshenko

image:  fcw.com & MFA & TheSundayTimes
Alleged Phone Call Between Obama and Poroshenko

As I expected, the content of a telephone conversation between Obama and Poroshenko has been disclosed, which appears to drive them into a corner.  According to this article, only a part of the conversation is in it.  More definitive information might be concealed.

However, the content of this article is enough to put Obama and Poroshenko into a corner.  This is stark evidence of Obama administration’s full involvement with Ukraine.

As shown in this article, Obama has done evil and played such a dirty trick to blame volunteer army (pro-Russian militants) and Russia for everything.  I wonder if you still think him as Light angel or a righteous president who fights against the cabal (the dark Ones).

If he is a righteous person, he would never lie.  If you do a little research on how far Obama has lied, it is obvious that he joins the cabal.  You had better stop being controlled with information manipulation by the media.
Masatoshi Takeshita
July 27, 2014

Excerpt from a Japanese article: GFL Service – July 25, 2014 –

Alleged Phone Call Between Obama, Porky

Rough Translation Of Alleged Phone Call Between Obama, Porky

Note- The Following Has Not Been Substantiated But It Is Worth Considering

Below is a new, today’s article in Russian, *(       ), disclosing a conversation between President and Obama and President of Ukraine Poroshenko on July 22, 2014 at 18-53 – 19-12 European time.

(Note) * The name of Russian newspaper is written in this blank.

The German Intelligence had received a recording of this conversation between President Obama and President of Ukraine Poroshenko on July 22, 2014 at 18-53 – 19-12 European time. Angela Merkel has required not to disclose and to hide this recording. To keep it extremely classified!

According to the article, the Russian Intelligence was able to get this conversation from Germans.  Only a part of a conversation between Poroshenko and Obama is in this article. Who needs the whole translation; please find out people who speak Russian.

I report briefly:

1.     President Proroshenko is blaming President Obama, saying, “Barak, I am upset and disappointed about your behavior… You do not act as we agreed. Before, you have told that the separatists and Russians in shooting down this flight. If you will continue to behave like that, we would not be able to withstand against Moscow…”

2.     President Obama, “Calm down, Peter! We were told that we did not have yet evidence, but we are working on it… We are working in order to make it realYou made a big mistake! You are guilty that you have sent a jet-fighter… Russians have pinpointed your jet-fighter. Now, it would be very difficult to explain to the world for what a reason your jet-fighter has followed the Malaysian flight…”

3.     Poroshenko, “We were not sure that from a land we would achieve this goal… We needed to control and secure it…”

4.     Obama: “I have understood, Peter, but now Russians have one more trump card against us…”

5.     Poroshenko: “What is done is done…”

6.     Obama: “Do you agree, Peter, that this is bad and mistake… This jet-fighter makes problems for us…”

7.     Poroshenko: “We will continue to reject everything… The main thing is that in the future you should not set us up, saying that Russians did not do it. We must say the same; otherwise it would be difficult for us…”

8.     Obama: “We will continue to support you… We are sailing in one boat… Be sure… At the same time, this was supposed to happen earlier as we have agreed…”

9.     Poroshenko: “You know the level of our specialists…”

10.  Obama: “I am worried about these specialistsAre you sure that they would not prate? Russians are already trying to try them out… Try to hide them… If they open their mouth…”

11.  Poroshenko: “I understand! We did that they will never open their mouth…”

Sirs, Please Attention!!!

A.    The officer—commander of an anti-aircraft missile troop was murdered.

B.    The recordings between pilots of the Malaysian flight 777 and the dispater Dnepropetrovsk’s the air traffic control has disappeared…

C.    In the Internet you can find information that the dispatcher of Dnepropetrovsk an air traffic control has disappeared, as well…

12.  Obama: “You must control all of the testimonies of the witnesses; otherwise it would flub up our game…”

13.  Poroshenko: “What is going on with orange black boxes? I have sent to England my specialists to work with Englishmen, but Russians have requested an access to these boxes, to type recorders or how they are named… We must do everything in order to Russians not to have any access to these boxes… This is very dangerous for US and for YOU… Otherwise…”

14.  Obama: “Everything will be Okay! I have already talked with Cameron… His people will do everything we need!

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