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Jul 21, 2014

Reformation of Heavenly World 30 ― Execution of Obama et al. and Revolution both Postponed (Visions of 2012)

Reformation of Heavenly World 30 
- Execution of Obama et al. and Revolution both Postponed (Visions of 2012) -

Though after a while of break, I’d like to comment on a sequel to the “Reformation of Heavenly World”. Of my predictions of the future based on Serena’s visions, some have become reality altogether, some have been averted, or some are still postponed, etc. I hope my comments this time will help to make clear what such situations are all about.

Masatoshi Takeshita
October 26, 2013

Reformation of Heavenly World 30

Visions on February 23, 2012 & Their Exposition by Mr. Takeshita
* The blue letters present Mr. Takeshita’s exposition.

16. A slew of airplanes were flying low over some city lined with buildings. Surprised at the roar and the alarming sight, people were looking up at the sky. Yet also on the ground, tanks appeared out of nowhere, overflowing, and started locomoting.

“In view of the visions she had later, these armed troops look like American forces at first sight, but this is not likely to be the case. They are presumably some regular military forces that could be termed as Earth Defense Forces, based on cooperation between Russia, China, and U.S.A.”
18. `Under the foot of a male deity, President Obama and Michelle Obama appeared to be begging his pardon on their knees. Though only his feet were in my vision, his look was obviously very stern. “Your sins can be remitted, but your deeds cannot be canceled out,” 
a stern voice sounded.

“As is shown by this vision, President Obama will end up explaining himself before God at some future time, if he does not change his course of action and continues to commit crimes following the orders of the figures behind FRB (David Rockefeller, Bush Snr., etc.)”
19. The male deity disappeared without my noticing. Tormented by vehement repentance, President Obama got himself upright, looking up at the sky and crying aloud. On the same spot, Mrs. Obama was crying bitterly, lying on her face.

“I don’t mean to say this vision for a future time will be fulfilled without fail, but if the same situation continues, we will most likely see progress in this direction. If things on the Earth goes on in accordance with this vision, it will mean there is a very high probability that Obama is captured by those regular military forces, brought to trial and executed.”

 During the year 2012, these visions were highly likely to materialize. Accordingly, I believe they can be considered as postponed at this moment
 In paragraph sixteen, my comment involves the expression “regular military forces... based on cooperation between Russia, China, and U.S.A.” At that point in time, however, such a thing would have been inconceivable under ordinary circumstances. NB This vision was seen in February, 2012.
 And yet, in September 2012, an article did emerge titled “There was a Russian Nuclear Sub in the Gulf of Mexico!” It was reported there that there appeared a Russian nuclear sub in the Gulf of Mexico termed as “America’s backyard” without any concealment, that some Russian special forces would move west of the Mississippi, via Canada, by the 3rd week of October, and to even more surprise of mine that the Chinese military was having a joint war exercise with the American troops on the Continental United States, etc. All this testified that I would not be wrong in my comment.
 However, the reason the fulfillment of this vision, once destined to materialize, was postponed relates to another vision commented on below.

Vision on March 24, 2012 & Exposition by Mr.Takeshita
“This year (over the entire year?), state funerals will be held in succession.”
The Emperor of Japan, Queen Elizabeth, Obama, and a young princess of some country.

“Regarding the above lines on state funerals, it is Princess Astrid of the Belgian Royal Family who is meant by the “young princess”. I will have a photo of her attached here. Under the present perspective, the four persons whose names are mentioned here are certainly destined to die during the rest of this year. But there is much room for change in the outcomes as the future still remains undetermined. Apart from the Emperor of Japan, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Astrid, a lot of notable public figures including Obama are destined to be executed.”
 Princess Astrid

 This is one of those predictions that have been averted. In my comment on “Reformation of Heavenly World 28” I explained that on September 18, 2011, Queen Elizabeth became determined to cooperate with the Nathaniel camp. In the same period of time, the Emperor of Japan and Princess Astrid made the same choice. As a result, an agenda for their assassination emerged on the part of the warring faction, so that there was quite a high probability that these three persons would be assassinated at some point of time in 2012, as predicted in this vision. However, as I explained in the “Warnings from Gods (2)”, their assassination was averted. If these three had been assassinated in accordance with their destiny, there would have been a high likelihood for a revolution to now occur in America, eventually leading to execution of many including Obama. Fortunately, such an agenda as had been conceived by the dark Ones did not come to fruition. Otherwise, the world would have been in total confusion, left with little hope of averting the superflares or kill shots destined for the year 2013.

Vision on October 23, 2012 & Exposition by Mr.Takeshita
5. On a cold stone floor, President Obama had fallen on his knees with his hands bound behind his back. His feet were also manacled. Though he was dressed in a suit, his shirt was stained and his clothes were disheveled.

“He will be hanged.” A man’s voice was heard.
Another man: “No, he can be shot dead without more ado.”
Yet another man: “Why not run over and crash him tied to a tank wheel? It won’t be so bad                to be crashed under a tank with which you have so far run over lots of innocent people.”
A man: “Gee! Are you trembling!?”
A man: “This guy is breaking out in a nervous sweat.”
A man: “Hey! You know how many humans you have killed so far?”
Obama: “I... I was wrong. Forgive me...”
A man: “Forgive you? Now, you are asking the impossible! ”
Obama: “I am President of the United States!”
A man: “Huh. Do you still say such a thing? Being President of the United States means  being head of the axis of evil!”
A man: “You have no other choice but to die. Make up for your crimes in exchange for your life.”
A man: “Even though that won’t be enough for your compensation.”
Obama: “Help... Help me!”
  Obama fell down on the floor as a man kicked him in the shoulder. At the moment of falling, he hit his cheek bone on the hard stone floor and groaned with pain.

“At present, there seems to be a considerably high probability that Obama ends up with a case like this. In the United States, a revolution is very likely to occur and the military now seems to be timing it. Once the revolution has taken place, the likelihood for visions like the above one to materialize in a precise manner will become enhanced. In the case of leading figures who are not as socially conspicuous as Obama, it seems like that they are arrested with many of them executed.”

 This is one of those visions whose fulfillment have been postponed. Though there was a good chance that this vision would be realized in a precise manner, by the end of this month at the earliest, that will probably be postponed again. For, in fact, now that it has become quite probable that Saudi Arabia and Israel will give up later this month, there seems to be every chance to minimize the economic turmoil anticipated to occur with adoption of the gold standard, by reorganizing the financial system more smoothly instead of ending the matter in one stroke. If the gold standard is adopted, paper money such as dollar bills or euro notes will become almost no different than mere pieces of paper and the financial system will be in a terrible mess. Behind the scenes, however, a great number of people should now be making efforts to accomplish a financial reformation as smoothly as possible. Moreover, rather than being thrown into disarray of revolution, it is more desirable if WW and any false-flag nuclear terrorism plot written and enacted by US can be deterred without fail. Obama is an abnormal man and there is no telling what he will do, but as our brothers in the universe and gods are watching over this, I think all would be well.

To be continued.

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