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Jul 26, 2014

Reformation of Heavenly World 11 – Execution of Evil Hotsuma Deities and Visions of Collaborators

Reformation of Heavenly World 11 – Execution of Evil Hotsuma Deities and Visions of Collaborators

In the last post “Reformation of Heavenly World 10” I introduced the execution of demons directly involved with the Illuminati, an organization on Earth.  I’d like to explain about the extinction of evil souls among Hotsuma deities and incidents leading to it.

Masatoshi Takeshita
September 8, 2013

Reformation of Heavenly World 11

January 8, 2009          
At 9:30 a.m. all divine military forces were mobilized.  The dark Ones were destroyed.

January 11                
At 1:30 a.m. the Imperial family perished.

February 15
Light of  Daiuchugentaishin was showered for one hour from noon.

February 21               
Umashiookimi fell [from the heavenly world].

Hotsuma deities who had orchestrated a coup and their collaborators in the Hierarchy who had planned to launch a coup and tricked Santa Kumara and Maitreya to take a control of the Hierarchy by concocting various conspiracies were put on trial and executed.  (Among such collaborators were prestigious deities in India and Masters in Hierarchy who are Maitreya’s cronies.) On January 8, however, punishment was carried out on a different level.

In the spirit world, the wicked usually still have souls even after being executed and are resurrected in three days.  So punishment of execution does not provide a final solution.  They superficially pretend to obey, considering power relationship, but watch for an opportunity to kill the other, because they never repent their past evildoing from the bottom of the heart.  Although they were repeatedly persuaded to repent or saved in every conceivable way, they were never likely to repent on themselves.  So on that day they received severe punishment.  In the previous punishment, souls were resurrected to the same System they belonged to.  However, in this punishment, many souls (Monads) fell to the Plant System upon being executed and were resurrected three days later to the Plant System, lower than the Sirius System.  Beings who fell to this lower System from the superior System suffer far severe pains than experienced in the Mugenjigoku (limitless Hell).  In the case of Hotsuma deities, they get one year older per approximately ten million years and they seem to never get older or die on earth level.  However, they come to the end of their life, 100 years in terms of human age, when they get four months old in the Plant System.  It means that they get older at a blinding speed and cannot escape from agony of going through many times of deaths and incarnations.  The only way they can escape from this lower-level System is heartfelt remorse.  Their sins deserved such strict punishment.

There is the following description in my diary on January 10 following January 8.
Lying down, around 2:20 a.m. I heard a voice: “Let two souls burnt to ashes.”  It’s the voice of Oomiutsuruhikarimi (Heavenly Emperor of 5th “Creator Deity of Love” System).

As shown in the diary, I felt some energy like strong anger showered at 1:30 a.m. on February 11.  The elite Hotsuma deities in the heavenly world who had done wrong for personal advantage were executed.  Most of them were incarnated to the Plant System in three days in the same way as on January 8.  This punishment caused most of beings who had done wrong in the heavenly world to be eradicated and fall to lower System.

February 7, 2009             Vision Serena saw

I saw a vision of a fascinating, beautiful goddess.
I was impressed by her long-slitted eyes.
The goddess was dancing in vermillion hakama skirt.
Her evocative dancing made my heart pound.

(Vision Serena saw)

February 13, 2009            Visions Serena saw

Top: Aset (Isis)
Middle: Usir (Osiris)
Bottom: Hermes
Visions Serena saw

Wakaukanomeno-mikoto was a Hotsuma deity, a mistress of Takemikazuchinokami.  This vision shows her absolute intention to obey the new system because other Hotsuma deities including Takemikazuchinokami were destroyed.  Considering her personality, however, her evocative dancing apparently indicates her intention to seduce any Hotsuma deity assuming a high position in the new system.  Understanding her intention, I intentionally gave an irrelevant general explanation about the visions Serna saw.  I did so because I wanted to indirectly warn other deities to be careful about her.
Usir and Aset are most prestigious great deities in Egypt.  The two deities who appeared in Serena’s visions are real ones.  When a coup occurred in the Heavenly World approximately 320 B.C., they were grabbed of their positions as Heavenly Emperors.  This vision shows that they have been reinstated in their former positions.
The vision of Hermes indicates that he has assumed a high position in the new administration based on merit of cooperation from the start in the reformation of heavenly world.

On February 15 after this vision was seen, the light of Daiuchugentaishin residing on the 12th System was showered and four light pillars were built in the Hidakami holy places of north, south, east and west on earth.  This light exposed a terrible incident.  As a result, many deities including Umashiookimi descending from the 5th “Creator Deity of Love” System fell [from the heavenly world].  I’ll tell about this in the next post.

To be continued

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