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Jul 30, 2014

Questions to Valiant Thor and His Responses (2) – Content of Communication Dispelling False UFO Information and Message to Earthlings

Questions to Valiant Thor and His Responses (2) – Content of Communication Dispelling False UFO Information and Message to Earthlings

This is the latter half of the communication with Valiant Thor posted yesterday.
The content of this communication would dispel false information about UFOs flooded with on Earth and help roughly capture the entire picture of UFO information.  Those who have partial knowledge about it through channeling information would draw a clear outline to some extent, while those who have no knowledge about theosophy would find it a little difficult to understand it.  Taking this into consideration, I’d like to give careful explanations on it in Shanti Phula’s blog from now on.

Now is the Internet age.  I hope such accurate information will spread out all over the world.  A group of Darkness including Reptilians has completely perished and only small fry who have acted as directed by them are doing wrong on Earth now.

As proved in the incident of Malaysian Airways aircraft shot down in Ukraine, those who have lost their boss are extremely dumb.  They are on the verge of extinction.  The time has come that people must rise up courageously.

The words in parentheses are my expositions.

Masatoshi Takeshita
July 22, 2014

11. The Hierarchy of Earthly Deity 5th Level in the Sirius System is divided into superior and subordinateorganizations.  It appears that the superior organization and subordinate organization are called the Solar Hierarchy and the Earthly Hierarchy, respectively by Theosophy.  I think that these Hierarchies reside in the 3.1st dimension on spiritual level and in the 3rd dimension on physical level.  Am I right?

Response:  You are quite right.
(According to channeling information, Agartha reside in the 5th dimension.  In fact, however, it is inside the third-dimensional earth.  Supposing that the 5th dimension is justified, it would be not the dimension where their physical body exist but the dimension where consciousness is taken into account.  It would follow that average earthlings have already lived in the 4th and higher dimension.)

12. The Solar Hierarchy on spiritual level is called the “Great Shambhala” and it is said that it was above the Gobi Desert, while the Hierarchy on physical level is called “Agartha” and it is said that it was inside the earth.  Shambhala is the capital of “Agartha” and it is called “Little Shambhala” when distinguished from the Great Shambhala.  This is my understanding.  Am I right?

Response: Everything you said is true.
(Agartha is an underground dwelling for those who belong to the Solar Hierarchy.  There also existed an underground dwelling-place for those who belong to the Earthly Hierarchy -- for example, it is said that their dwelling-place was under Mt. Shasta.)

13. Those belonging to the Solar Hierarchy are reincarnated as humans as they have not reached liberation.  I think that they have been reincarnated as Agarthians.  Am I right?

Response: You are quite right.
(Among the members of the Solar Hierarchy, the Master Morya and the Master Jesus were reincarnated as people of Earth.  It appears that the Master Morya made Iran his base and the Master Jesus made Rome his base.)

14. When the concept of the Earthly Hierarchy in Earthly Deity 5th Level is expanded to the Earthly Deity 2nd to 5th Levels, it is called the Great White Brotherhood and [their activities] were centered on Sirius, I think.  Am I right?

Response: You are quite right.
(As for detailed information on the Hierarchy, please refer to books written by Mr. Benjamin Creme, which are published by Share International Foundation.)

15. Would you tell me the name when the concept of the Solar Hierarchy in Earthly Deity 5th Level is expanded to the Earthly Deity 2nd to 5th Levels?

Response:  It is called “White Brotherhood.”

16.  According to UFO information available on Earth, there are beings called Greys.  In my opinion, Greys called TallWhite are a hybrid of Martian and sheep produced by cross-breeding their genes, and a soul residing on the planet of Star Zeta in the constellation Reticulum has been reincarnated as this physical body.  Therefore, they do not come to Earth from these planets on board UFOs.  Am I right?

Response:  You are quite right.
(This is important; Greys are not space aliens.  I picked up an article on July21.  It read that “Dracos and Android Greys that Dracos produced completely deceive humans.”  This suggests that Greys are artificially made, which has an overlap with what I argue.)

17. I suppose that it is a group of aliens including Asket that manipulated Greys repeatedly revamped by use of genetic engineering to have the U.S. government sign a secret agreement and indirectly controlled the government.  Am I right?

Response: You are quite right.

18. I suppose that Reptilians, Greys and Agarthianshave been completely eliminated and no one has survived.  Am I right?

Response:  You are quite right.
(Although Agarthian PI was an only survivor, he subsequently disappeared.)

19. I suppose that the “Galactic Federation of Light” and (fake) “Galactic Federation,” which were subordinate organizations of the Great White Brotherhood, do not exist and neither does the “Hierarchy.”  Am I right?

Response: You are quite right.

20. Would you tell us if there is any knowledge about aliens you do want people of Earth to have?

Response: I’d like to convey the following to people of earth.

Please don’t be deceived by false information on aliens and others.
All evil organizations have perished.
However, a small number of channelers, their subordinates, have sent false information.

I do advise you to closely and accurately examine such information and discard it if in doubt.

At this point, there is only one source of correct information.
Correct information has been released through Mr. Masatoshi Takeshita in Shanti Phula’s blog.

Please keep away from dangerous channelers.
They are spiritually in the dark and most of them have lost souls.

Please always pay heed to make a wise choice.

21. Lastly, I would appreciate if you could send a message to earthlings.


<Message to Earthlings>

“It is a great pleasure to see very beautiful Earth!
However, Earth will fall into a swirl of chaos.
The scale of chaos is yet to be determined.
Because it depends on the awakening of many people in terms of consciousness.

But please don’t despair at any time in life.
A storm is sure to blow over.
Earth will become a duplicate of spirit world where peace and prosperity can be seen!
The time is just around the corner.
Please spend every day living sincerely and positively, believing in the power of prayer with total surrender to God.
Please firmly believe that we always watch over you.

Serving you,

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