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Jul 2, 2014

Questions to Chairperson of Galactic Federation and Her Message to Earthlings

Questions to Chairperson of Galactic Federation and Her Message to Earthlings

I introduced a UFO video in yesterday’sarticle.  I introduced the video to Mrs. Nakanishi.  Since I suppose that Chairperson of the Galactic Federation boards the UFO, I asked Mrs. Nakanishi to contact with the chairperson to receive a message.

Mrs. Nakanishi said to me: “I found out the UFO video.  While watching the UFO, I got a response from the UFO “Did you call us?” I introduced myself.  Then I got a reply: This is Utsukushikisakurasaku-himemiko, Chairperson of the Galactic Federation.”  I delivered your message and got replies to our questions and a message to Earthlings.”
I arranged my questions and responses from himemiko (goddess) for easier reading without any changes in the contents of sentences.  The words in parentheses are my supplementary explanations.

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 25, 2014

“Thank you very much for your great efforts and painstaking work for Earth.  I suppose that you serve as Chairperson of the Galactic Federation.  Would you respond to the following questions?”

Question 1: First of all, would you tell the name of Chairperson of the Galactic Federation?

Response: Utsukushikisakurasaku-himemiko.

Question 2: Am I right in thinking that this UFO Mothership belongs to the Earthly Deity 3rd level in the Sirius System and comes from the 5th planet of DX Cancri in the constellation of Cancer?

Response: You’re quite right.

Question 3: I suppose that the Galactic Federation is an organization consisting of aliens of the Earthly Deity 3rd, 4th and 5th levels in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Systems, which has a Council comprising a total of 51 members: 32 in the 1st System, 12 in the 2nd System and 7 in the 3rd System.  Am I right?

Response:  You’re quite right.

Question 4: The names of stars that a total of 51 Council members reside on are shown in the attached table.  All belong to the 5th planet.  For example, the 5th planet of Gliese 783 in the constellation of Sagittarius belongs to the Earthly Deity 3rd level in the 1st System.  Although there might be erroneous information because I haven’t confirmed everything yet, is this table right? I would appreciate if you could correct errors, if any.

Response:  Every piece of information is accurate.
(I’d like to disclose a table of stars that these 51 Council members belong to, sometime soon.)

Question 5: The Earth is filled with so erroneous information on UFOs and aliens coming from outer space.
I think that it is necessary to correct such information.  I wonder if there is any appropriate person to gain right information including that about past events -- for example, accurate information about reptilians and Agarthians or the immigrations of the past to Earth of aliens Mr. Alex Collier tells about.

Response: I think that the person is you.

Nakanishi: What do you mean by ‘You’?

Response: It is you, Seiko Nakanishi.

All you have to do is just to bring to mind what you have already known.  There is no appropriate person other than you.
(I was also surprised at this response, but it’s very convincing.  I have long thought of asking Mrs. Nakanishi at some future time to do tasks of getting in contact with some deity to have him/her deliver accurate information of the past history to Earth.  She possibly might have already received such information without realizing it.  Anyway, I think I have to get started in such work in some way soon.  This work has been postponed because I had a lot to do.)

Question 6: Would you give a message to Earthlings?

<Message to Earthlings>

Dear people of Earth!
I am very pleased to have a chance to send a message to all of you on behalf of the Galactic Federation.

We, all crewmembers have assumed our daily duties with a resolve to do everything as much as we can for peace and security of Earth.

Earth has received splendid light of purification and looks beautifully shining on a physical level.

It is so beautiful!

We no longer allow some wicked people to destroy and pollute such beauty.

Let’s join our hearts together to quicken a reformation on Earth with prayer and action, shall we?

We all find it a rewarding job and the source of joy to work together with you as a team.

True hope is awaiting you beyond hardships.
So, please don’t give up!
Instead, let’s make every effort to step forward to the world of joy together with friends of the universe!

Always with you,


  1. Hallo! I been reading some of your Articles, which I find very informative. Therefore, I would like to ask you the following question, for clarification purposes because I'm a little confuse.

    What is the difference between the Galactic Federation, and the Galactic Federation of Light with Ashtar commander, are they different groups? and I think there is another group called the Galactic Confederation, so can you explain which are the friendly ET's?

    Thank you for the great work your doing in sharing this type of information.


    1. Mr. Marcos Lara
      Thank you for reading our articles.
      We’d like to answer your questions as follows:
      “Galactic Federation”: It is the organization of deities. This organization is the “friendly ET’s.”
      “Galactic Federation of Light”: It is the organization of Evil. It has already been destroyed.
      “Galactic Confederation”: We don’t know about this organization.

      For more details, please refer to the following articles:
      Shanti Phula's Blog: Reptilians – Andromeda 2012 – Explained – Message from the Galactic Federation

      Shanti Phula's Blog: “Galactic Federation of Light”and Contradictory Information on “Malaysian Airlines Plane”