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Jul 9, 2014

Lost Interview with Steve Jobs, who was 40 years old in 1995

Lost Interview with Steve Jobs, who was 40 years old in 1995

When I introduced a legendary speech of Mr. Steve Jobs before, I commented that he was a “great *karma yogi.”  The interview I have introduced today has reaffirmed the correctness of my comment.
He had almost no thought of money as I expected.  Creative people work in accordance with inner conviction, without thinking of making money.  They put their heart into work and naturally get reward (money) in return for their work.  Therefore, I would say that people who work to make money have unusual thinking in the first place.

It does seem that he was a Venusian and a **human Avatar who had incarnated to Earth to accomplish his mission.  I think that he had achieved a remarkable evolution since the heavenly reformation started in 2007 and he has now been reincarnated as a human (spirit body) of the Earthly Deity 4th level in the 5th System.  Perhaps he resides on the 3rd planet of Alpha Persei, Mairphak, in the constellation of Perseus.

It seems that in the future, science will develop to such a degree that communication with the universe becomes a commonplace.  I think that it will be possible at some time in the future for us to communicate with aliens dwelling in spacecraft or on other planets, in real time, in the same way that we can see incidents occurring on the other side of the world by satellite on the Internet.
I think that communication with people living far away from us, which is possible only through psychics with special ability like Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi at this time, will be freely available to all with the help of technology.  Perhaps Mr. Steve Jobs was a pioneer who opened up such a new horizon.  He should have recognized the mission with which he had come to Earth.

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 30, 2014

(Translator’s note)
*karma yogi – a practitioner of karma yoga, which means yoga of action, of doing good
**human avatar – a god in human form

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