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Jul 5, 2014

List of Planets where 51 Council Members of the Galactic Federation Reside

List of Planets where 51 Council Members of the Galactic Federation Reside

Yesterday, I introduced my questions toUtsukushikisakurasaku-himemiko, Chairperson of the “Galactic Federation,” andher responses.  In the article, I revealed the existence of the Council, which consists of 51 members, in the “Galactic Federation” and the number of Council members in each System.
Today, I’d like to disclose a list of stars that the planets, where Council member aliens reside, belong to.

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 26, 2014

The shaded parts shown in the table show the dimensions of stars which the “Galactic Federation” belong to.  Although deities and humans reside here, the Galactic Federation is a federation of alien beings.

As shown below, I’d like to show a list of stars that 51 members of the “Galactic Federation” council belong to.  However, spaceships coming to the earth are from various stars other than stars shown in this list.  For example, SaLuSa is an alien being from planet Nyan Tolo of Star Emme Ya (Sirius C) in the Sirius star cluster but Emme Ya (Sirisu C) is not included in this list.  This is because this table is limited to a list of stars that the Council members belong to.  Basically, Heavenly Deities reside on stars and Earthly Deities reside on planets.  Alien beings of the “Galactic Federation” do not reside on the stars shown in this table.  All council members reside on the 5th planet of these stars in this table.

Fifty-one Council Members of Galactic Federation (PDF data here)

System Constellation Star Level
3rd System (7) Monoceros Ross 614 5th 
Dorado Gamma 3rd 
Camelopardalis Gamma 3rd 
Microscopium Gamma 3rd 
Sculptor Theta 4th 
Horologium Alpha 4th 
Phoenix Alpha (Ankaa) 5th 
2nd System (12) Hydra Zeta 3rd 
Virgo Beta (Zavijava) 3rd 
Coma Berenices Beta 3rd 
Corvus Delta (Algorab) 3rd 
Cepheus Gamma 4th 
Ursa Minor Delta 5th 
Crater Delta (Labrum) 4th 
Puppis Rho (Turais) 4th 
Pegasus Theta 5th 
Perseus Iota 4th 
Capricornus Psi 5th 
Carina I Carinae 5th 
1st System (32) Sagittarius Gliese 783 3rd 
Delphinus 18 Delphini 5th 
Pisces Van Maanen’s star 3rd 
Lepus Gamma Lep A 4th 
Bootes Tau Boo 4th 
Eridanus 40 Eridani A 4th 
Taurus 39 Tauri 5th 
Lupus Xi1 5th 
Cancer DX Cancri 3rd 
Corona Bolealis Delta 5th 
Auriga Lambda 4th 
Cetus 9 Ceti 3rd 
Canis Minor Luyten's star 4th 
Equuleus Delta 5th 
Lyra Gliese 758 3rd 
Ara Epsilon2 5th 
Scorpius Gliese 667A 3rd 
Triangulum Delta 4th 
Leo Wolf 359 5th 
Libra Gliese 581 4th 
Cygnus 61 Cygni B 5th 
Gemini 37 Geminorum 3rd 
Serpens Gliese 710 4th 
Ophiuchus 70 Ophiuchi 4th 
Hercules Mu 5th 
Vela Psi Velorum 4th 
Aquarius Gliese 876 5th 
Piscis Austrinus Lacaille 9352 3rd 
Corona Austrina R Coronae Australis 3rd 
Draco HD 184146 3rd 
Reticulum Zeta2 3rd 
Aquila 31 Aquilae 4th 

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