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Jul 15, 2014

Immediate Report from Insider of World Bank, Karen Hudes

Immediate Report from Insider of World Bank, Karen Hudes
I think this is the information which Mr. Fulford criticized in the previous article.  However, I don’ think that what she talks about in the video is false information.  If Ms. Hudes with such great career and assignment should give false information, she would completely lose her confidence and nobody would believe her.  Since she has provided such important information, it would be wise to wait and see a while in order to ascertain whether her information is true or false.
However, what she talks about is consistent with what I have commented so far and it is the very prediction about the future I have provided.
I want to say that if such proper economic system that she mentions is established, not the currency backed by gold but weighted average efficiency of GDP of individual countries would be used as a common currency in trade some day.  On top of that, if people become more awakened and evil humans with a get-rich-quick mentality, who think that welfare-recipients are winners and hard workers are losers, disappear from Earth, no currency would exist.  Regrettably, humans have not yet reached such level of awareness.

Masatoshi Takeshita
July9, 2014

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Trend of Japan, World and Universe – July 9, 2014 –


Translator's Note: The following is machine translation of the video content, which is originally transcribed in Japanese by the author of this article. See the above video to get accurate information.

Hello, Karen Hyudasu: It is (I was listening to the pronunciation of the family name from the person for the first time.).
Today is July 8. I am shedding this video from the hotel in Tokyo. I'm staying in Tokyo from about six weeks ago, its purpose is to convey to all the countries over the world, including Japan, what was established by the General Conference of the IMF and World Bank.

That the IMF and the World Bank has decided to:
Be returned to the currency backed by gold paper money around the world using the (gold) gold agency called (World debt agency?) Global Debt Facility owns it was decided. Interest rate comes with a bill of world central banks have been printing. This is a scam. You would like me explain to you in detail on this matter.

I sent as well (member countries of the World Bank), 188 countries and the World Bank, and Taiwan island nation, even in a small North Korea this letter.
Decisions of this time will be applied country in the world that not only member countries of the World Bank, have already met with confusion damage of fraud of the global financial cartel people, to people. In fact, the global financial cartel has collapsed. And will announce soon, countries around the world, and collapsed the global financial cartel.

Future, the power of the global financial cartel's weakens gradually it is certain. This has become clear from the expert analysis, but currently, the transition of power is taking place, a new coalition 133 countries including BRICS you want to break away from the control system by the global financial cartel to members has been formed. Why the IMF was founded in 1944. . . Jose Rizal of the Prophet for a long time, was engaged in the Vatican wants cut off the relationship from corruption and corruption of the Vatican, I went back to their native Philippines. His father was Prince Tomano twin brother of Victoria British princess (brother).

He In the Philippines, we established a fund with a lawyer very good. For people all over the world, he was introduced to fund a property around the world. Then, 50 years, this fund has been stored in the not used to anyone. Therefore, no one, no longer be able to claim property that has been put into the fund is a thing of the own.

'50 Have passed in 2005. But financial cartel, ignored the advice person with signing authority for this Fund (Mr. strut?)

Mr. strut, and asked when the activities are an attempt to Owaraseyo corruption and corruption in the international financial system is I, and I want you to join the advisory committee to me. Since, I've been active as a member of the advisory committee of the strut's.

It where it was found to. . . It is gold in the world that had been stored in order to help people around the world to fund here.

Gold stored in this fund has made ​​available to countries around the world. I was given from the World Bank to transfer the authority to run it.

The reason that it can do is that I am like that. . . I was responsible for the legal case of bondholders as (top financial Ministry of Development) members of the Board of Directors of the World Bank, but it is because we returned to the office of the World Bank again in December 2012.

It was not possible to reveal that I have been active again in the World Bank. Because, because had been given a mission to wipe out corruption and corruption of the financial cartel me. Because Some members of the cartel to finance internal World Bank.

Some people say that gold that is stored in this fund as something that was in Japan originally, but it is not. Gold stored in the Fund is collected Fund (= World debt agency) from the beginning. Please see my website for more information.

Future, I will use for people around the world the gold that is stored in this fund.From the bill of the central bank so far, I switched to the currency that is backed by gold. Snip

However, people around the world are concerned, we do not warrant that such information is trying to build a world single currency of the NWO. It is that change in local currency nations of the world are backed by gold bill of their own. Moreover, no new currency will be used as part of the governance structure. In the future, I will be able community to issue its own currency. Gold coin will also be cast.

In addition, it means that a small amount of gold is used for currency around the world to develop the technology of casting gold. It is that this is, as determined by the general meeting of the IMF and World Bank. Please contact us at any time If you have any questions about this.

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