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Jun 14, 2014

Message from the Pleiadian Council (Nine Deities in the 2nd System) – True Change Starts From Within Self –

Message from the Pleiadian Council (Nine Deities in the 2nd System) 
– True Change Starts From Within Self –

This is a real message.Previously I introduced a message from Archangel Adrigon, who presides over the Pleiadian Council.  At that time I made a comment that she is a being of the 4th level of Earthly Deity, but I’d like to do a correction here; she is an archangel of the 3rd level of Earthly Deity.

In my comment on an article dated June 3, I explained that the “Pleiadian Council” is an organization of the 3rd, 4th and 5th levels of Earthly Deity in from the 1st through 3rd Systems, which is an organization of deities.  I think that my explanation at that time is right, namely, the Pleiadian Council is an organization consisting of 12 deities in the 1st System, nine deities in the 2nd System and six deities in the 3rd System.

I suppose that Archangel Adrigon, chairperson of the 1st System, has sent this message as a representative of nine deities in the 2nd System.  This message is from a goddess, being of the 9th dimension residing on the 5th planet of Alpha star Archernar in the Edidanus constellation.  The content of this message is not so different from my remarks on channeling-related information that I have made in the past.
For example, the message says: “true change starts from within self” and although many people seem to believe that the bad exist at a remove from them and the world will be peaceful only if “someone who is manipulating the bank system and owns the politicians” is expelled, “this kind of rhetoric is designed to control, divide and conquer.” The message points out that most of humanity “have participated in dark deeds.”

I have also told you the same thing: “Liberation starts with recognition that we are part of darkness we criticize.”  I have told you that any radical changes would not occur unless you liberate yourself by recognizing your inner darkness – hatred, hostility or a sense of discrimination toward a specific race or nation, and an attitude with which you take advantage of those in a vulnerable position by telling a lie – which you show over the slightest things in daily life.  To put it another way, gazing the outer world and the inner world as they are without separation from each other is the driving force of true revolution.  To this end, continuing efforts in daily life is indispensable.  In that sense, true messages from real deities have finally come to us.

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 9, 2014

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Takisan's Website – June 8, 2014 –


The Council of Nine via Tazjima: True Change Starts From Within Self

Greetings, we are the Pleiadian Council of Nine. We come to you today to speak of developments in your world and within yourselves.

Each person before they enter the path of initiation that leads to ascension must clean their auric field of as much miscreations as they can manage. This process is done in layers. And due to the intensity of the cosmic rays that are currently blessing or bombarding this planet, the cleansing has also increased for many.

……….  Each person, individually, must face and integrate their darkness, that Dweller on the Threshold, the Dark Angel that seems to prevent you from moving forward onto your path. The dark angel is a part of self, the unacknowledged, unloved, forgotten parts of self that have been suppressed, repressed or cast away due to some misunderstanding in earlier times.
Until you are willing to integrate the polarity that exists within yourself, you cannot aid others in their path effectively. ………..

……….  And when we say “efforts” we mean that you must make the change to your mindset from within and only you can do for yourself.

Once you begin to see yourself in a new light, this feeling begins to be extended towards viewing other people in a different light. ……….

A sense of compassion and a heartfelt feeling of love for others begin to permeate your being, and you begin to see your world in a different way, too. Some things that may have disturbed you before may no longer bring forth the same degree of reaction.

……….  The hurt and ache are buried deep within your physical body, within your cells and connective tissue and unless released by your own intent, will eventually go on to create dis-ease and trouble in your life or even “future” lives.

So, make it your intent to release these old shadows of despair and hatred, of grief and fear; utilize the gifts of the Spirit, such as the Violet Flame of the 7th Ray, to release and wash away these shadows until you begin to feel lighter and freer of what has haunted you through the years of growing up.

Transmutation and transformation can take a long time; it depends on your commitment and your willingness to release all self-criticism and criticism of others. ………..

……….. Many people can be easily convinced by authorities that everything to blame is because of people in some far distant land or because someone is manipulating the bank system, owns the politicians, are lying / thieving bastards who want to dominate the world and so on.

Whether your conditioning comes through mass media or alternative media, this kind of rhetoric is designed to control, divide and conquer. Be aware of what is going on, but seek to rise above the need to judge. You have all participated in dark deeds throughout your sojourn upon this planet, unless you are one who descended here for the first time, fresh and unsullied.

If you are not aware of it, there is as much untruth being spread about through New Age teachings as there is truth. So it is up to each individual to learn how to discern what resonates for them. ……….
………. you wonder why we have not landed upon your shores by now?

Dear ones, there is quite a bit of cleaning up to do before we can do this. We have visited your planet many times and have been doing so for thousands of years. We are literally your kin, not UFOs or ETs, but your star kin. Yes, we live on our ships or on other planets, dimensions and star systems, yet we share a common tie of humanity between us, that and for many of you, a genetic lineage as well.

Since we exist, live and function in the fifth dimension and higher, it takes tremendous effort on our part to descend into the heavier and might we also say, highly polluted atmosphere of your planet now. Each of us who does make short landings has to undergo a thorough cleansing process before we are allowed back on our mother ships where we reside, so as not to contaminate our own living quarters. ….. 

Remember, dear ones, the physical ascension of the planet and of your physical bodies will take time. ……. The changes are now occurring at the molecular level and sooner or later, you will begin to see a difference, but for those who are the most sensitive among you, the change will manifest first in how they “feel”…….

The best way to move quickly into the new world is to live through your heart. …..  When you finally reach the point where you are willing to retire the inner critic, you can begin to relax and enjoy the process, which will have its difficult moments, yet you will be able to flow better with the energies.

Learn to trust yourself and how you feel about something or someone, about activities, plans, about foods you should eat, and any manner of personal decisions. You are the only one who can and should decide upon your own destiny and the direction in which you wish to travel. You may find you wish to change your life quite a bit after you have truly stepped upon the path of initiation. It is life-changing and life-enhancing, but also challenging. Anyone who says otherwise is telling you an untruth.

You’re a volunteer, dear one… so don’t quit now and sit there whining about all the trouble in your life, but get to work. Release yourself from your own inner darkness, doubt and despair and then go out and assist others from what you have learned about your own experiences. You came here for a reason.

……….. Your world will change for the better, but first you must do your part, for that is why you came here.

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  1. heartfully thank you for giving uns this crucial information. i am still kind of shocked facing to the truth of truth which you can read in this artikle. though i had heard many times one has to proof ones self all the time, i know i hadn t really understood the real sence of it. deep silence overcame me and i am still in it