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Jun 7, 2014

Message from Archangel Adrigon, goddess of 4th level of Earthly Deity in Sirius System

Message from Archangel Adrigon, goddess of 4th level of Earthly Deity in Sirius System

This is a real message.  Adrigon is an archangel (goddess) of the 4th level of Earth Deity in the Sirius System.  Since she is not a human but a deity, I think that she is not a member of the “Galactic Federation.”  At the beginning of the message, she says: “I preside over the Pleiadian High Council.”  So, the Pleiadian High Council might refer to the Council of Deities.  Since I haven’t examined everything about them so closely, at this time, I don’t know how they are organized.  However, undoubtedly, it is an upper organization than the Galactic Federation.

I have declared flatly that a woman calling herself as Mira from the Pleiadian High Council has sent messages is a fake.  This woman is a member of the “Galactic Federation of Light” and used to be a human.  However, the message I have introduced is from the real archangel.  I previously mentioned that messages from the dark Ones would gradually disappear and would be replaced with real messages.  It is an apparent sign of such move.

In the New Testament, Jest says that in the Kingdom of Heaven all people as well as angels never marry.  However, I pointed out in my video lectures on region that such remark is wrong.  It is true that angels under the control of Santa Kumara, at the lowest level (5th level) of the “Galactic Federation of Light” (Hierarchy), were not allowed to marry, but ordinary angels or archangels, namely, deities marry, have children, eat food and have a bowel movement as an inevitable consequence.  I have let you know about it in my lectures.

Reading this message, you will see what I explained is true, though defecation is not clearly mentioned in the message.

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 2, 2014

Except from a Japanese article: Takisan’sWebsite – May 31, 2014 –

Supporting the three waves of Light-workers


I AM Lord Adrigon. I preside over the Pleiadian High Council and serve with the other Archangels who are perhaps more familiar to many of you. Archangel Zadkiel is my brother. We are what you would call Pleiadian Angelics and can move through many dimensions and be in many places at once. My great mothership, The White Winds, is stationed within your solar system, parked in front of your sister planet, lovely Venus. The White Winds is but one of many motherships stationed nearby, but one of the largest, being some 3,000 miles in diameter.

Right now, myself and my brother and sister Archangels, are assisting the three waves of Light-workers as has been identified through the work of Dolores Cannon, a true pioneer.

Many of the first wavers have already left the planet and many will be leaving in the next couple of years, depending on the focus of their mission here. It is a job well done by these… and yet, there are many of this group who have not yet awakened enough to realize that they are a light-worker. These ones have little understanding that just by being here, they have graced the world with their light.
We understand that to learn that you are soon to leave can bring up even more “stuff” than you have already experienced, yet leaving doesn’t mean your body will necessarily “die”.

The concept of “walk-ins” is a controversial one, even in light-worker circles. Yet, our scribe has personally met two walk-ins in her lifetime and knows of several others. She only recently discovered that she, too, was a walk-in, entering her present body at the tender age of three years old.

So for what purpose would a higher dimensional light being come to the planet, whether through the process of walking-in or being born? As we have mentioned elsewhere, it was for love. These beings have a great sense of duty and compassion for all life. They love the planet and all its inhabitants, bar none… even the darkest of the dark.

These light beings know that even the dark ones carry the sacred seed of consciousness within; else they would not be able to function in a physical body. It is the soul that activates the body, unless it is a clone and that is a soulless creature indeed.

When a lighted one enters the body vessel through the walk-in process, there is an agreement to take on the karma of the one who has left. This adds much to the light being to contend with, as they also have to become accustomed to the heavy density of this plane. It has been a challenge for these ones and they have become weary and tired of maintaining existence here. And their missions for which they came have been all but accomplished in most cases.

There are soul contracts between those who share a body. The process of walking-out can occur suddenly, during an extended illness or due to an accident, Near Death Experience, during surgery where the person “dies” and many other ways. Always, there is an agreement if the embodied soul is willing to leave, wants to leave instead of allowing the body to die, they “step-out” and leave, and the new soul extension, steps-in.
The process can also take much longer, as the two soul extensions braid with each other over a period of months or even years. The one leaving will send more time “away” visiting other planes of existence, while the walk-in will occupy the body, get used to its new surroundings and adjust to being “human”. For a time after the walk-out, the one who left with still retain some body consciousness of being “here” on planet Earth, a fact that is not well known amongst light-workers.

At some point, the walk-out soul will transition and move on to the higher worlds, taking up its duties that were left when it walked out. This is a gradual process at first, feeling very dream-like until the soul adjusts or readjusts to the new environment. The higher senses gradually come on-line as the soul integrates with the light body of its higher self that it walked out of so long ago.

Of course, the conception of time differs greatly in the higher worlds. You all will discover just how different when you are all fully living in 5D. Our lives are extremely long in terms of earth-bound years.

Truly, now is the time for the second wave of light-workers to take their positions as leaders and movers, working with the energies, bringing to light all the dark agendas that have been played out, exposing the misdeeds and allowing transformation to take place. Also, a very young generation of light-workers, the third wave, is already making their mark on the world, as many are prodigies in their chosen field of work or expression. I wonder when the word “prodigy” will apply to every child who is born into this world.

We are here to assist, to act as advisors and to support your efforts, every one. Call upon any of the Archangels or angelic legions, and we will be there with you. We are ever by your side, waiting for you to acknowledge our presence. Remember that we always obey free will and cannot work with you without your conscious consent, unless given permission by your Higher Self.

Perhaps we have opened a few eyes with these words, prompted some questions, and have left just a few skeptical of what we have shared. We will tell you this; there is much that you do NOT know of the higher planes of existence. We live, marry, have children, eat food, dress in costumes according to rank, live in dwellings, have complex cultures and worship in temples. We teach our children, we explore the Universe; we have diplomatic and cultural relationships with other galactic star nations. We even marry into other races and cultures to create stronger bonds of love and friendship. There is much to learn, dear ones, and in time, we intend to share these things and more through our beloved scribe.

Many blessings, dear ones; know that you are greatly honored for your work here, for being here, and being willing to help others to break free of the out-moded matrix of the Powers that Were. The cycle has moved on; allow yourself to slip free of all that is not you and move with the cycle forward into the Light that greets you with the coming of the new dawn.


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