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Jun 9, 2014

Clarification of Galactic Federation of Light – Stars Belonging to Galactic Federation of Light, Their Dimensions, Reptilians to Be Reincarnated on Earth

Clarification of Galactic Federation of Light 
– Stars Belonging to Galactic Federation of Light, Their Dimensions, 
Reptilians to Be Reincarnated on Earth

Yesterday I posted an article about ET races who have controlled humanity for a very long time, about whom I had to explain.  In this post, I'd like to introduce this subject again with a detailed explanation on it.

Masatoshi Takeshita
May 29, 2014

Excerpt from an article posed on Shanti-phula’sblog – May 28, 2014 –

Reptilians – Andromeda 2012 – Explained

Written and produced by RonPaulFightNWO
Uploaded on YouTube: June 25, 2012

An Open Letter to Humanity

Believe it or not,
your species has been manipulated for eons by five different ET races. They include:

Grey beings, who were originally from the Zeta Reticula star system but now call the Orion constellation home.

Reptilians from the Draco constellation who are of equal harm to not only Earth humans, but other humanoids across the Milky Way galaxy as well.

Hydra Reptilians who are a real problem here on Earth.

Reptilians from the star system Sirius B.

Reptilians from the Orion constellation, but also many "Orion" referenced stars.

Earth was sadly, just one chess piece in their game of galactic domination.

They have created a coalition which has controlled your planet and its reality for a very long time.

[Explanation by Mr. Takeshita]

“A coalition” in the above phrase “They have created a coalition” means the “Galactic Federation of Light.”  Their leaders, though not all of them, are not humans but the Evils.  They are beings whose soul (Monad) slipped to the Animal System or below.  They belong to the lower 4th dimension, that is, less than the 4th dimensional world.

However, beings of “Galactic Federation” are those of more than the 4th dimension.  The following chart shows the dimensions that the stars and the reptilians of such stars described in the article belong to.

With regard to explanation of dimensions, please refer to System of Heavenly World – 6 -.  The chart shows the names of stars.  Those reptilians reside on the planets of these stars.

The message from the Andromeda might cause misleading unless being read with a bit of attention.  Every alien spaceship (UFO) of the “Galactic Federation of Light” is from our Solar System, but none from outside the Solar System.  UFOs from outside the Solar System all belong to the “Galactic Federation.”  Therefore, it is not true that Reptilians from the Draco constellation or Reptilians from the star system Sirius B onboard spaceships came to Earth and have since controlled it for a very long time, as indicated in the message.

It is not the case.  With reincarnation, they are born as humanity.  However, it is true that they come from Mars or Saturn inside the Solar System to Earth onboard spaceships.  Then, why do they come the process of reincarnation on Earth?  It is because these reptilians are originally souls from Earth.  In other words, they are beings that resided on the moon in the previous cycle, finished their reincarnation as animals and then come the process of reincarnation as humanity on Earth for the first time.  Subsequently, they repeated acts of evil due to getting trapped into Satanism and as a result, they became the Evils with their souls (Monad) slipping down from the Sirius System.  What enabled them to be reincarnated on these stars?  It is because they were able to achieve spiritual evolution, using sexual alchemy and gain high-ranking positions though they were wicked in nature.  In this sense, we should say that the true home of these reptilians is Earth.  I’d like to give a more detailed explanation in the next post.

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