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May 31, 2014

How unbelievable it is! Stunning camcorder footage of alien abduction of family released

How unbelievable it is!  Stunning camcorder footage of alien abduction of family released

Since this video picture has been released by the Australian authorities, this is presumably real.  A daughter of the family does not look like an ordinary earthling and I have checked it out.  She is originally a Martian and has been reincarnated on Earth.  It appears that this abduction was planned before her reincarnation. Since she should completely forget about it, she looks really scared on video.  It is an UFO from Mars that abducted the family.  I suppose that this family should have emigrated to the U.S. and worked as an agent for the “Galactic Federation of Light.”  This daughter is originally a member of the “Galactic Federation of Light.”

The “Galactic Federation of Light” has been completely destroyed and doesn’t exist.  If they are real Galactic Federation members, they should not abduct earthlings in this manner as seen on video.   The family were led to believe that the “Galactic Federation of Light” they cooperate with was a being of good and ended up working together.  Observing many evils they have done since Obama assumed the presidency, their real nature is apparently evil.  I’d like to make a detailed explain about this field some day in future.

Masatoshi Takeshita
May 24, 2014

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Trend of Japan, World and Universe – May 24, 2014 –

How unbelievable it is!  Stunning camcorder footage of alien abduction of family released

http://beforeitsnews/paranormal/2014/05/alien-abduction-of-family-caught -on-camera-2469324.hml

Dated on May 21, 2014

<Authentic camcorder footage of alien abduction of family>

(Explanation about video)

On December 26, 2010, the Bradley family in Australia went camping to enjoy Christmas vacation.  While driving a car along the Great Alpine Road in Victoria, Australia, they intended to decide a camping site.  However, they disappeared.

As the result of an investigation, only their car and camcorder were left on the scene.  The Australian authorities have released camcorder footage which was recorded by a family member (son) on that day.  The whereabouts of the family remains unknown.

I (this writer): This is not a horror movie. It is a twelve or thirteen-year-old son who was shooting footage of the family.  He had kept videotaping until the whole family encountered something dazzling in darkness and was abducted by aliens.

The family consists of a husband, wife, elder daughter (maybe high school student) and elder son (12 years or so).  The son kept videotaping the whole family from preparation for camping the day after Christmas Day until the last moment when all members disappeared.

The family went out by car.  On the way, the couple started having a quarrel, while the children were looking at them with worry. The husband suddenly said to the wife: “We family are to emigrate to the U.S. because of work.  I have already decided it.”  The wife got angry, saying “I cannot accept such a rapid decision.  I don’t want to go to the U.S.  Why didn’t you ask our opinion?”

He was driving a car while quarreling with his wife.  Dazzling flying objects were seen moving across the sky as if they chased their car.

They left home around in the morning.  They were still driving at night.  It turns out that they were driving a great deal.  Finally, the husband didn’t know where they were driving (lost his sense of direction).

He was obliged to stop the car in the middle of a wilderness, looking around and suggested camping there.  The family, however, turned down his suggestion due to eerie atmosphere there.  They decided to move forward.

The husband who was outside the car got in the car and tries to start the engine but the car got broken.  He got out of the car again and opened the hood to check the engine.  Suddenly something dazzling appeared and he disappeared.

The wife managed to start the engine and the car started moving.  But she could not find her husband.  The wife worriedly got out of the car to look for him, sternly tell the children to stay inside the car.

Then something dazzling appeared again and she suddenly disappeared in front of children’s eyes.  The two children worriedly got out of the car and tried to look for the parents.  And again something dazzling appeared ….  The footage was interrupted there.


  1. Then it's the role history. And about the childreen (son). He stayed alone in the world. And what about the day(s) before and after this 'abduction'. something doesn't match. We are in 2016. It happenned in 2014. Anyone speaks nothing about the family behavior. If this girl, the daughter is an hibrid-ET, why only this addicted and psycho japanese above mentioned knows about it. WTH

  2. Your English could be better, pal. The video clearly says 2010, two thousand + TEN, so this family has been verified missing from this night.....I think it's genuine. God knows what it would cost to fake this then realistically hide in the wilderness cackling over what people will think of the tape.....they didn't look equipped to kill + eat kangaroos for ten years for a laff. The daughter is not an ET-hybrid.