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May 17, 2014

Message from Archangel Zadkiel – May 11, 2014 [Mrs.Seiko Nakanishi]

Message from Archangel Zadkiel – May 11, 2014 -

I received a fax from Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi around noon today.  According to her, she read an article yesterday and happened to make an unconscious connection with Archangel Zadkiel, who sent a message to her.  I’d like to share the message with you.  This message is, of course, from real Archangel Zadkiel.

Masatoshi Takeshita
May 11, 2014

Message from Archangel Zadkiel – May 11, 2014

<Message to Earthlings>

“Hello, people of Earth!
I sincerely admire you for your efforts and patience.
I am very happy to learn that you are working hard to prepare for an upcoming huge change.

It is a great deal of joy and consolation to us to see the Solar System including Earth become more and more bright day by day.
However, there are still ongoing deplorable conflicts and frictions between nations on Earth.
A critical situation which brings about increased uneasiness and hatred among many nations has been intentionally orchestrated.

All of this is caused by the deception and instigation of those who love violence.

However, deep inside, you have already experienced birth by Light through many phases.  Please be careful not to be deceived by a great number of superficial phenomena.  Always direct your heart toward God and do your best to purify your heart and keep your inner peace.

Sometimes, you might be beside yourselves with confusion caused by natural disasters or stunning world affairs to come.  However, please keep in mind that such events are a sign or harbinger of a new world.

Every time you encounter a difficulty, please pray immediately.
Please pray for help.

Since you have already had every skill and information to be saved, you don’t have to be scared of uneasiness and just always direct your consciousness at the Light, endure hardship patiently with keeping higher vibrations, and move forward.

Attention is directing from the Heaven to each person.
Please aim to move forward once again without losing love and hope until the end.

I am very happy to give this message to all of you.

Your friend, Archangel Zadkiel”

<Message to Mr. Takeshita>

“It is the ultimate bliss for me to send a message to you in this way!
It is indeed the best spiritual nourishment and the true source of joy to abide by your teachings and put them into practice every day.

Earth has already plunged into difficult times.  We are urged to cooperate with one another in perfect order under the guidance of you.

I feel very happy and honored to work together with you in this universe that is ever increasing in illumination.

I will keep making best efforts, being completely convinced that the universe will be filled with joy, love and peace.

Your archangel Zadkiel”

He was kind enough to speak me the following words of appreciation.

“Thank you for relaying my message to Mr. Takeshita.
I am really happy to have such a happy occasstion.”

Seiko Nakanishi

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