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May 9, 2014

Former Prime Minister of Malaysia Says “There is no necessity for Malaysia to Sign the TPP”

Former Prime Minister of Malaysia Says 
“There is no necessity for Malaysia to Sign the TPP”

At the time of the east Asian financial crisis, thanks to Prime Minister Mahathir, Malaysia alone managed to get over the crisis without being turned on to a plot of the IMF.  Subsequently, Malaysia showed a world of difference in economics from Thailand and Korea that followed the IMF instruction.
If every country had accurately learned this lesson, they should have realized what sort of organization IMF is and the Greek debt crisis should have been solved speedily.  In the case of Greece, for example, if Japan had loaned Greece as much money as it needs at low interest rates, it would have been all settled.  If Japan had lent 50 trillion yen to the U.S. by buying U.S. government bonds, it would have been easy to bail out Greece.  However, Western countries will not let Japan take such proper economic policy.  It is because we are ignorant.

Masatoshi Takeshita
May 2, 2014

English translation of a Japanese article: richardkoshimizu’s blog – May 2, 2014 –

Former Prime Minister of Malaysia Says “There is no necessity for Malaysia to Sign the TPP”

If Dr. Mahathir’s argument motivates the current Malaysian government and brings about such situation that will lead to the withdrawal of Malaysia from the TPP negotiations, I’m blissfully happy.  Since the Malaysian people seriously listen to his opinion, it is likely that the country will withdraw from the pact bay consensus among the people.

If other countries follow in the footsteps of Malaysia and withdraw from the pact, TPP will have no meaning and collapse.  I am dreaming of the day.  The TPP is the “takeover of nations by the corporation” financed by Jewish financial capital.

Thank you for providing me information.

< Former Prime Minister of Malaysia Says “There is no necessity for Malaysia to Sign the TPP”>

Former Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir said that if Malaysia signs the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, it would cause damage to the country.

According to the *Illunar News, former Prime Minister Mahathir, who attended the International Federation of Landscape Architects Asian-Pacific Region conference, explained about the pressure on Malaysia to sign the TPP pact by the U.S.: “With regard to this, the U.S. is consulting with the Malaysian government over final decision.  I feel that there is no necessity for Malaysia to sign the pact.

The former prime minister also stressed that “If Malaysia signs this pact, Malaysian market would be opened up further that would not necessarily benefit Malaysians.”

The U.S.-led TPP, which aims to further liberalize the economies of the Asian-Pacific region, is joined by 12 countries.  They are now consulting to finalize this economic plan.

(Translator’s note) *Illunar News – phonetic spelling

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