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Apr 11, 2014

Reformation of Heavenly World 28 Visions after the Meeting of 57 in Monaco ― Recent disasters and changes in people of the NWO camp

Reformation of Heavenly World 28 
Visions after the Meeting of 57 in Monaco 
-- Recent disasters and changes in people of the NWO camp --

In my post yesterday, I communicated that a meeting joined by 57 countries was held in Monaco on August 31, 2011. A light was given on September 5 in a timely manner. The visions brought about by this light suggest a prediction on our future.

Masatoshi Takeshita
September 29, 2013

Reformation of Heavenly World 28

Visions on September 5, 2011 & Exposition by Mr. Takeshita
  * Mr. Takeshita’s exposition is presented in blue letters.
1. A chain of high mountains came into my field of vision. Then, I saw a big grasshopper flying down a grassland which spread over the foot of mountains. Grasshoppers appeared one after another, and rapidly increased their number.

3. Farm workers were looking up at the sky with a look of surprise. Before long clouds of grasshoppers came along over their farm land. They made a stand against these insects, putting fire close to them or spraying insecticides, but the insecticides didn’t seem to work.

  ”I think it is safe to say that these grasshoppers are bioweapons, which were so developed as to resist insecticides by means of genetic engineering.”

  The details of these visions are also exposed in the “
Warnings from Gods (2)”. If you are interested, you can enjoy watching this video in Shanti Phula’s Blog.
  As explained in the video, an event presumably meant by these visions became reality in the form of a warning issued by FAOFood and Agriculture Organizationon June 4, 2012.

4. This was presumably New York. A storm was approaching with heavily blowing cross winds. In due time, the storm escalated its momentum, accompanied by violent rainstorms. A rush of water came from the sea, gushing into cities like tsunami, washing away ships at harbors and cars on streets.

  ”This lady is Anna Pavlova. She was a famous ballerina and now takes a high position in the Heavenly World. She seems to be watching the city being attacked by a weather weapon.”

  This vision became reality when Hurricane Sandy hit New York about one year later (October 22 to 31, 2012). But when Serena had this vision, nobody would have predicted New York to be inundated, as in tsunami, with lots of cars swept away. She went so far as to explain her vision using a specific name of New York, so this prediction has proved to be quite precise.
  As for my comment on the weather warfare, my interpretation seems justified, too. The figure below shows the part of red zone which could not allow for any other interpretation than this: High energy was indeed injected artificially. Also in Benjamin Fulford’s blog posted on November 5, 2012, a high-ranking official in the Pentagon is reported to have given the information that “the hurricane was caused by a weather weapon”.

5. Suddenly, a hole was created amidst the blue sky spreading all over the Earth. It was getting larger and larger like paper being torn, till finally a dragon with 7 heads emerged from there.

  ”The dragon with 7 heads symbolizes the G 7 (Group of Seven Countries) and its seven representatives. By causing these artificial disasters, they have endeavored to control the entire Earth under a unified Neoliberal regime. The dragon’s head, at the position of 12 o’clock, represents USA, and then clockwise Japan, UK, Canada, Italy and France.”

  The heads of G 7 were Obama (USA), Noda (Japan), Cameron (UK), Harper (Canada), Merkel (Germany), Berlusconi (Italy) and Sarközy (France), at the time this vision was seen. All of them belong to the Illuminati. However, Merkel alone belongs to an overt Illuminati organization while all the others belong to some covert Illuminati factions. Among those heads, Noda’s rank is exceptionally low, no more than the third degree, while no less than the fifth degree would normally be bestowed upon the heads of major powers. This shows that Japan is significantly looked down on in that shadowy organization.
  The German Chancellor Merkel, as a member of the overt Illuminati, was originally in an antagonistic relationship to the covert Illuminati*). So, given this light on September 5, she seems to have immediately decided to cooperate with the Nathaniel camp. For she must also have been informed that the Meeting of 57 was held on August 31.

* According to Mr. Takeshita, the overt Illuminati and the covert Illuminati should be distinguished as existing two different entities. The former is the Illuminati generally known to be founded by Adam Weishaupt while the latter is the Illuminati founded by Simon Magus in older times. (Benjamin Fulford also suggests the existence of these two organizations, though he uses a different wording.)

  Later on, on November 12, 2011 Berlusconi stepped down because of his scandal and other reasons, simultaneously announcing his intention to resign from political life. Then, Italy saw Mario Monti take office, but since April 28, 2013 he has been replaced by Enrico Letta. Prime Minister Letta does not belong to the Illuminati. Eventually, Italy is somehow getting back on the right track.
  In May 2012, the presidency of France was passed from Sarközy to François Hollande, who does not belong to the Illuminati. In Japan, since December 2012, the office of Prime Minister has been taken over by Mr. Abe, who does not belong to the Illuminati, either. However,the fact remains that both of them are manipulated by the Illuminati.
  As it stands now, Obama, Cameron and Harper are each severely forced into a corner. As you can guess, all three of them are likely to be driven out of power in years to come.

8. A male deity got into a shrine pavilion without any people. He sat down there as in Zen meditation. 
Soon his body began emitting a light, which spread out rapidly, one after another.

  This is my Linga Sarira. (My wife is trying to help put a hairpiece on me in one way or another... ) Often, in a manner like this, I make a practice of modifying consciousness. This is usually done together with my wives, not by myself, or sometimes in cooperation with specific deities.

12. Queen Elizabeth, seized with a feeling of uneasiness, jumped up out of her chair...

  As this vision shows, the Queen seems to have been startled by the light given at that moment. On September 18, 2011, she made up her mind to cooperate with the Nathaniel camp.
  According to Benjamin Fulford, she is also taking a cooperative stance toward a program to eradicate global poverty and has asked to be pardoned for her past crimes. Depending on how she will cooperate, this request might be approved.

13. President Obama was staring at the sky with a look of fear.

  If he had stood by the Nathaniel camp, the world would have been changed so fast without any messy situation as we are facing it right now. However, things are complicated by his stubbornness and his wrong assumption of being the world’s savior. These illusions seem to have been induced through channeled information and mind control programs, which have so far been used to affect him (as I mentioned a good many times in my comments in Shanti Phula’s Blog). Supporting or favorably viewing Obama himself as well as the actions he actually takes is the same as being a party to the evil on a conscious level. Because building the future of this world largely depends on our own consciousness, we need to face the truth, quickly awakening out of such delusions.

To be continued.

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