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Apr 28, 2014

Messages from those beings that have identified themselves as “Galactic Federation of Light” members and commentary on the messages

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Messages from those beings that have identified themselves 
as “Galactic Federation of Light” members and commentary on the messages

I have picked up some messages from those beings who have identified themselves as “Galactic Federation of Light” members.  Reading these messages, I suppose you will understand that my comments on and warnings against such beings was true.  I’d like to give some comments on  these articles.

First, with regard to a message from St. Germain dated April 2, he and Gaia are, of course, fake.  Our Earth is “Tachibananohimemiko,” who has already been introduced through an illustration drawn by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi and a message from the goddess.  It is apparent that judging from the difference in vibrations between the message from the goddess and that from Gaia appearing in the article, the goddess we introduced is a real one.

Secondly, in a message from Ashtar dated April 5, he declared that the first contact would be made by global telepathy on 13.  However, nothing has happened  In a message from Methatron dated April 15, he says “We have told the world through our channel Kathyryn that there will be no more channelings” or “this era of channeled messages will come to an end.”  Probably he trembled with fear since his companions went mad and lost all psychic powers.

I have told you for a long time that channeled information will gradually disappear before very long and I think it is going to happen.  If channeled information should be conveyed, it would be delivered by the true Galactic Federation and it is likely that information would be conveyed by a channeler who has been totally unknown ever.  However, messages from beings I have clearly identified as the Dark Ones would undoubtedly decrease.

Next, Father God sent out a message that the portal would be “opened tonight.”  In other words, the article reads that those who want ascension will experience it.  However, nothing happened.  I wonder they might have planned to cause nuclear terrorism as their final resistance.  They might have needed to make any excuse for the fact that nothing happened.  St. Germain says on 17: “The final construction of the portal was not completed by the 15th.

Everything is always like this and they are always telling lies.  I have already mentioned in my comment dated April 2 that it is a sin to convey false message under a false name and that it constitutes a heavy karma to perform a ritual without permission from deities.  Those who committed a crime which a warning was given against and those who took part in the crime naturally are to accumulate bad karma and immediately develop physical changes.  Reading a message from Archangel Michael (fake one) dated 18th, you will see this.  According to the article, although self-claimed light workers who have cooperated with the wicked were supposed to “be preparing to ascend into a Paradise Reality of Peace and Tranquility” after the opening of the portal, it is said that they could actually feel strange and experienced a great deal of physical stress and could also experience panic attacks (Editor's Note: Alternate description in English is here), lack of sleep and bad dreams.  It means that there are such people in reality.  This is a reaction to serious karma they accumulated due to their involvement in the evil and it is far from the situation “All is well” written in the article.  If they keep on doing wrong, they would finally go insane.

Well, with regard to Timeline Shifting which was achieved on February2, the article reads “The Major Timeline shift caused confusion and disorientation in many people, with ‘mental fatigue’ and sort term memory loss.”  As for this subject, I have already mentioned in my comment posted on February 3.  I told you that Lights were showered during three days; February 1, 2 and 3 for one hour, respectively and those who succeeded in receiving the Lights were awakened while light workers connected with the Dark Ones failed to receive them and “they were completely destroyed.”  I also told you that “they have been in the depth of agony.”    This article shows what I said was true.  At that time, some had already gone insane due to the Lights and others subsequently repeatedly did wrong, exceeded the lowest point of karma and as a result gone mad.

Likewise, if those who repeatedly do wrong or take part in the Dark Ones, they would reach the lowest point of karma and go made at the time of exceeding the point.  I have given such warnings so many times and I may not do so from now.  They believe that they are progressing in spite of deteriorated physical condition, which resulted from being punished by deities for taking part in the evil who deceived them.  Those who are deceived are really pitiful because they believe themselves to be saviors although they are actually in the midst of being destroyed.

Masatoshi Takeshita
April 19, 2014


Excerpt from a Japanese article: Takisan’swebsite – April 19, 2014 –

April 18, 2014
Beloved Family of Light, we know that many of you are having difficulties in the current energies. "what is going on?".....so many of you are asking as you deal with a physical reality that seems to be going a little crazy.

"What am I doing here?"...is another question we are asked, and so we will answer your questions in terms of the New Reality and a new Perception of Time and Space.

Please understand that when you passed through the Great Portal of 2012 you entered into a completely new relationship with Time and Space. Many of you became Rainbow Light Warriors and you began to also work with Time, with Timelines and with Quantum Jumping between Timelines. It is this new aspect of your work on Earth that is creating these deep feelings of confusion and anxiety. This is the first time that you have attempted this form of Time Perception and Creation in the Human Form. It is because you have now activated your Light Body and your Multi-Dimensional Being that you are able to access a new perception of Reality.

Timeline Shifting and How it Feels
In February of this year the first conscious Timeline Shift was attempted. This was implemented over all Earth Timelines to shift the directional impetus of Earth evolution, from violence and control to Peace and Harmony.

This shift was achieved on the 2/2/2014.

This Major Timeline shift caused confusion and disorientation in many people, with "mental fatigue" and short term memory loss. Difficulties in sleeping, stress and anxiety were also present as the physcial body and the psyche tried to adapt to this radical change in direction.

On the Emotional Level there was also a loss of a sense of purpose as old goals on the old timeline just simply disappeared! Relationships and soul contracts abruptly ended, or new ones began that were more suited to the new possibilities and probablilities of the new direction of the Timeline.
This sense of anxiety and confusion will settle as you begin to appreciate the benefits of the New Timeline and its new pathway to Peace and Harmony.

-----  "Why", many ask, as they were preparing to ascend into a Paradise Reality of Peace and Tranquility, have you been thrust into this chaotic and stressful place? -----  .

-----  . But, we will say, that the strength of your physical vehicle will determine how quickly you can adapt to your New Frequency and your New Timeline.

In this case, you have had to drop frequency to initially "match" with the current Timeline, and then you begin the work of "raising" it to the required frequency for the New Reality to be grounded.
For those of you who are still unaware of your work as Time Jumpers and Travellers, you may feel very strange and your physical body may be under a great deal of stress. If you are not physically in top shape, your nervous system may take stress, and you will feel anxious and have heart palpitations. You could also experience panic attacks, lack of sleep and bad dreams, as your deep consciousness tries to connect with the deep consciousness of the Collective on this Timeline.

You may also feel as though you are in the "wrong place", or that you are with the wrong people, or that you somehow don't "fit" in this reality any more. Everything may look the same but it "feels" different.
Dearly Beloved Warriors of Light, if you feel lost and disoriented after your jump, know that there is a huge Support Team of Angelic Light Beings on hand to guide you and support you and bring you back into balance.
Rest, if you need to. There is time for your New Work and the the New People you will work with to find you. Your "Teams" are assembling with new projects and new ideas for the next phase of the work.
Remember always to draw on the Diamond Light in your Hearts and to feel and work with Divine Love and Compassion that flows through the Diamond Light. Know that the Earth supports you and opens a path for you in this New Reality. Nature supports you. All is well!

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Takisan’swebsite – April 17, 2014 –

St. Germain’s Update on Potal Construction and Assencion  April 17, 2014

This will be a short message to all who were disappointed at not being able to ascend through the April 15 portal. ----- 

It may surprise you to know that
the portal you will use to make your transition to higher dimensions is a creation of a number of those who are here with you in human bodies. It is a joint effort requiring great technological expertise and commitment, high vibration energies, as well as approval from Above. We are happy that all these elements are present, but the final construction of the portal was not completed by the 15th.


How did you respond to the disappointment of not being able to go through the portal? Did you curse God, or yourself, or those of us who gave you this information? Breathe deeply, know that we are here to work on your behalf always, and trust that we do have your best interests at heart, even when it is difficult for you to see the truth of it.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Takisan’swebsite – April 15, 2014 –
Message from Father God  April 15, 2014

A door will be opened tonight.  When this door is opened, the portal will be opened and the entire earth will go to the doorway.  I have been preparing for this event.

When ascension occurs, many of you will get onboard spaceship one way and others will go to inner Earth.  Are you ready?  This ascension is the start of convergence.  Go inside yourself and figure out whether you are the first wave.  You should get it.  The door is near at hand.  The door will be opened at 10 AM EST on 15 (at 11 AM Japan time on 16) everywhere on earth and remain open until 22 when those who chose ascension will have finished ascension.  Ascension is going to start now.  If the spaceship is ready to accept you, disclosure is before long.  Are you ready?  Decide yourself.  Time for game, discussion, analysis and judgment is over.

(Note) Japanese article is directly translated into English as it is without referring to the source.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Takisan’s Website – April 15

Metaron’s Ascension Message/ Harmonic Portal Announcement

April 14, 2014

Now beloved ones, I would like to give you a little more information about the adventure that is about to begin for all of you who are listening to this call, listening to this message.-----   .

I……….   As you know there are various timelines, various possibilities about the way things can unfold, and they always depend upon the participation of those on the surface.

……….   .

……….   . We are a team you know, just as you are a team, and you, our ground crew, have made this possible.   ………..   .

……….   .

All of these astrological events have far more power, far more importance in this opening of the portal than any of you could have imagined for the timing of these things in the Universe.  ……….   .You Beloved Ones will be on the first wave.   ………..   .

Many channels have worked to bring our messages to you and we appreciate their work. We have told the world through our channel Kathryn that there will be no more channelings. After tomorrow, you will not be hearing radio programs, internet programs and written messages from channelers for it will not be necessary for all of you.    ……….   So you see, this era of channeled messages will come to an end. That's exciting isn't it? We are not telling you that you will be deprived of information. Far from it. You will hear us yourselves. You will meet with us in higher dimensions. You will be welcomed with open arms. Isn't that exciting?

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Takisan’sWebsite – April 5, 2014 –

The first contact with Ashtar will take place telepathically worldwide on April 13, Sunday, 2014.  The time is at 7 AM UTC (3 PM Japan Time).

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Takisan’sWebsite – April 5, 2014 –

Ascension may start Now -Gaia is all set – St. Germain through Marc Gamma – 04.02.2014

My greetings to you – this is the Ascended Master St. Germain speaking. Today

Some most important matter happened last weekend !
Gaia has been freed, Gaia has been liberated from all negative energies which once had been installed into her by Dark-Powers-that-were!

…..   this my message and also that from your Mother Earth too – is directed to all of you in the way of some mutual channeling and message of us both… so I transmit The Word Here to Mother Gaia :

My beloved humans, this is I, Mother Gaia, speaking :

Today I avail myself of the possibility to turn to you. This channel is not my very channel,  this channel has other entities submitting through him their messages – yet today on  this much important day and likewise weekend – soon about to pass by now – I want to make use of this very chance to direct this message to you mutually together with the Ascended Master St.Germain.

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