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Apr 30, 2014

Image of Stern of MV Sewol Korean Government Tries to Cover Up and Government’s Cover-Up Operations

Image of Stern of MV Sewol Korean Government Tries to Cover Up 
and Government’s Cover-Up Operations

Since I am afraid this video will be removed tomorrow, please watch it as soon as possible.  You will see the stern of the Sewol around 35 seconds; apparently, the stern was heavily damaged.  And yet any mass media do not mention this fact, which reveals eeriness of this incident.  Those who are interested in the incident are advised to save this video.  The video I introduced in this blog on 21 has already been removed.  I think it indicates how desperately they don’t want people to see the ship bottom mark produced by contact with something.
As seen in this incident, the media hardly report properly and almost never convey the truth.  Every effort to make inferences of the truth and discover it has been lumped together as conspiracy theory.  Judging from such ongoing cover-up operations seen even on the Internet, it is not simply the conspiracy theory and the government definitely tries to cover up a matter of great account.  Those who reject such effort to investigate truth as conspiracy theory are really ignorant.

Masatoshi Takeshita
April 26, 2014

Video from You Tube – April 26, 2014 –

(Editor’s Note) – This is the video Mr. Takeshita specified.

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: richardkoshmizu’s blog – April 25, 2014 –

Korean Ship Sinks: Something crushed into the ship from behind, which broke the helm, and the ship was suddenly turned due to impossible steerage?

Is this photo undoubtedly “the stern of a Korean ship which sank”?

Was it suddenly turned because steering was out of control due to broken helm after being crushed into by something?

If this is true, a “loud bang” should have been heard.

I hear this photo will be removed soon after being uploaded on the Internet.  Everybody, please immediately save it.

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