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Apr 8, 2014

Illustration of “Sakura” (or Cherry) (Fairy, 6 years of age) and Conversation with her

Illustration of Sakura (Fairy, 6 years of age)
<Spirit Body>

Illustrated byMrs. Seiko Nakanishi

Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi gives the following explanation about Sakura and conversation with her as follows:

I’m sending an illustration of “Sakura” with whom “Tsubaki” came together the other day.

There are a row of cherry trees along the walking trail, a few-minute walk from my house.  According to her, her house is above a tree.  She chose one from more than ten cherry trees.  I’ll send an illustration of her and a photo of the tree. (Photographed on March 31)

Tree where there is Sakura’s house (her house indicated by a red sphere)
Click here for an enlarged photo.

I have always talked to cherry trees for a few years because they have produced beautiful cherry blossoms.
Although I was able to have a conversation with trees and flowers on a conscious level, there were no fairies.
I have found about a fairy for the first time this year.  I thought it is a fairy of cherry tree and asked about it, but she answered me in the negative.
I offered a suggestion of calling her “Sakura” because her house is above a cherry tree.  She loved the name and I have called her “Sakura.”  When I ask her where her house is, she answers it is considerably high above the cherry tree.  Regrettably, I gave up drawing it.
As in the case of a photo of where Tsubaki lives, Sakura tells me there is spatial distortion above the cherry tree.
Many times I looked closely in vain for anything in the photo.  I’m sorry to say it is.  (I can’t see though I have eyes.)

Since I am drawing what I feel, I am not sure to what extent it is true.  To be honest, I feel relieved to learn from Mr. Takeshita that there is a distortion of space.

The following is communication with her.

Nakanishi: “Sakura!  I have drawn your illustration.  How do you like it?”

Sakura: “A nice touch.  I am dressed exactly alike.  I think the illustration looks a lot alike.  Did you draw me sitting in my usual place?  This deck was made for me by a deity.  I am playing with birds and insects, sitting on the deck.”

Nakanishi: “Can I ask you more?  Can you tell me what you do every day?”

Sakura: “I chant Gayatri Mantra in the morning, in the afternoon and at night.”

Nakanishi: “Do you?  Every time I talk to you, I am sorry to interrupt you.  Tell me your hobby if any?”

Sakura: “Singing songs, ballet, playing the violin and viola.”

Nakanishi: “Do you go to school?”

Sakura: “Deities teach me.”

Nakanishi: “What is your favorite thing or food?”

Sakura: “Ice cream, fruits, *Tokoroten, color of pink, Gayatri Mantra”

(Note) *Tokoroten – gelidium jelly (cut into noodle-like strips and eaten cold, with a sweetened sauce, as a refreshing snack)

Nakanishi: “Where is your house?”

Sakura: “It’s on the top of this tree.  I can see Seiko’s house from there.”

Nakanishi: “I am glad to learn your friend Tsubaki’s house is near yours.”

Sakura: “Yes, I see her and we have a chat every day.

Nakanishi: “Sakura, thank you for telling me a lot of things.  I had a good time.”

Seiko Nakanishi
April 2, 2014

We have received many comments from our readers.  In response to them, Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi has given a comment as follows:  (Shanti Phula)

While reading your comments, I do understand very well you are surprised at fairy liking for Tokoroten.
When I heard her say “Tokoroten,” I couldn’t believe my ears and asked her again.
Since then I have paid some attention to fairy’s dietary life.
I’d like to report their dietary life.

<Dietary life of Tsubaki and Sakura>
= My confession of letting fairies eat curry=

Lunch Tsubaki had on April 3:
Strawberry milk, yogurt, special snack given by a deity

I secretly had my doubt about this simple food; is it nutritionally sufficient for a fairy?  So I talked to her in the evening today.  My conversation with her is as follows:

Nakanishi: What are you doing now?  Are you chanting Gayatri Mantra?

Tsubaki: No.  Sakura has come to see me.  We are going to cook a meal for both of us.

Nakanishi; It sounds happy.  I’ll have curry.  Do you know “curry”?

Sakura: What is curry?

Nakanishi: Curry is too hot for you fairies to eat.

Tsubaki and Sakura: We want to eat it.

What?  Unbelievable!
I thought I made a slip of the tongue, but she seemed to be eager to eat it.  I couldn’t decline their request and I ended up feasting them on curry.
“But I wonder how I can do it.  Should I carry it to Tsubaki’s house or invite them to my kitchen?  Oh, no way!”

Tsubaki seemed to sense how much I felt disturbed and said: “Send it by telepathy.”
“Oh, she is serious.”
Since I have no 3-D printer, I decided to send two small plates of curry and rice by telepathy as she suggested.
To tell the truth, I sent a get-well flower to fairies by telepathy once or twice and received thank-you letters.  I remembered it and sent two plates of curry and rice by telepathy.  In a few seconds, I heard a scream of delight “How delicious it looks!”  I couldn’t say “Please don’t eat it!” and waited in prayer for a while.
“What should I do if the curry has made the two faint?”  I timidly asked them “Did you eat curry?  How do you like it?”  They cheerfully gave an answer: Very delicious!  Please treat us next time you cook again.”
I felt relieved to have their request.
I asked them to give “Prayer for SevenDhatus” (not available in English now) just in case.
Problem solved.

P.S.  I hear that Tokoroten was presented by a deity.

Seiko Nakanishi

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