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Apr 18, 2014

Encouraging Message from SaLuSa – We would assure you that all proceeds very well.

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Encouraging Message from SaLuSa – We would assure you that all proceeds very well.

This is a very encouraging message from SaLuSa.  As he says: “We would assure you that all proceeds very well,” we will see no World War III.  He also says that so-called first contact will be announced in the near future.  I suppose this is also true.  We have now heard about lifting the ban on free energy on the news here and there.  It may be said that such news show a sign of the event.  SaLuSa has promised us to restore to its original beauty.  In this sense, there can be no such thing as nuclear power.
Deities flatly demand humanity to abolish nuclear power and d nuclear weapons on Earth.  It is apparent that those who stand against or fight back against such demand will have no future.  SaLuSa says “We have millions of craft to call upon if we needed them.”  It is absolutely impossible to stand against the Galactic Federation with the scientific capability we have now.  This is not a demand but a warning against the elite from deities who understand how the public feel.

Masatoshi Takeshita
April 12, 2014

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Takisan’sWebsite – April 11, 204 –

SaLuSa  11 April 2014

SaLuSa <Physical Body>

We come again to tell you that matters will soon be coming to a head, as the Love and Light continues to strongly establish itself upon the Earth. Each of you can take some credit for these changes, and we welcome your determination to achieve total success. We are continually monitoring events upon Earth and would assure you that all proceeds very well. ….. 
…..   Some look at the devastation caused in Syria and the immense loss of life and wonder if it has all been necessary. We would say “yes” because the situation has released so much karma, and allowed many souls to move forward. The destruction would seem to be massive, but bear in mind that it is the negative energies that are being cleared. Upon our arrival on Earth which is an event that will be announced in the near future, we shall work with you to clear any areas destroyed by wars. We can assure you that all traces will be removed and everything restored to its original beauty.
We can transform areas back to their pristine condition if necessary, in next to no time. These will be exciting times and most fulfilling after centuries of death and destruction. We can absolutely state that nothing shall interfere with our plans to restore Mother Earth. So do not worry unduly as to how the restoration will take place as with our technologies and experience it will seem to be no time at all. Way back in your past the Earth was truly a Paradise and to it you shall return. God has decreed that there will be an end to wars and the pointless destruction that they cause. So whatever challenges you are yet to experience, bear in mind that you are to see and experience a wonderful closing to the last cycle.
…..   People seek happiness and peace, and it is only the dark Ones who have deliberately maintained a situation that has repeatedly led to wars and unrest. That is already changing and with the mixing of the different Races, people are realising that there is in truth only one Race upon Earth – the Human Race. ….. 
…..  You are far greater than you imagine but in time you will “grow” into a much higher level of consciousness. On Earth you are very limited and part of your challenge has been to find your real self. Once you begin to realise that your consciousness is limited yet has no boundaries, you will quickly evolve at an astonishing pace. We tell you all of this because it is time for the truth to be made known. ….. 
…..  After all you are “One” and all at different stages of your journey back home. Share your knowledge where you know it can be accepted and understood,…..  .
I am SaLuSa, and look forward meeting you on the Earth and being able to help speed up your progress. You will be enlightened more fully as to what the future holds for you, and we can even give you glimpses of it. Technologies are used by us that will truly seem miraculous, and we can therefore deal with your problems on Earth with all speed. Restoring the planet to its pristine condition is one of our first priorities. However, our resources are virtually unlimited, and we have millions of craft to call upon if we needed them. Great times lie ahead and be assured we will invite you to share them with us. So go forward with full confidence as everything will work out not just to your expectations, but well beyond. I leave you with my love and blessings. 

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

NoteFont change into red letters made by Mr. Takeshita

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